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  1. Creeping Death

    Do you report drunk drivers?

    Some police in America do the same thing, and other nefarious activities. It depends on the city/neighborhood. I had a co-worker from Chicago who was a gang member when he was there, one day he was stopped and searched. The cops took all his drugs and drove him around the city until they...
  2. Creeping Death

    Do you report drunk drivers?

    Or do you ignore them and let things happen? I did today, I'd feel guilty if I didn't. I really hate talking to the police and avoid doing it whenever possible. I also don't want to be the guy who's calling the cops, especially when the issue can be resolved without them. This dude had a beer...
  3. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Explaining this thoroughly in as non- biased of a way possible would take pages of posts from multiple Americans.
  4. Creeping Death

    anxiety and depression

    I didn't like hydroxyzine for anxiety, I had to take more than recommended for noticeable anxiolitic effects, and by then I'd be more drowsy. This wasn't very convenient since the times I needed anxiety relief were usually in a social setting that required attentiveness. Benzos are the go to...
  5. Creeping Death

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    I'd give it 8/10, good for solitary walks at night. Makes me feel like I'm on a mission that is important for society and it will have a lasting impact on my life.
  6. Creeping Death


  7. Creeping Death

    Biology Subforum

    Excellent choice, as did I. It's the only sensible thing to vote for. Anyway, it's a cool idea but I think all the mods and admins will basically say what Lagomorph just said. Sci/Tech is already the appropriate place for bio discussion, health/fitness is a bit more specific but consider the...
  8. Creeping Death

    We need this here.

  9. Creeping Death

    We need this here.

    Maybe a broader category subforum, like "Lifestyles" or something. It would encourage more people to post in it while still being an appropriate place for health/fitness threads.
  10. Creeping Death

    Do you guys forget passcodes, numbers after sharing it to someone?

    Why would you tell someone else your password? If you can't remember, make up a phrase like 25 characters long, you can be creative and insert random numbers and symbols, write down part of it, not the whole thing but the first part should jog your memory as to what it is. You can put it in a...
  11. Creeping Death

    INTJs like black people

    Seems legit. INFJs like Mexicans.
  12. Creeping Death

    Careers an INTP would enjoy

    Most STEM fields appeal to us. I'd guess some do well in legal careers. Something I don't see mentioned often in "careers for INTPs" threads is private investigator. You don't need ex LE experience and you might find the work itself interesting.
  13. Creeping Death

    Intp female

    Sure about that? I wouldn't even give my left nut for an INFJ (I've found one though, and there's never been a dull moment in 7 years). I don't think that M-B type is a major thing to consider when finding a date, it's interesting but overrated. It's hard for me to say that when considering my...
  14. Creeping Death

    Does smoking help with stress and anxiety?

    It helps with my anxiety, but as Hado said it's anxiety that might not have been there if I hadn't started in the first place. For me, as well as others, it's more than just the nicotine. It's having something in your hand and going through the motions of bringing it to your mouth, flicking it...
  15. Creeping Death

    Intpf cat looks like Android 7.0 hidden cat

    Most of you have probably noticed the cat in the upper left corner and thought nothing of it. (Clicking it just refreshes the home page), but it looks just like a cat hidden in Android 7 devices. If you have an Android 7 device, go to settings -> about device and find android version. Tap it...
  16. Creeping Death

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  17. Creeping Death

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    3/10, JJ isn't my cup of tea, but I could see this song being used in a movie where the time set is spanned across years. Idk why.
  18. Creeping Death

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  19. Creeping Death

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  20. Creeping Death


    From the last sentence in this quote, I get the impression these two know each other and you to some extent. They are bullshitting you, for what reason, idk. But two people who know you and also know each other who are telling you the same story isn't a fault of either's memory, one or both are...
  21. Creeping Death

    What do you base your values on

    My values are based on radical selflessness and an ever increasing will to do what's best for the well-being of any individual who shows a combination of compassion, interest and general good will towards those around them. Making a positive imprint in human society as I do what I see necessary...
  22. Creeping Death

    Language Pen Pals

    I should have one, or several. I used to have one for French, but contact with them was minimal and he wasn't exactly fluent in French, only a little more proficient than I was. Now I'm even less practiced in French due to having not used it in ages, but I'm sure a few weeks of daily contact...
  23. Creeping Death

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Dubinina sounds like a blast injury from a distance away from a high order explosive, not near enough to receive burns from the explosion but still close enough to receive such internal injuries from the blast wave. Idk if there's any evidence of that, but it's what her injuries sound like.
  24. Creeping Death

    2018 games you look forward to

    Hitman 2. Did a sniper assassin demo of it tonight. Plan on uploading videos of the new missions with commentary once it's out. I have some plays uploaded on the first Hitman (2016) on my friends channel. Mostly just fucking around but we did do some more serious game play in some of our live...
  25. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    More than one someone. You must know by now that 95% of what I say is random nonsense or just plain stupidity.
  26. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    >cousin is 6'5 330lb backwoods lookin mf >lives in countryside, decent distance from nearest neighbors >gets out of shower at 3am, starts eating cherry popsicle that makes his lips red like lip sick >lounges around house butt-ass nekked cuz he lives alone, sits on couch to watch Netflix >hears a...
  27. Creeping Death

