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  1. scorpiomover


    Really cool idea. Damn gub'mint! (Spits into a spitoon). Maybe you could start your own country. Then you could make the laws and regulations and let yourself be able to do it.
  2. scorpiomover

    Best girl type for male INTP

  3. scorpiomover

    Best girl type for male INTP

    INTPs don't "do" world domination. Ozymandias types do. Good thing too. Can you imagine if Dr Manhattan wanted to take over the world?
  4. scorpiomover

    Wonder Woman vs. Fem!Thor: Heroine's journey

    That's a waste of a great opportunity for men to date really beautiful women. But then, I've heard that the same happens in lots of situations where people don't expect to get a really great opportunity. They don't bother to plan out what they'd do, because they don't expect it to happen. So...
  5. scorpiomover

    Wonder Woman vs. Fem!Thor: Heroine's journey

    Wonder Woman is from the DC Universe. DC characters started in the 1920s and 1930s. They were all Conservatives. Basically, the DC superheroes were written as if they all voted Republican. Thor is from the Marvel Universe. Marvel characters started in the 1960s. They're all Liberals. Marvel...
  6. scorpiomover

    Favorite Programming Language

    Not a bad idea. I once came across a screen saver that was written in assembler. The guy who wrote it, wrote it originally in C, and then decided to re-write it in assembler. He wrote that it ran at about 10 times the speed of the C version, and that you could expect the same kinds of...
  7. scorpiomover

    Favorite Programming Language

    RPG/400 (Report Program Generator). If you come from a non-mainframe background (like me), it's really hard to get used to. But once you write a few RPG programs and see them run on an AS/400, you'll wonder why you ever used any other language. Then you realise that RPG and similar languages are...
  8. scorpiomover

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    True. Then you are a container of great things, a book that contains wonders, a magnum opus, a Principia Mathematica, if you will. If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no-one to hear it fall, what sound does it make? As long your potential never gets realised, there is no difference...
  9. scorpiomover

    Incident of the Week Past

    Ah. Well, shame that you had so much trouble. Glad that INTP forum is back up. What a waste of lemonade. :shame:
  10. scorpiomover

    My INTJs

    I've come across a few.
  11. scorpiomover

    INTP Nation

    You're kidding, right? They had samurai and shoguns. They believed that if someone failed a complete a task set by their employer, they should kill themselves. They're obsessed with ritual. Granted, everything means something. But even so, can you see INTPs following rituals obsessively...
  12. scorpiomover

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    Being committed to getting more power for yourself, promotes the ego, for your objective is to make your self more powerful and more important. Being committed to gaining more truth, requires that you accept the truth wherever you may find it. Accepting truths that you already believe are true...
  13. scorpiomover

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    Nietzsche also said that people believe things because of their Will to Truth, and do things because of their Will to Power. He also said that their Will to Truth is derived from their Will to Power. Lifestyle => beliefs. People collapse into drink, drugs and lose the will to work, when they...
  14. scorpiomover

    The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

    Wouldn't there be transitional fossils? Also, how come humans didn't evolve gills or the ability to hold one's breath for 30 minutes, like other aquatic species? Would be really useful for aquatic apes.
  15. scorpiomover

    Science with a capital "S"

    Pretty common that. Science requires that we prove that scientifically, before making the claim. To make the claim scientifically, we have to first investigate every possible method of finding answers, from every avenue, however ridiculous it seems, and then conduct repeated experiments for...
  16. scorpiomover

    What's the point of typology?

    @Reluctantly Woah there, Nelly. That's a bombshell and then some. I've seen MBTI afficionads say that Jung agreed with MBTI, because Jung sat at the back of a talk given by Isobel Myers about MBTI, and didn't speak out against it. Now you're saying that Jung strongly disagreed with MBTI...
  17. scorpiomover

    What's the point of typology?

