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  1. Blarraun

    To what extent do differences in intelligence exist?

    Differences are real and can be tested or seen in performance. An artificial environment such as a station can be designed to accommodate beings of any IQ level. Maybe you could say that once humans live in space the average IQ requirement of daily tasks increases, which is debatable. Given...
  2. Blarraun

    mafia game i forget what number

    I'd prefer less frequent updates, weekly is fine.
  3. Blarraun

    Jazz that you like

    The pianist is killing it. The band interaction is amazing. The level of virtuosity that it takes to play like this is very much underestimated. His brain can freestyle singing with a large repertoire, but he sings in his mind and plays it on the piano. The kind of unique connections that...
  4. Blarraun

    mafia game i forget what number

    I'm up for voice mafia if anyone's willing to arrange it, sounds interesting ; ). Could try text mafia too I guess.
  5. Blarraun

    How Does Your Personality Impact Your Life?

    Lots of datapoints this time. It's all an average attempt at getting the user's facebook.
  6. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  7. Blarraun

    Absence from the forum

    Excuse this raw and unrefined thought. One of the good things about it is that I don't have to care of how I word this emotionally charged rant, the prevailing is my feeling of resignation. This place is so hopelessly empty and frankly there is nothing new to find here. Dozen or so active...
  8. Blarraun

    No matter what i try to post

    Hey Sal. Welcome back. This forum is just being new user unfriendly by design. Ragnar should have removed those aggressive spam filters after they ceased to be of any use. It will let you go after you prove to it that you are not reasonable for posting under such restrictions so long. This...
  9. Blarraun

    How random can you be?

    The categories make sense. Self supervision in this context isn't as good as taking advantage of the imperfect system. 50% for an ideal predictor would mean fully random, if a player manages to get to 0% they aren't really random, they are being completely unpredictable in contrast to random...
  10. Blarraun

    To What Extent Can AI Derive/Interpret Meaning?

    What kind of symbols are we talking? Can you give examples? We don't have general AI, a neural network or an expert system can be trained to recognise any symbol in terms of already known symbols which isn't any less than what a human would be capable of when presented with a novel input...
  11. Blarraun

    How random can you be?

    The game is very simple, you type either f or d and this program will try to predict your next keypress. http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~nick/aaronson-oracle/index.html Share your score after a 100 or so.
  12. Blarraun

    Songs that make you cry/tear up/sniffle...

  13. Blarraun

    Hey ! Why isn't Dissonance beautiful?

    Loaded question? Dissonance is used universally to create music and evoke emotions. Music wouldn't be beautiful without it. If you consider the basic harmonic element such as the cadence. Which is a collection of two or more chords used to resolve a phrase. Resolution, which is a key concept in...
  14. Blarraun

    151 Pokemon memory test challenge

    I don't understand what you're saying or implying here. Feel free to expand on it. You have this, let's call it uncommon, habit of speaking in two perspectives in a single paragraph and it alienates me as a reader. I will try to steer back on the topic. Here is my favourite looking pokemon.
  15. Blarraun

    Heyy! Getting on alright. How about you?

    Heyy! Getting on alright. How about you?
  16. Blarraun

    Times you've changed your mind

    Unless it's a moral or emotional issue, I don't hold a firm opinion on most subjects so there's few occasions to experience a major shift to the opposite view. I do have working theories and usually new information is added rather than used to replace existing ideas. Even with views where I do...
  17. Blarraun

    Plant eating

    Apes we evolved from are almost obligatory herbivores, they use meat more as a supplement. Humans have evolved to rely on meat more and functionally we're omnivores. I think there's a good argument to be made in favor of treating meat as a supplement, without relying on it too much. Although...
  18. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  19. Blarraun

    Plant eating

    It's not my belief, rather it's the result I get when I assume the point of view to minimize the harm caused to animals and other life. The main idea is that if you take anything from the environment you decrease the amount of resources and restrict the ability of other beings to thrive and...
  20. Blarraun

    Plant eating

    Why are we eating? It's immoral to take anything from the environment. Maybe you could argue that eating plants is less immoral than animals, but if you argue from that point you are killing living organisms anyway, only doing less harm. Thusly obligatory frugivores and scavengers are...
  21. Blarraun

    151 Pokemon memory test challenge

    Ehm. Cool dude. I'm learning Japanese too. :confused: Cha rri zaa do seems most correct to me tbh.
  22. Blarraun

    Learning Another Language

    I just found out about "replays". It's basically a transcript of a tabletop rpg game. So I curiously browsed for Japanese replays and I found an imperial long ton of them. I'm sharing it here because I think it has enormous potential to boost your Japanese learning. You get to listen to an...
  23. Blarraun

    How, what to program?

