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  1. SpaceYeti

    Minecraft:Who do?

    If you like it, discuss it. If you don’t, whatever. Everything’s whatever. Also, I’ve returned. Yay.
  2. SpaceYeti

    Missing Dollar Riddle

    Only one. Also, please explain how the first man could possibly know the color of his hat?
  3. SpaceYeti

    Missing Dollar Riddle

  4. SpaceYeti

    Missing Dollar Riddle

    This "riddle" is old and easy, since it's not really a riddle so much as bad math. try this one: There are four men, each with a black or white hat on. There are only two hats of each color. Three men are lined up in a room. The men cannot see their own hat, and they're all facing the same...
  5. SpaceYeti

    Manual RPG's, their function and the online typology community

    Also, beating up orcs. Mostly it's the open-ness of action. Yes,. you're constrained by the game mechanics, but you are not limited to a list of responses, you can respond however you wish, granting your character is capable of it. The social interaction among close friends is also important...
  6. SpaceYeti

    Should INTPs have jobs?

    You don't get paid for doing something you'd be doing anyway. No dice. I'm 33 and in college for the, like, third time. I get it, now. Go to college to get a job, not to learn. You can do what you like on your own time. After you pay rent and car insurance. That's how the cookie crumbles.
  7. SpaceYeti


    I will stop having sex with a woman, then and there, forever, if she tells me she will not have anal.
  8. SpaceYeti

    What is love?

    Baby, don't hurt me.
  9. SpaceYeti

    What is "the past"?

    Are you high? The past is the stuff that has happened before now.
  10. SpaceYeti

    I need to decide what to study...?

    Go to college to pay your bills later in life, and live like a college student while you're in college, so you don't have to when you're not. What you enjoy can be done in your spare time.
  11. SpaceYeti

    Warcraft 4, Starcraft 3

    No, it'll die. They're great with expaxcs, let's not lie about that, but sooner or later people will get tired of it. It's inevitable. I'm giving it about five more years. They've already updated the graphics in different ways several times. It's still WoW. I came back for this most recent...
  12. SpaceYeti

    change yourself?

    Accept yourself as you are. You can exercise, you can study, you can improve yourself, but you'll always be the same, essential person.
  13. SpaceYeti

    Gay INTP

    I'm straight, but it always seemed to me that if you were gay, you'd know it your whole life. Then, maybe not all INTPs are as sexual as I am. I've fantasized, sexually, about girls and women since I can remember.
  14. SpaceYeti

    Warcraft 4, Starcraft 3

    I'm actually looking forward to about five to ten years from now, when WoW has died and they've brought up WoS in it's wake.
  15. SpaceYeti

    I despise the notion of 'social status', why?

    Peon. Or, wait, it's "pleb" now. You fucking pleb.
  16. SpaceYeti

    So who's who around here?

    I shall be here forever! off and on. BTW: You're all emo.
  17. SpaceYeti

    Game Programming for INTPs?

    Just start programming. Use whatever language you want, since they're so similar that learning another wouldn't be hard after you get the basic structure of them.
  18. SpaceYeti


    What kind if bonus is the +1? Synergy, feat, racial, no keyword, what?
  19. SpaceYeti

    INTP starting College/University soon...

    1. I would have majored in CIS. 2. I would have finished school. 3. I would have gone to the community college in my home town for the first few years.
  20. SpaceYeti

    My New Medication

    This explains quite a bit.
  21. SpaceYeti

    Does he like me as a friend or more than a friend?

    I don't fear being rude. Being rude is when some else doesn't appreciate honesty. Maybe for conversation... Maybe. I doubt it. He might be gay. Even if he doesn't specifically want to bone her, I'm sure he hasn't eliminated it as s possibility.
  22. SpaceYeti

    Does he like me as a friend or more than a friend?

    Why would he talk to you so much if he didn't want to tap that ass? I know I wouldn't waste that much energy.
  23. SpaceYeti

    Hypothesis: Gravity is a downward force toward earth, not a pull.

    I came to this thread thinking you'd put forth a hypothesis, maybe even a decent one. I was going to write something like "TL;DR, but you're wrong and dumb". I don't see why I have to provide the argument to either side, but here's a question: As per the squared-cube law, why does the push...
  24. SpaceYeti

    Have you ever mastered something?

    Guitar in Rock Band. I could pass any song, usually with just one try (I have fantastic sight-reading, apparently). That was a few years ago, and it's a useless ability, but it was a thing I mastered. I'm still okay, but it'd take a few days of practice to get it back. not worth it. Almost...
  25. SpaceYeti

    Career help - don't know what to do next

    Your name means you win the forum. First place!
  26. SpaceYeti

    What are you currently playing?

    I've been on Magic Duels: Origins and Hex. Hex is probably a better overall game, but Duels is free and less buggy (believe it or not).
  27. SpaceYeti

    INTP Likeablility

    We're calm and we're chameleons.
  28. SpaceYeti

    Hello INTPs, INTP Here.

