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  1. Lot

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  2. Lot

    Why ASMR works?

    Music is good for that. I used to get that all the time when I smoked pot. Now I just get it from a few songs :(
  3. Lot

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    I'm going to buy most of my wish list. Sadly I still have to wait for Pillars of Eternity 2, to go down more. I don't know why xcom 2's expansion is more than the game it's self. So I'm getting Tide of Numenera, Shadow Run: Hong Kong, And xcom 2. That is my gaming budget for the rest of the...
  4. Lot

    Why ASMR works?

    Not really into it. But hey, thanks for the random mention. I never got the appeal. I tried, but just can't get the satisfaction.
  5. Lot

    CHATBOX ^^^^

    So the chatbox is dead? I leave for a long time and this place falls apart.
  6. Lot

    Can you succeed in life without finishing high school?

    How you define success is up to you. Is success having lots of money? Is it doing what you love? Is it raising children that are functioning adults? Is it having a high level of education? Is it simply just being happy? Is it making it to the next day? I would try to pound through the shitty...
  7. Lot

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    In the bible there is a book called, Ecclesiastes. It is a philosophical text about the inherent meaninglessness of the world around you. I've found the words in it to be true for me. A lot of christians don't like the book, because they think it's depressing, but I find it to be freeing. It...
  8. Lot

    I failed

    Science classes can be hard. How much actual study did you do? Is this a shocker, and you had no inkling you didn't get the concepts? My biggest issues with when I went to college was actually doing homework, or studying. Some teacher's teaching style made it fine for me to get away with this...
  9. Lot

    IRL... do people like you or not?

    Most people love me. I'm honest with who I am and nice, normally polite. Customers at work only need to spend a small amount of time with me, before they get to the point that they would rather work with me than other people. My coworkers like how helpful I am, and usually like my quirks. I've...
  10. Lot


    That's why you brought it up? You couldn't come up with a better connection for the word? You won't retract your word choice, but you will loosely connect things together in an attempt to justify your poor choice for an insult? I didn't say you cared. I said you were trying to use it in...
  11. Lot


    No, it's not the right word. It doesn't work in the situation at all. Your use of that word was a well placed as your poorly directed attempt at a low blow. Oh no, not the cult card. No one ever made mistakes in their early 20's. I should be ashamed and let it define me for life. Right in the pride.
  12. Lot


    I've noticed I like people that eventually get banned. I'm don't see how sycophant applies. It seems like you just picked a word with a negative connotation to make yourself feel morally superior. Like you always do. You might be one of the most, undeservingly condensing people on this forum...
  13. Lot


    He was too abrasive for the free speech suppression crowd on the forum. He dared to call a dumb idea and the dummy spouting it, dumb. Munk is an hero Munk is love Munk is life In the infinitely expanding universe Munk's superiority also expands He is free speech He is banana He is...
  14. Lot


    Hero the forum needs, but not the hero we deserve. Where is Harvey Dent?
  15. Lot

    Help me choose

    The second one I think. Those clips sound really kool. I'm impressed.
  16. Lot


    I had a tula once. She was basic. Her name was plummy and she was a blueberry flavored mermaid gummy that made dove noises. Some times I miss doing drug. Poor plummy never comes around anymore:storks:
  17. Lot

    Last anime you watched?

    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Top tier anime wow Very elite Much drama So love wow
  18. Lot

    How do any of you sleep???

    When I'm on my own I just watch something until I'm tired enough to pass out. But I wake up early and my job can be mentally exhausting. I'm usually asleep by midnight at the latest. When I'm with my gf I sleep so easy. She has no tv in her room and I feel so relaxed around her, that I'm out...
  19. Lot

    Should I do acid

    The pain killers will likely lessen the trip. Might feel nice, but you wont trip as hard. Pain killers and benzos are frequently used to stop or lessen a trip when it turns sour.
  20. Lot

    happy new year binches

    My goals for 2017 Get better paying position were I work Pay off credit card debt Start my emergency fund Save money for an engagement ring. (not that I'm ready to propose, but It would be nice to have a savings set aside for it) Continue to learn more about plants and gardening Make my...
  21. Lot

    Feel free to ask me anything.

    What is the sexiest way to spank a balding 6'4", 275lb, man, in a diaper?
  22. Lot

    INTP Transgender?

    Because women keep buying the shit clothes. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if dresses were ok for men to wear. So easy to put on and would help in the summer heat. But yeah, women need to push for useful pocket and better bras. My poor gf has terrible marks where the bra straps were and it's...
  23. Lot

    I'm done

    You think you're done. Wait till they craw out your butthole later. Then you'll see who has had the last laugh
  24. Lot

    Bronto's ban

    This thread is still a thing?:elephant:
  25. Lot

    Anyone listen to tool?

    I really used to love Tool. They're music is mostly too dark for me anymore, and I sometimes get flashbacks when I listen to them. They are a great band, but I have changed my taste in music. Metal in general doesn't really jive well with me anymore. Unless it's hair metal, or shred metal. Then...
  26. Lot

    What's the point of typology?

