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  1. Blarraun

    What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

    Not meaning to brag here. I struggled with dark souls series in the beginning, but I can't call it a difficult game. The game gives you the most broken ability possible called dodge roll and backstep and those two moves give you invulnerability frames, as in fractions of game time when your...
  2. Blarraun

    Suppression of Personality

    It's important to tell negative behavioural patterns in others so that one doesn't persist in a destructive environment trying to adapt. Many people aren't interesting or accommodating enough to allow me to feel great. It's often a wasted good effort even trying to be around. There's also the...
  3. Blarraun

    What is wrong with modern life

    People might be unhappy if they don't grow or seek out challenges. It's their issue to make their life happy, instead of expecting the environment to force them to be happy or provide threats to have them overcome and become satisfactory as narrative. Maybe nowadays it's easier to subsist...
  4. Blarraun

    What are you guys watching on Youtube lately?

    You can look at the like/dislike ratio and pretty much tell this Vox video is a piece of propaganda. If you were actually interested in seeing a broad picture you wouldn't stop at Vox but find plentiful amateur/unrelated footage of the independence day celebrations. They tried to portray a...
  5. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Loved it, the intro alone takes me in so many places.
  6. Blarraun

    what do you look most forward to in 2019

    To passing the Japanese language proficiency test that I've been preparing for since the last year. Such things being symbolic and all, do have some use on the job market. Also landing a boring and comfy job where I can do anything other than work or an enjoyable work where I don't regret being...
  7. Blarraun

    5G and its impact on life and economy

    I'm wondering about the health detriments of the proximity and energy density of EM transceivers becoming ubiquitous. The long term effects of microwave, radio/radar, millimeter em, radiation heating are largely unexplored. Media lobbies don't care about polluting cities with energy and...
  8. Blarraun

    Cultist Simulator

    I won't play after your summary, though it gave me a few ideas for making a better game. RNG outcomes in strategy/management are bs, should rather be used to break up the routine, or worldgen. Also there should be a mechanic for corrupting the police/politics and lobbying for the occult. With...
  9. Blarraun

    What are you guys watching on Youtube lately?

    The brain needs trash, it's like fat or sugar.
  10. Blarraun

    Christmas Gift for my last year college life

    I don't mean to expose my attention deficit my dearest love_jenni, but considering the lavish praise of voogueme I shared in my post and how you replied to so many others it would be fair to think that I deserve a quote, no? My loyalty to the voogueme brand is most sincere, like my love for...
  11. Blarraun

    What are you guys watching on Youtube lately?

    Too much of YouTube is a time sink with entry level infotainment. I try to only use it to relax. Aside from music/composition channels (8bit Music Theory, Miracle of Sound, David Bruce, Adam Neely, Rick Beato etc.) I semi-regularly watch PBS space time and Isaac Arthur for futurism and Robert...
  12. Blarraun

    Christmas Gift for my last year college life

    I™ have Perfect™ eyesight but voogueme™ glasses are soo™ high fashion that I can't resist wearing at least two pairs simultaneously. I™ love whatever. All words used are registered trademarks of their respective owners or belong to public domain protected minimal expression list. Word usage...
  13. Blarraun

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    90s nostalgia waporwave, when the Japanese economy was still booming and dreams were naively reachable. 5.8/10
  14. Blarraun


    Double post due to server delay.
  15. Blarraun


    I think you will find useful advice if you look for country specific migrant forums/websites. Those will usually give some concrete examples or advice. In the unlikely scenario you want to migrate to central/eastern Europe in which case I'm an expert.
  16. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  17. Blarraun

    Strong Female Characters

    It is a question of design. Does a writer have a strong concept for the whole story or a single character? Do they approach the initial sketch top-down or try to have something be more emergent? Visual medium is more limited so it has to take shortcuts and have visual and musical world...
  18. Blarraun

    Strong Female Characters

    I'm sure they wear socks with an ambitious span of red and get excited around rotary engines.
  19. Blarraun

    Strong Female Characters

    Depends on one's definition of "strong character". Internal consistency and being convincing is what makes a person appear strong to me in a story or irl. When I say strong it is used to convey how great of an impression a character leaves, without necessarily being dominant, winning every...
  20. Blarraun

    Strong Female Characters

    Ripley is portrayed as an overman entity beyond all people in her stories. Soldiers are competent but foolish, they fail to organize a successful strategy, they may be strong or capable with weapons, but actually seem like lost children. Ripley on the other hand is a fearless being with...
  21. Blarraun

    D&D Alignments

    From outside perspective, someone's character is an unknown, only ever revealed by actions. I practically agree with this approach and I recently started to think more in terms of orienting my upcoming PC's in terms of how they have already defined themselves. That said characters can change...
  22. Blarraun

    What are you all reading?

    Given my enjoyment of visual space opera I tried to find any interesting literature from that genre. So far with mixed results. Peter F Hamilton "Commonwealth Saga" was a terrible mess of annoying characters, shallow plot and excessive sexual scenes. The only two interesting characters, Paula...
  23. Blarraun

    Morality in a Material Universe

    We honestly shouldn't aim to make an AI that could exist as a separate entity. Assuming AI has any agency at all, which isn't certain, It would be better if AI could only survive or develop in a human host as a form of obligate mutualism or commensalism. If possible we should integrate AI into...
  24. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Some amazing prog
  25. Blarraun

    D&D Alignments

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Player character's alignment is usually established in the background story preceding the actual DnD game. Any actions in the backstory serve to show the good and bad sides and how that PC interacts with the world, how aligned is their goal or...
  26. Blarraun

    Morality in a Material Universe

    I don't see any better long-term moral solution than investing most resources into any safe pathway to superintelligence of any kind that would later help optimise a more permanent system of morality or legality that would satisfy all. It's ridiculous but arguably we should actually criticise...
  27. Blarraun

    Eradication of Unwanted Behaviours in Others.

