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  1. INTPWolf

    Deepest fear, my centipede of destruction.

    During a deep moment of introspection i realized my deepest fear, a fear so deep rooted in who i am as an intp. Something that i have unintentionally used as a tool to filter whether information from the outside world is reliable enough to add to my directory of understanding. I laughed at my...
  2. INTPWolf

    Creating Rpg style bound items with hypnotic anchoring

    I have done a good deal of research on the field of hypnosis and i speculate that it is possible to anchor a hypnotic effect to a object or symbol that when focused on, should be able to trigger the desired hypnosis. Im not going to go too much into detail here. I imagine a ring or necklace...
  3. INTPWolf

    Dead in the head.

    Why? I dont know, i dont feel myself anymore. Just as i was starting to get to know myself and move in a "positive" direction.. My brain takes a dump on all of that. Now it seems every move i make is in the wrong direction and life is just beating me with a spiked bat when i try to logic out...
  4. INTPWolf

    Is our universe an electron?

    I'm gonna start smashing theories i feel like i haven't fully researched yet, but i feel i still have a good understanding of the general idea. So if im wrong on any detail please say so. So in Holographic theory, they says that when we zoom in to see molecules and further into sub-atomic...
  5. INTPWolf

    Surviving the great bounce

    So, im stoned, and a thought occurred to me, what if, no matter how the universe ends, if we had the technology we could recreate the big bang and start a new cycle. But its a race, we have to discover everything there is to know about this universe first, before it all ends. Cheers!
  6. INTPWolf

    Response to article "5 Signs You Lack Emotional Intelligence"

    So i posted a response to this article "5 Signs You Lack Emotional Intelligence" and i just wanted to post it here. Thoughts? ]] As an INTP in both Socionics and Myers Briggs Typology, I myself have a huge disadvantage with my emotional intellect. While other types can effectively use...
  7. INTPWolf

    Musical interests, what kind of music makes you purr? please share

    Im just looking for idle chat about music, what kind of music do you listen to? Please share, im looking to expand my audio horizons. I enjoy a wide range of music, classic rock, electronic, symphonic metal, epics, nearly anything with a violin/cello or guitar, and celtic music of any kind...
  8. INTPWolf

    Shift of ages

    Thers a lot of speculation out there. But I believe we stand at the beginning of the aquarian age, an age that has a been long said to allow humans to easily make thoughts and ideas reality, it is an age of knowledge. Marking the end of each age you always see a slow shift from the old ways...
  9. INTPWolf


    theres a lot of myths surrounding vapes and i am dumbfounded by some of the claims, like the one about formaldehyde being produced by vapes. Here's the equation for the oxidation of propylene glycol C3H8O2 to formaldehyde CH2O : CH2OH−CHOH−CH3+2O2 ---->2CH2O+2H2O+CO2 This shows that CO2 is...
  10. INTPWolf

    Thoughts on virtual reality and its implications.

    Virtual reality, a final frontier of technology in which the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. And we here have more than enough imagination, i want to hear your ideas on what you would do with it. Ive been dreaming up a way to create a Full immersive haptic feedback...
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