    @Reluctantly Mostly, trying to make themselves feel good about their sense of lack of accomplishment. In the past 6,000 years, there was a lot to do around the home. Parents and children would sit around the hearth in the evening, doing all sorts of useful things that needed doing around the...
  18. scorpiomover

    Staving Off Lethargy

    De-stress. Your physical stamina is extreme. That's a workout and then some. Severely high levels of exercise have not generally increased your energy levels. By Bacon's principle of determining causation, if there was any correlation between physical exercise and your state of lethargy, then...
  19. scorpiomover

    How to fix a Democracy

    Trickily, because it's a self-recursive phenomenon. But you can put it to the test, by starting to assume that you don't, and then looking for each case and trying to find a way to justify that you don't. If you find a scenario where your views cannot be shoehorned into not thinking for...
  20. scorpiomover

    How to fix a Democracy

    Close. They want a society of pseudo-intellectuals, people who like to believe that they are thinkers, but are in truth little more than worker drones and consumers. If they BELIEVE they think for themselves, but don't, they are more likely to accept the choices that they BELIEVE they are...
  21. scorpiomover

    What's the point of typology?

    To understand yourself and others. What people use it for, is another matter entirely.
  22. scorpiomover

    What makes MBTI not complete bullshit?

    Calculus is all about finding patterns in the data, like statistical phenomena. The thing that most teachers don't mention about calculus, is that it has to produce the same result no matter what way you slice up the data, or you'll get results that appear to be certain, but aren't there if you...
  23. scorpiomover

    How to fix a Democracy

    Asking 1,000 people for the same answer to a question, makes their answers somewhat random. People only know 150 people at the most. With so many people, no-one knows enough of the majority to know how they would vote. So it's very much like if you tossed a coin 1,000 times. You'd expect that...
  24. scorpiomover

    What makes MBTI not complete bullshit?

    That it's TWUE? Seriously, there isn't one. The main problem with Jungian typology, MBTI and Big Five, is that there's so many people who are using these theories to justify superiority complexes using the genetic fallacy, and so many who are justifying their favoured theory to make money and...
  25. scorpiomover

    Incest against the law, yes or no?

    I don't think like most people. A lot of people have said that I am so open-minded that my brains must have fallen out (I have developed my Ne a lot). I've seen him speak on TV several years ago. He's one of a number of secularists who were raised that way, and lack the reactionary approach that...
  26. scorpiomover

    You become the ruler of a medieval society...

    Isn't this answered by civ games? Also, why wouldn't most of this also be applicable to modern societies?
  27. scorpiomover

    Incest against the law, yes or no?

    @Auburn Morality was never only in religion to require taking back from. Shakespeare is full of moralising, like "neither a borrower nor a lender be". Robin Hood is a moral judgement against excesses of capitalism. Neither of these were religious texts. Morality was commonplace in secular texts...
  28. scorpiomover

    INTP and Nostalgia: Where is my INTP's heart?

    Not an ENFP. INFJ. 1) Waiting for something to happen for an entire YEAR, when any extrovert would have just blurted it out, and ENFPs are extremely extrovertedly open? Introvert. 2) Thinks that the INTP would end up crawling back to her? That's getting people to do your bidding. But...
  29. scorpiomover

    Seth Rogen

    All of his characters seem to be strong ESxP types. Not 100% sure about the T/F. But I'm leaning more towards ESTP. E.G. Seth Rogen: "I'll vote for whoever is the Democrat. That's all I need to know."
  30. scorpiomover

    Should All Drugs Be Legal

    Tomatoes and potatoes contain substances. We don't make tomatoes and potatoes illegal. The establishment have been promoting the idea that drugs should be legal, for over 20 years. Obviously. Following that logic, denying people the right to get a decent night's sleep would also be illegal...
  31. scorpiomover

    What kind of IQ do you have?

    our result for The 4-Variable IQ Test ... Mathematical 20% interpersonal, 20% visual, 10% verbal and 50% mathematical!
  32. scorpiomover

    Do we operate with obsolete software?

    If Middle Eastern shepherds were able to write software 3,000 years before the invention of the modern computer, their programming skills would have to be extremely far in advance of our own. Mind you being a shepherd in a desert and looking after flocks of sheep successfully, when sheep need...
  33. scorpiomover

    INTP Honeymoon Period

    Self-fulfilling prophecy. Low self-efficacy, which is the biggest single indicator of lack of reasonable planning and a realistic amount of effort and perseverence, which in turn is the biggest indicator of failure. I think that is a common worry for INTPs about anything. But we do find jobs...
  34. scorpiomover

    You're welcome. I found the thread about Why intuitive functions are superior, quite...