    Hello. Keep INTPing. Are you a lady with big tits? Boy with small tits? Something inbetween or with the variables removed? I don't care anyway, I should be in bed. Good night.
  29. SpaceYeti

    Why do I put literally put all of my emotional energy into one person only to be let down and consta

    Confront her, tell her it's you or him, and when she chooses him, leave her alone.
  30. SpaceYeti

    Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    It is legitimate, but it's also history. Want to see my DD214? That's actually entirely accurate. They put chemicals in our food and water in order to wipe free thought from our minds. They then brainwash us by making us do fifty push-ups whenever we say anything unpatriotic or even vaguely...
  31. SpaceYeti

    Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    There are bigger, better, faster, stronger, smarter, and prettier people who do not. It's irrelevant.
  32. SpaceYeti

    Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    Sinny: Any and all large bodies are a group of liars who actively attempt to deceive and harm us! Everyone else: That's not profitable. Sinny: It's not about money, it's about malicious intent! Corporations don't care about profit if they can cause harm!
  33. SpaceYeti

    Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    Yes. They're scared of the consumer. Mislabel something that someone may be allergic to, and there's a huge suit on your hands. Without proper warnings, one old lady will get two million dollars. Yes, that's why they pay for the lawyers and. Who goes to fast food for top notch products? You...
  34. SpaceYeti

    Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    Mistrusting people and things for no good reason is unwise. Not that I advocate blind trust, of course, but skepticism needs to be reigned in with reason and logic in order to be useful at all. Walking around not trusting anyone means you die hungry and homeless, because you never take a job...
  35. SpaceYeti

    Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    Re: Comic Book Logic You know, sometimes things are as they appear. Besides, you're acting like BigBrotherCorp was in on it the whole time, fully aware that a significant portion of their product was something besides what they claimed. It was actually just meat from a single provider...
  36. SpaceYeti

    Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    Re: Comic Book Logic If they are not made with just beef, then McDonald's is lying to everybody in the world, and will eventually be hit with with an enormous law suit that could be avoided entirely if they just say what's actually in the beef. I think McDonald's hires smart lawyers and that...
  37. SpaceYeti

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    No, of course not. Your sexuality is pretty obvious in my experience, granting I'm about as straight as can be. No, the nuances of sexuality are what I'm discussing when I say that one must have sex before they know exactly what they want. Styles, techniques, kinks... I can think of only one...
  38. SpaceYeti

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    What fog?
  39. SpaceYeti

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    Well, to be fair, I don't think either spirituality or religion have any real value, so I can't quite get that comparison, but, yeah, a romantic relationship is a close friendship plus sex.
  40. SpaceYeti

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    A romantic relationship is a friendship.
  41. SpaceYeti

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    Evolutionarily speaking, it's the single thing we absolutely must do (aside eating) to continue existing long term. It's this deep, huge area of our species' subconscious. It is a psychological need. So, yes, while you're correct about the physical pleasure, it's not just pleasurable, it's also...
  42. SpaceYeti

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    As you said, you're a virgin. Sex is a huge part of relationships. Indeed, romantic relationships are defined by them being between romantic (mutually sexually compatible) people.
  43. SpaceYeti

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    What is the one sex thing you could not have a serious relationship without, and the one you would never do?
  44. SpaceYeti

    Obesity (prev. Make it Mandatory)

    Re: Make it mandatory Because being overweight is unattractive and unhealthy, duh. It's none of our business, but that doesn't mean we don't care. Should we care? I dunno. We should care enough to keep our kids healthy, and encourage other family members when they go on diets, or something...
  45. SpaceYeti


    I can only speak about my personal preferences, since I've never looked for any data on the subject. I personally find black women less attractive than women of other races, but I also think I know why. Firstly, their features tend to be more musculature and "masculine" than the features of...
  46. SpaceYeti

    Trader Joe's

    Maybe it's worth it to flirt with the yuppy girls, but the health benefits are purely superficial, since there isn't any.
  47. SpaceYeti

    Obesity (prev. Make it Mandatory)

    Re: Make it mandatory Just so you guys know, you have to do what's mandataury. If you don't, a mandataur will come and chop you in half with it's axe. Especially when it's a mandataury check of a polynomial equation. Those mandataurs are beast!
  48. SpaceYeti

    'Aliens, UFO's & Spirituality'

    Then what is your view, exactly? You keep showing us the surface, but you seem to refuse to go into depth? Do you believe we live in a matrix, and that there are AI "probes" which check in on us, which appear as some sort of entity or odd apparition, instead of just having some sort of output or...
  49. SpaceYeti

    Do the Best Games Have Something in Common?

    A good game is one that's predictable. By that, of course, I don't mean that what happens is obvious, but that, if you pay attention, all the clues were there, even if you guessed incorrectly. It's kind of like what makes a good mystery or horror movie. Scary movie (though a parody) is the...
  50. SpaceYeti

    So I just finished high-school. What the hell do I do?

    I dropped out of a few colleges, joined the Army, went back to college. I'm dumb, though.
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