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  1. Convince me to do my homework

    The INTP approach isn't necessarily to not do homework, though there can be motivation issues. Rather, they do the bare minimum needed to get a satisfactory grade where there's no future/point. Weighing the time an assignment will take with its inherent value (ie, how much it affects the grade)...
  2. I hate to be INTP

    Pessimism, depression, etc. All nutrition-related problems. Probably has low vitamin D, for example. The rest indicate a need for meditation, reflection, search for solutions, and a shedding of the BS mumbled by others. Meditate don't ruminate. The latter repeats rather than converges...
  3. Making Money

    I'm saying most who have become wealthy did so via theft and/or deception. That is an assessment of the wealthy pool not what I assume to be required.
  4. Making Money

    How so?
  5. Your 9 to 5 experience

    I was a software engineer for 3 years about 8 years ago (haven't worked since; others say paranoid schizophrenia, but I say sabotage). I worked at eBay for 2.5 years and Google for ~4 months. I felt my life wasting away, then I started being explicitly harassed. And the recession didn't help. I...
  6. Making Money

    Working hard is pushed such that the ones at the top can "get more out of." Others push the notion in an attempt to keep everyone else down, because they have work ethic and no talent, or to excuse trying to get more for less.
  7. Making Money

    Few do anything other than work 9-5. The majority of wealthy individuals got there via (indirect/effectively) theft or deception. There are some, as always, that arrived due to luck or timing. The majority who conduct business honestly find there's actually no market, get shafted, or maybe limp...
  8. Making Money

    What majority have made a lot of money and are ethical, etc beyond a facade? Maybe the tech bubble minted some wealthy people, but most of them are shit. Whoever sat at the "top of the pyramid." Everyone else has to sit with the reality: they get nothing or maybe crumbs. It's an illusion.
  9. Making Money

    Most with a lot of money are unethical, uncharitable, boring (beyond penny pinching), and stingy. Once dug into, it becomes clear acquiring wealth usually requires theft and deception. There's also savers, but though such an approach is accessible, they aren't common (except maybe among senior...
  10. MBTI Text Analyzer

    What about when run through IBM's tool: https://personality-insights-demo.ng.bluemix.net/?
  11. MBTI Text Analyzer

    There's another one from IBM: https://personality-insights-demo.ng.bluemix.net. And one that uses Facebook post history: https://applymagicsauce.com/demo.
  12. Making Money

    I suppose it's limited, but you're missing the point. What about market-tested and appropriately-/cost-curve- priced eBooks/courses that are fed traffic via SEM, SEO, and other networks? Sites that go in detail about one product (a laptop, for example, or a multivitamin) and include an...
  13. Making Money

    Finding a (penetrable/accessible) market with acceptable margins is 90% of the battle. Almost everything can be outsourced. On the other hand, the edge could be from being able to absorb the costs (ie, do the most expensive things yourself). Earning enough to retire is a different story. On the...
  14. Making Money

    You're getting caught up in terminology. Even then, you're probably trying to start a lifestyle business. There's a high probability many newer VCs are INTP. What's there to a business? Finding a market. An accessible/penetrable market. To which you can deliver something they'll...
  15. Is anyone else failing college (or failed in the past)?

    Do they? I pick general directions and try to create freedom to move around as desired/necessary. Software engineering entered my field of view in high school, however, and stuck. On the other hand, the actual jobs sucked while I was working (ie, need to work alone to truly enjoy it).
  16. Is anyone else failing college (or failed in the past)?

    I did poorly in college even though I liked the major. It was mainly due to sabotage. I'd keep getting graded down or shafted. In addition, a lingering motivation problem got extreme and I was also unable to find time to myself. It was further amplified by poor eating (not eating enough)...
  17. you need at least 5 years of practice to be competent at a skill

    Dumb at a high IQ is possible, but on average learning speed goes way up.
  18. you need at least 5 years of practice to be competent at a skill

    That is probably more applicable to the norm/average IQ. At 2 standard deviations from the norm, for example, learning speed increases dramatically. In addition, nootropics can make learning trivial.
  19. Financial Independance

    Put in a car price, $0 down, 5% interest, and a 48 month term into the following calculator: https://www.cars.com/car-loan-calculator/. Multiply the resulting monthly payment by 48 to get the total amount paid, then divide by the original car price.
  20. Financial Independance

    As was also said, car prices go up. $1.105 is paid toward the $1.00 loan after 4 years. After saving 4 years to buy cash, a $1.00 car then costs ~$1.105. Same amount spent in either scenario.
  21. Financial Independance

    It is a depreciating asset. Let's say a car costs X + T and there's X + T in the bank. If bought with cash, you are left with $0.00. In addition, it loses D% of it's value and maintenance + insurance + etc sum to M after 5 years. Final amount after 5 years is then (1-D) * X - M - (X + T). If a...
  22. Financial Independance

    If a car loan has an interest rate at around 5% and the markets are returning 8% over inflation (~10-11% overall), then it's better to get a loan than pay cash. If not starting with a balance (in the markets) high enough to pay cash, then it's probably better to save than take out a loan. If the...
  23. Financial Independance

    Save half your take-home salary into a high-yield investment account. Retirement is achieved at 5x the price of a house, with 1x buying the house. 7-10x is more conservative. 5x assumes a yearly return 4% over inflation.
  24. Not wanting to win/be successful

    Maybe low testosterone/dopamine which can also cause depression? Are you physically tired? Worn out? Maybe there isn't anything worth aspiring toward. If so, seek out new projects/interests.
  25. Any INTPs with neurological or psychiatric health issues?