    You're welcome. I found the thread about Why intuitive functions are superior, quite interesting and thought-stimulating, which is why I ended up posting so much on it.
  35. scorpiomover

    Why iNtuitive Functions Are Superior

  36. scorpiomover

    Why iNtuitive Functions Are Superior

    Interesting, because far more INTPs say they are into philosophy than INTJs, even though metaphysics is part of philosophy. I wonder what that means, that INTJs are far more into the metaphysical, but INTPs are far more into philosophy.
  37. scorpiomover

    Why iNtuitive Functions Are Superior

    This is a major deal. There's an ongoing battle between dichotomists and function theorists. Dichotomists don't really believe in the concept of the dom and that dom > aux. Even function theorists generally don't take dom > aux much into account. INTJs in particular want to claim their...
  38. scorpiomover

    Why iNtuitive Functions Are Superior

    You raise excellent points. From studying Fe-doms, I've noticed that Fe-doms seem to thrive on other people talking about and expressing their feelings. It's like pure oxygen to them. They seem to get a high off it, even when those emotions are extremely negative. Conversely, when everyone...
  39. scorpiomover

    Why iNtuitive Functions Are Superior

    Both good points. That qualifies that the genetic components of MBTI and JCF (nature) would result in the most successful types becoming the majority. Now for the environmental components (nurture): Richard Dawkins pointed out that the principles of evolution can apply to ideas, or as...
  40. scorpiomover

    Why iNtuitive Functions Are Superior

    INTPs are N-aux. Their predisposition for valuing intuition is not as strong as their predisposition for Ti. Intution thus seems somewhat suspect to Ti-doms. INTPs use intuition, but don't trust it all that much, and prefer to find external validation of their intuitions before trusting them...
  41. scorpiomover

    Why iNtuitive Functions Are Superior

    After a long time of being into MBTI and JCF, I had an intuition: If, according to the theory of evolution, the species that has the bigger advantage ends up increasing in number, then: Surely it stands to reason that according to the theory of evolution, the MBTI/JCf with the biggest...
  42. scorpiomover

    Can we understand types using evolution?

    Nature is influenced by random changes in our biology, where some are preferred by environmental effects, and thus is influenced by evolution. Nurture is also largely received from our parents and our society, and thus is significantly inheritable, as well as receiving random changes where some...
  43. scorpiomover

    I'm an ENTP

    True. ENTPs and ENFPs tend to not mind that they keep switching ideas. They seem quite happy to do so, and don't seem to be bothered that last week, they were trying something completely different. INTPs seem to be extremely bothered when their Ne persuades them to change their mind. It makes...
  44. scorpiomover

    Jung: Types can be divided into subtypes...what are the implications?

    No, problemo, mon frere: I like both sides. I noted that on a thread here, Architect commented that INTPs tend to use their Ne internally, by conducting thought experiments in our minds. At the same time, I can also see how INTPs share the same willingness as ENTPs to consider any possibility...
  45. scorpiomover

    Math is only a language

    That might be. 2+2=4, is not about anything in particular. What would the world be, if there was no arithmetic, no algebra, no geometry, and no calculus? Almost all of our modern science proves results using maths. Without it, modern science would have no conclusions, nothing useful to say...
  46. scorpiomover

    Math is only a language

    Isn't physics, chemistry, biology and the rest of science just an an easier system for our brain to make sense of the system around us?
  47. scorpiomover

    Logic inconsistency paradox - INTP

    Sure. Have this all the time. No-one is perfect. Some inconsistencies are bound to result. A constant desire to maintain perfect consistency highlights the inconsistencies. It's like having an inner ISTJ that keeps pointing out when you've "missed a bit", even though you have 99% of it right...
  48. scorpiomover

    MBTI Origins

    Re: Where do INTP's come from? Seeing as humans display characteristics of all types, it's more of a preference and prioritisation of which types one shows more of. So probably as soon as it became more evolutionarily advantageous for humans to not have all the same characteristics, probably...
  49. scorpiomover

    Merged: INTPs with Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD)

    I tabulated the results, according to the assumption that the schizotypal results corresponded to INTP. This is the table: Antisocial: ENTP Avoidant: ISTP Borderline: INFP Dependent: INFP Depressive: INTJ Histrionic: ENFP Narcissistic: INTJ Obsessive-Compulsive: ISTJ Paranoid...
  50. scorpiomover

    Results of a major study on MBTI and belief in God

    Where's the chart?
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