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  1. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Let's talk about art!

    "art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"
  2. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Delete my account

    is this a future gulag avoidance strategy
  3. Perfectly Normal Beast

    review a thing!

    @cog i see what you did there hehe thanks * adorns self with shiny baubles * @pizza well i am a thing that you have encountered so i couldn't possibly object @bobday you won't see this message of course but i am so honoured to have been a part of your long journey to become obliviously...
  4. Perfectly Normal Beast

    review a thing!

    a thread for reviewing things of any type that you have encountered thought box the technological society has finally created a product which can block out the dystopic hellscape it has delivered which increasingly evidently has driven us all mad and from which escape seems impossible blurring...
  5. Perfectly Normal Beast

    SMDH: The Thread

    this is excellent; allegiances have been revealed, alliances shall soon be formed, ancient wounds will soon be healed and dark castles will be stormed
  6. Perfectly Normal Beast

    SMDH: The Thread

    you are now my sworn enemy
  7. Perfectly Normal Beast

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  8. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Guidelines for People

    plz tell me this is satire
  9. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Suppression of Personality

    no one may know the true depths of my misanthropy *suppresses evil cackling*
  10. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Chicken or the Egg

  11. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Interesting questions to ask to a Christian

    in what way(s) would your behaviour alter if you suddenly lost your faith in the all-knowing kinky mistress in the sky god
  12. Perfectly Normal Beast

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    good news, everyone! The Journal of Controversial Ideas, Co-Founded by Philosopher Peter Singer, Will Publish & Defend Pseudonymous Articles, Regardless of the Backlash
  13. Perfectly Normal Beast

    How would you describe your week in three words?

    normalised insanity, drugs
  14. Perfectly Normal Beast

    If you could have any pet, what pet would you like?

    you should know i may have underreported the biting
  15. Perfectly Normal Beast

    If you could have any pet, what pet would you like?

    myself i'm partially domesticated and rarely bite without provocation
  16. Perfectly Normal Beast

    how to not waste your life

    sort yourself out, eh
  17. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Poetry Recommendations

    Good Bones, Maggie Smith Life is short, though I keep this from my children. Life is short, and I’ve shortened mine in a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways, a thousand deliciously ill-advised ways I’ll keep from my children. The world is at least fifty percent terrible, and that’s a...
  18. Perfectly Normal Beast

    How random can you be?

    taking the test is so predictable
  19. Perfectly Normal Beast

    What do you have intrinsic motivation for?

    gathering data drowning in absurdity i don't recall which came first. they feed each other now, the combined manifestation of some sort of masochistic death-wish
  20. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Choose one

  21. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Choose one

    oh yes of course, "sex"! nudge nudge wink wink! i find it's better not to bring feelings into public spaces :cat:
  22. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Choose one

    i wish men would stop pretending you think we (women) are so beautiful. we all know you have only one thing in mind
  23. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Video Analysis: Women in Politics

    biological reproduction engenders a war of all against all the "battle" between genders is a manufactured spook power is the one oppressor - divide and conquer 101
  24. Perfectly Normal Beast

    What do you think is the essence of nationality?

    it is an emotionally manipulative tool of capitalism and state control *displays patriotic merchandise* *volunteers to die*
  25. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Non-substance methods of overcoming social anxiety

    pretend you are jane goodall performing important research on endangered primitive apes. let the gravity of your mission to save them steel your soul against the horrors of their absurd social rituals and endless banal drama/gossip cycles. you might even find some diamonds. diamonds...
  26. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Download Thread New

    someone plz stalk me you already know where i live, you have no more excuses
  27. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    i have to balance out my vices somehow - perfectly moral beast
  28. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    i have a pretty good tan atm, thanks for asking
  29. Perfectly Normal Beast

    The Random Thoughts Thread

  30. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    they are good for mocking despotic behaviour
  31. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Haven't had the will to post much lately

    perhaps you are dead
  32. Perfectly Normal Beast

    what is the difference between adult and children

    yeah like drugs and sex and knowing everything
  33. Perfectly Normal Beast

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  34. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Last movie you watched

    into eternity: a film for the future (2010) - a sobering yet dizzying look at the construction of onkalu, an underground storage facility for nuclear waste which is expected to take around 100 years to complete and hoped to contain the waste undisturbed for at least 100,000 years. experts...
  35. Perfectly Normal Beast

    What is your role in your zombie apocalypse survival group?

    *intelligence gathering intensifies*
  36. Perfectly Normal Beast

    YUI Vol. II

    "intpf: come for the kindred spirits, stay for the comforting embrace of familiar unmitigated darkness"
  37. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Statistical Analysis of intpf

    finally all that time spent reading thesauruses in the bath has paid off yay plz can i haz cloud too serac plzty
  38. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Things That Define Us

    i can't find the energy to formulate a response perhaps this will suffice:
  39. Perfectly Normal Beast

    increasing discipline and stuff

    there is yet hope for us all
  40. Perfectly Normal Beast

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    does mental illness exist? shut up and take your happy pills, sane person
  41. Perfectly Normal Beast

    What do you perceive to be your greatest flaw?

    i expect everyone to be perfect then despise them when they're not
  42. Perfectly Normal Beast

    CHATBOX ^^^^

    no way, that would ruin my status as an anachronism i guess i'll just play in here by myself then :cat:
  43. Perfectly Normal Beast

    INTPf Policy Change

    if one person has a right to demand never to be offended then everybody does, including for example people whose religious beliefs cause them to find the existence of homosexual behaviour or mockery of their absurd beliefs or you know women being allowed out of the house by themselves deeply...
  44. Perfectly Normal Beast

    CHATBOX ^^^^

    chatbox is not loading :multiple storks: now where will i do all my socialising :infinity storks:
  45. Perfectly Normal Beast

    I want to destroy or ruin lives!

    someone ruin mine plz, adversity sustains me
  46. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Last movie you watched

    aka "i cbf to write an actual review" :P
  47. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Last movie you watched

    footprints of war (2013) a disturbing examination of the devastating ecological impact of industrialised warfare and the multiple "ticking time bombs" that the planet is facing, including dumped chemical munitions sufficient to "kill all life" which lie on ocean floors in corroding containers
  48. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Why do we like online tests?

    we like authority figures to tell us which little boxes we belong in so we can know who we "are"
  49. Perfectly Normal Beast

    The best way to kill a mosquito

    Re: WHAT IS BEST WAY TO KILL MOSQUITOE "the LORD works in mysterious ways"
  50. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Do you identify with the child you once were?

    i still can't stand the vast majority of "adults", so yes
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