    Choose one

    Writing accomplishes the most out of these.
  28. Creeping Death

    Words that piss you off

    Kitty-corner (just say diagonal from) Cantankerous Mandatory (not so much the word itself as the people saying it) Theocratic Juxtaposition Salutations Testicles (I seriously think there could be a better sounding, non-slang name for them, not testes either) Hearty
  29. Creeping Death

    Pleased to make your aquaintance

    Pleased that someone is pleased to make my acquaintance.
  30. Creeping Death

    Non-substance methods of overcoming social anxiety

    It's been some time since I've used nootropics. Usually piracetam with choline bitartrate (which I've heard is an inferior source of choline compared to alphaGPC, maybe that would give more noticeable affects), but if I remeber right aniracetam has anxiolitic properties so perhaps I could give...
  31. Creeping Death

    Non-substance methods of overcoming social anxiety

    I'm wandering what some of you do to make social interactions less of a pain in the ass. Particularly when in a situation where you have to speak with people you've never met before... and especially people who are less complex than you, for lack of wording it differently (you know when you...
  32. Creeping Death

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    I'm a caramel INTP, that's kinda brown, I guess. Dude.
  33. Creeping Death

    what force is holding the universe together other than graivity

    Off topic, but is this pic from a Jehovah's Witness publication? Seems very much so.
  34. Creeping Death

    INTJs don't need acid?

    I would agree, although LSD and most other psychedelics aren't physically addicting, anything can be psychologically addicting. I don't think I'm autistic without my drug of choice, but definitely depressed without it.
  35. Creeping Death

    Problem with Schrödinger's definition of life.

    "Erwin Schrödinger defined life as that which resists decaying to disorder and equilibrium." Did he assume that we (living things) are making order? We can call what we're doing "order" but it could just be as disordered as things we don't classify as life. Order is a human idea. We might not...
  36. Creeping Death

    INTJs don't need acid?

    No one really needs it, but I can see it having therapeutic benefits for some. Just like psilocybin and MDMA can help with trauma, lsd and others can be beneficial (and fun). Whether or not an INTJ would find less use of it, that depends on the person. I've recently disregarded people's type...
  37. Creeping Death

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    With some friends when we were pre-teens, doing it to passing cars or something. Only because we were doing anything for shock value attention at that age. Also a couple times drinking with some mates as a joke. I wouldn't worry if anyone saw me do it, since most people wouldn't take it...
  38. Creeping Death

    Calm Down!

    You'll need to exit the vehicle sir.
  39. Creeping Death

    Best girl type for male INTP

    I'd have to agree with this. The girl you become attracted to may be a type that would generally be regarded as not the best fit for an INTP, according to those who pay attention to romantic compatibility of different types. (I wouldn't pay attention to such things that much) Drugs
  40. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    For my entire life up until a minute ago, I never knew what the phrase "knock on wood" meant. I've always heard it from random people at random times and never noticed a pattern that would hint me towards its meaning. I never bothered to ask since it was never important for me to do so and so I...
  41. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I make horrible decisions in my dream, like sex in public or putting mushrooms in people's anus.
  42. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    When my mom was about my age, she had a series of break ins where the intruder would rearrange things, nothing stolen, just very obviously rearranged. But she lived in the city where it was a common occurrence (break ins, not the rearrangement part), it would be very creepy in a rural area. Do...
  43. Creeping Death

    Retail etiquette

    I was in line at a store the other day, an old fuck was in front of me. He said to the cashier, "I'll take a pack of Marlboro's". That's it, no further specification. I've worked a similar job before, as have many others at some point to make ends meet, and to me a "pack of Marlboro" means the...
  44. Creeping Death

    Aye, yo....

    I often find myself in gray areas. Mostly, I live day to day in accordance to local/state/federal laws as the majority of people do. Certain lifestyle decisions put me in a position where I'm knowingly and willingly breaking certain laws. Violating certain laws is advantageous from the point of...
  45. Creeping Death

    INTPf is migrating. Donate!

    I'm in a similar situation. Sucks you can't take some crypto.
  46. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Definitely sounds like you had the psilocybin variety judging by your enthusiasm.
  47. Creeping Death

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Portobello or Psilocybin?
  48. Creeping Death

    Babies in film

    They can't give consent to be in a commercial/movie/tv series/etc. I suppose their parents/guardians do. Is it right for them to give consent for a person who is incapable of agreeing to be in the film? Odd question, yes. Obviously parents have to do a lot of things that the baby couldn't...
  49. Creeping Death

    Latest spam

    Within the last several days, when I click a link here (like Home or New posts, for example) I'm led to a site called Delton or something like that and then leads to some ad site. Disabling Java gets rid of the problem tho. Anyone else experiencing this?
  50. Creeping Death

    Help me sort out my deep seated issues with my father.

    Re: Help me sort out my deep seeded issues with my father. When I read the title, I was expecting a much more serious issue than missing a set of car keys. But, if your dad is fucking with you over such petty shit, it's time to have a talk with that little asshole. Either you are horrible...
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