    Murder could be removed as a concept from our minds. Just as anyone would never try to move forward by turning in a circle. Murder could itself be framed as a paradox that can't achieve anything in particular. One could think of moving forward by rotating in place, but ultimately there is no...
  28. Blarraun

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    It has enjoyable harmony. I wish it was 20% faster and introduced more ideas in those 7 minutes. 6/10
  29. Blarraun

    Microtonal Music

    So with microtonal music being all the rage among the late adopting hipsters I figured I might share some I enjoyed. This guy is great, check his other stuff if you like this. What constitutes microtonal music is quite relative, as the pitch changes may be subtle or extreme. In the example...
  30. Blarraun

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    It's not very microtonal, maybe that's why I enjoy it so much.
  31. Blarraun

    The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few

    I will stand up for that quarter of a man. Why do you deny their right to exist? What if they chose to only count their needs as a quarter of other's? It's their right to decide that they give up 3/4 of their entitled worth in any conceivable value system or vote. They could also exist...
  32. Blarraun


    This one is great.
  33. Blarraun

    Typology obsessiveness

    I wasn't really obsessed. I used to incorporate it into how I structured solutions to my life goals or how I described others and it wasn't very helpful just one of those biased mental shortcuts that are easy to adopt. As exploration of my personality improved, the understanding of myself has...
  34. Blarraun

    Can I have fake internet friends please? (for similar people)

    You lost me at the hammer sickle part. Not my fetish.
  35. Blarraun

    To what extent do differences in intelligence exist?

    Differences are real and can be tested or seen in performance. An artificial environment such as a station can be designed to accommodate beings of any IQ level. Maybe you could say that once humans live in space the average IQ requirement of daily tasks increases, which is debatable. Given...
  36. Blarraun

    mafia game i forget what number

    I'd prefer less frequent updates, weekly is fine.
  37. Blarraun

    Jazz that you like

    The pianist is killing it. The band interaction is amazing. The level of virtuosity that it takes to play like this is very much underestimated. His brain can freestyle singing with a large repertoire, but he sings in his mind and plays it on the piano. The kind of unique connections that...
  38. Blarraun

    mafia game i forget what number

    I'm up for voice mafia if anyone's willing to arrange it, sounds interesting ; ). Could try text mafia too I guess.
  39. Blarraun

    How Does Your Personality Impact Your Life?

    Lots of datapoints this time. It's all an average attempt at getting the user's facebook.
  40. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  41. Blarraun

    Absence from the forum

    Excuse this raw and unrefined thought. One of the good things about it is that I don't have to care of how I word this emotionally charged rant, the prevailing is my feeling of resignation. This place is so hopelessly empty and frankly there is nothing new to find here. Dozen or so active...
  42. Blarraun

    No matter what i try to post

    Hey Sal. Welcome back. This forum is just being new user unfriendly by design. Ragnar should have removed those aggressive spam filters after they ceased to be of any use. It will let you go after you prove to it that you are not reasonable for posting under such restrictions so long. This...
  43. Blarraun

    How random can you be?

    The categories make sense. Self supervision in this context isn't as good as taking advantage of the imperfect system. 50% for an ideal predictor would mean fully random, if a player manages to get to 0% they aren't really random, they are being completely unpredictable in contrast to random...
  44. Blarraun

    To What Extent Can AI Derive/Interpret Meaning?

    What kind of symbols are we talking? Can you give examples? We don't have general AI, a neural network or an expert system can be trained to recognise any symbol in terms of already known symbols which isn't any less than what a human would be capable of when presented with a novel input...
  45. Blarraun

    How random can you be?

    The game is very simple, you type either f or d and this program will try to predict your next keypress. http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~nick/aaronson-oracle/index.html Share your score after a 100 or so.
  46. Blarraun

    Songs that make you cry/tear up/sniffle...

  47. Blarraun

    Hey ! Why isn't Dissonance beautiful?

    Loaded question? Dissonance is used universally to create music and evoke emotions. Music wouldn't be beautiful without it. If you consider the basic harmonic element such as the cadence. Which is a collection of two or more chords used to resolve a phrase. Resolution, which is a key concept in...
  48. Blarraun

    151 Pokemon memory test challenge

    I don't understand what you're saying or implying here. Feel free to expand on it. You have this, let's call it uncommon, habit of speaking in two perspectives in a single paragraph and it alienates me as a reader. I will try to steer back on the topic. Here is my favourite looking pokemon.
  49. Blarraun

    Heyy! Getting on alright. How about you?

    Heyy! Getting on alright. How about you?
  50. Blarraun

    Times you've changed your mind

    Unless it's a moral or emotional issue, I don't hold a firm opinion on most subjects so there's few occasions to experience a major shift to the opposite view. I do have working theories and usually new information is added rather than used to replace existing ideas. Even with views where I do...
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