    With the book Please Understand Me, I was able to see the perspectives and appreciate other people and the motivations and logic that compel them. I noticed archetypes of people early on. MBTI served to give me word to help express what I had intuitively seen. Now, if you lack creativity it...
  27. Lot

    What's the point of typology?

    Some people aren't self aware. It can help you learn about yourself and other people. It helped me to start to understand other people and see where they are coming from.
  28. Lot

    Work is consuming me

    Seriously. I've been fired once, and that was for admitting to violating a company policy 6 months prior to the date and the manager pissed off all my coworkers because I was one of the best workers at the job. Every job has interesting facets that you can dig into and make more efficient...
  29. Lot

    Absence from the forum

    You are making a good choice Grayman. I come here when I'm bored. I don't find most people mentally stimulating anymore, and it's pretty much the same old place with not many people actually evolving as humans. The ones that do, spend less and less time here. Hell, even the mods spend less time...
  30. Lot

    Bronto's ban

    Bowie hasn't made anything recently that was worth while, and I don't find Robin Williams all that funny.
  31. Lot

    Bronto's ban

    I want Prince and Michael Jackson to come back to life :kodama1:
  32. Lot

    Should I start smoking cigarettes

    Cigarettes are a waste of money. As a former nicotine addict I say it was also a waste of time. Tobacco should be used occasionally if at all. A cigarette can be very relaxing when you are stressed or after a few beers. But after you get addicted cigarettes stop actually doing what they did...
  33. Lot

    Should I do acid

    I wanted to try but never got the chance. I assume most "LSD" sold now is not actually LSD. The alternative chemicals are scary enough that I'm very leery. I'm still months away from my year break from things of that nature. I don't have as much of a desire as I used to. I still think about...
  34. Lot

    Jerk move on my part

    So brave
  35. Lot

    My 26th Birthday Was 2 Days Ago

    over nyan thousand
  36. Lot

    What do you generally do on a Sunday?

    I usually work. Which is weird, because a few years ago I refused to work since I thought sunday to be the Sabbath. Gotta keep it holy, yo. I would spend the morning at church and the afternoon with cult people, talking about the bible and our lives. My girl friend works weekends normally, so...
  37. Lot

    What's your favorite aspect about yourself?

    I'm likable I forgive easy I'm very self aware Honest to a fault I'm pretty smart and like to share information
  38. Lot

    Revisiting the Shadow Men

    I had a shadow man and some other thing fight over me. It was pretty crazy, because I didn't have sleep paralysis. The shadow person was more like a bundle of tendrils coming from my bathroom, but I'll still call it that. Also this happened before my time with drugs, and shortly after my time in...
  39. Lot


    This has mostly been covered. I live in a desert. I'm about a 4 hour drive away from the grand canyon. Even in my own state I see vast differences. In the winter, if I drive south 3 hours it's spring weather for everywhere else, and if I drive north 3 hours it's snowing. When you drive through...
  40. Lot

    Millennials are boring

    People 25-30 years younger than you boring? Really? No, that never happens. Don't you think that most of your peers are boring, too. I know you think most of them are dumb. Why would the majority of a younger generation be any different. Also, think about the field of work you do. Do you really...
  41. Lot

    Adventure Time

    It's good. I like it. It's dark and innocent at the same time. I have a feeling of being a kid again when I watch it.
  42. Lot

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    That's pretty much it actually. I've been lucky enough to get sent to cashier in the garden center. But those times when I have to be inside, ugh. This one is much more fun
  43. Lot

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  44. Lot


    https://www.worldseedsupply.com/product/peganum-harmala-syrian-rue-seeds/ https://www.worldseedsupply.com/product/peganum-harmala-syrian-rue-10x-resin-extract/ Depending on what you want the seeds for. You can also get ayahuasca vine powder on there. I think they even sell yopo lol.
  45. Lot

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    Don't you dare look back Just keep your eyes on me I said you're holding back She said SHUT UP and dance with me This woman is my destiny She said woooo woo SHUT UP and DANCE ...help:kodama1:
  46. Lot

    I do. It might not be it's max potency, because it's over a year old, but I certainly have some...

    I do. It might not be it's max potency, because it's over a year old, but I certainly have some still. Never got around to taking it, but I figured it would be good to keep around for parasite cleansing.
  47. Lot

    Milo Yiannopoulos

  48. Lot

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    I just met you and this is crazy Here's my number call me maybe
  49. Lot

    I need a job

    I just got out of pizza delivery, but if you have a car and only work part time, it's a pretty fun job. You get paid to listen to music and get a discount on pizza, sometimes it's even free. plus if it a decent area you can make full time wages with part time hours. Otherwise most jobs have...
  50. Lot

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    Here in my car I feel safest of all I can lock my doors It's the only way to live in cars I never want to hear you say! I want it that way
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