    I have something. Some would say it's paranoid schizophrenia or OCD, but I say I'm a targeted individual (ie, was sabotaged). Megadose vitamin D. Iodine protocol. Dry fasting.
  26. Careers an INTP would enjoy

    Meditate, watch some YouTube videos, join forums related to each path and ask other INTPs about their experiences and future prospects, etc. INTPs tend to like engineering, programming, math, etc. Pick a career (that you also like) offering high salaries to consultants/freelancers, as many...
  27. Why INTp suck at school

    Every xNTP in school should be working on developing and implementing a startup idea, even if not planning on going the distance. Market finding, product development, marketing, sales, branding, personal selling, interacting with customers, reading books, improving awareness and education...
  28. Why INTp suck at school

    I'd say it's a lack of motivation, ability to do things (especially when tedious), and interest. I don't think arrogance/hubris mattered. Are INTPs known to be that way? Such a trait may better apply to xxTJs. IxFJs tend to have the highest high school GPA and xxTJs the highest college GPA...
  29. Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    6/10, as I didn't like it.
  30. anxiety and depression

    Vitamin D and magnesium are sometimes enough to handle depression/anxiety. I've never been a fan of pharmaceuticals. Do you have any nutrient/hormone deficiencies (NutrEval, a comprehensive hormone panel, a thyroid panel, and maybe even genetic testing)? If caused by known issues, maybe you...
  31. Mergings and psychosis

    Psychosis is bad. A higher state of existence can be achieved via meditation or certain supplements. Even iodine (protocol levels of iodine) can create a "humming in the air." I say a higher state of existence is increased clarity, fluidity, interhemispheric communication, and interconnections...
  32. Best girl type for male INTP

    What does your response have to do with my comment? I'm not sure if it's an INTP thing, but I have no real sense of identity. That is, I don't know myself very well. There are a few things that are clear, but I'm generally lacking insight.
  33. Best girl type for male INTP

    I've never liked ENFJs. If Socionics is accurate, then 60% of INTPs have Relations of Semi-Duality (better) with them, and 40%, Relations of Supervision (bad). I'd guess I'm the latter, as I find them extremely annoying and patronizing. They miraculously have a vision of who I am and could be...
  34. What do you have intrinsic motivation for?

    See the thread on nootropics/supplements.
  35. INTJs like black people

    Somewhat: https://www.typologycentral.com/forums/myers-briggs-and-jungian-cognitive-functions/75845-type-racist.html.
  36. Internet Persona and Real Self

    Does your online persona portray the "real you" or does it portray who you [want to be/ think you are]? I don't talk much in real life, especially at first. I also filter less while online. Otherwise, it's the same. Does knowing who you are matter? Not really.. Do you think it is possible...
  37. Intp enfp friendship?

    ENFPs are best as friends or friends + extra (ie, sex). Relationships usually don't work out. INTP male + ENFP female along with a good amount of near-subconscious sexual tension (mutual, preferably) is probably a better combo, regardless of intent. That is, primal urges humming in the wind keep...
  38. What do you have intrinsic motivation for?

    Programming, design, learning, inventing/innovating, sex, cognition enhancement, large number of interests..
  39. Dream Analysis?

    Try dreaming after a 24+ hour fast, such that food/digestion doesn't interfere. You could even try meditating and avoiding all media/internet/social consumption. That is, sit idly in a quiet area away from everything when not sleeping. Also, fix any nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal...
  40. an INTP in college | motivation problem

    https://www.intpforum.com/threads/more-dopamine-in-nucleus-accumbens-shell-increases-motivation.26632 Also, eat and sleep well. And add a multivitamin, D + K, and chelated/TRAACS magnesium supplement.
  41. Do you prefer smartphone or desktop?

    I prefer laptops, especially as I'm a Software Engineer.
  42. Memory

    Probably. I also tend to have a good memory. On the other hand, it may be an Si thing.
  43. I hate to be INTP

    What if it's a woman, as it seems is the case with the OP?
  44. I hate to be INTP

    Meditation, brainwave entrainment audio, reading, health & nutrition, a multivitamin stack, nootropics, iodine protocol, exercise/HIIT, fix any nutrient deficiencies (nutrient tests like NutrEval, a comprehensive hormone panel, a thyroid panel, and maybe even genetic testing; many are deficient...
  45. Motivation issues

    Did I post in this thread yet? Nootropics. SEMAX + selank + alpha-GPC. P21/Cerebrolysin. SEMAX + P21 + alpha-GPC. Etc. And a multivitamin stack (D + K, chelated/TRAACS magnesium, and a multivitamin). They amplify/stabilize fluidity, learning, thinking/rationality, motivation, focus, etc.
  46. Psychosis

    Maybe fixing any imbalances/deficiencies and supplementing to counter genetic mutations will result in less frequent psychotic breaks.
  47. Psychosis

    Have you ever looked into nutrient tests like NutrEval? A comprehensive hormone panel (including thyroid panel)? Genetic testing?
  48. Non-substance methods of overcoming social anxiety

    Most people remember the beginning and the end. Whether to your advantage or not, the middle is irrelevant/forgotten.
  49. nootropics

    As you're apparently in Sweden, I'm not sure. I'd normally recommend Ceretropic, but they closed recently. There's also https://nootropicsource.com, but I'm unfamiliar with them. I'm not sure if there'd be legality issues in your country.
  50. nootropics

    Interesting. I think you'll end up liking the other nootropics and multivitamins I mentioned. When do you take the supplement (AM or PM?), do you take it with or without food, and do you follow a 5 days on + 2 days off cycle?
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