    It's worth sharing with your friends what you're working on and what you're trying to implement in a given week. The more detailed you are the better because it won't be as easy to avoid producing the results. You can ask them to keep you accountable too. A social contract like that is going to...
  24. Blarraun

    151 Pokemon memory test challenge

    Haven't thought of that. As you have mentioned, the Japanese don't distinguish between R and L sounds, but these are always written with "r" as they don't use a character for the alternate sound mode of "r". I think that Charizard could exist because in Japanese double consonants are pronounced...
  25. Blarraun

    151 Pokemon memory test challenge

    I remember a lot of the Emerald 3rd gen as this is the pokemon game I played and finished. We played pokemon on a software emulator. Gameboy color was a luxury here when I was 7, there was always "that guy" on summer camps who had it and that guy usually made a business of selling play time for...
  26. Blarraun

    What are you currently playing?

    Distant Worlds - Universe, one the best 4x strategies and I've tried all of them by now Monster Hunter World, some good co-op action Witcher 3, still trying to finish this massive game (started playing last year)
  27. Blarraun

    Choose one

    Choose ability: Persistence You will not be as good as other people in that you will not become a copy of what makes them good. There's no point comparing, you can express yourself through art and improve by doing. Good artists are appreciated as a whole, there's technique and there's...
  28. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  29. Blarraun

    Choice of Robots

    It's quite immersive and relatable. I like it. He uses some AI/Robotics tropes in a self-aware and funny way and also paints a real picture of the world.
  30. Blarraun

    2018 games you look forward to

    Shogun 2 Total War is arguably their high point. Their newest releases are nothing more than cash-ins on the established formula.
  31. Blarraun

    2018 games you look forward to

    I hope Cyberpunk 2077 lives up to the expectations. So many people are hyped for it, would be a shame if CDPR didn't deliver. It's definitely not coming in 2018. Three Kingdoms and Han dynasty is my favorite Chinese historical period. I wish it wasn't Creative Assembly developing this. They...
  32. Blarraun


    Companies that gather large amounts of data from the internet don't need a goal. It's enough that they have the data processing and storage capacity to do so. Often their idle processing resources delegated from other commercial tasks. There are infinitely more applications for big data people...
  33. Blarraun

    P-hacking and scientific integrity

    Scientists who are causing the problem have to make regular publications as a matter of career survival. It could mean several things; - human bias, there should be greater emphasis put on training, retraining and review of the research - admissions to the research groups are not rigorous...
  34. Blarraun

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    Not bad, 6/10 https://youtu.be/yisNK4AA2q8?t=7
  35. Blarraun

    Remake of Ghost in the Shell

    Meh. Ain't gonna watch it. Ain't gonna get worked up over no film no nothin. It's probably good from the production standpoint and people tend to like it is what I gather from their opinions. I don't want to erase the image of the characters I have and every film destroys the imagined...
  36. Blarraun

    Looking for Good Reads on Philosophy

    I don't read much philosophy, though I can recommend Superintelligence by Bostrom. It provided some brain candy for me recently. Personally I wouldn't bother reading ancient stuff unless you're very convinced that you're going to enjoy the material. The further in the past you go the more...
  37. Blarraun

    INTP 5 Year Plan

    Find a part-time job asap, or skip lectures and work full-time, you don't need the lectures, just have some friends sending you notes so that you can prepare for the exams. If you can, talk to the associate deans/professors if they can let you finish the courses extramurally, as in, if you can...
  38. Blarraun

    men violence against women

    I don't think I can define it in a useful or short way, instead I expect it's something everyone understands via experience and common sense. For example: a wife making derisive comments about husband's low status/low income which leads to tension/stress. One partner exploiting the other's...
  39. Blarraun

    men violence against women

    What about emotional abuse? Seems to me like the restricting of the scope of the problem to just physical aggression will have men rise to the surface as the expected brutes. Another issue is how people respond to sources of violence/abuse. Do they repeat/pass on the pattern? How do they cope...
  40. Blarraun

    Missing "something"

    What do you mean by "crashes"? I sometimes get strong headaches if I think too much, but I can't relate to making less sense of the topic, I can slow down or get a fever in the worst case of stressful thinking. I can feel anxiety if there's time pressure and the problem is important enough if...
  41. Blarraun

    IRL... do people like you or not?

    They like me, but usually we have so little in common that there's no inclination to deepen the relationship. Getting along is very simple to achieve, but sometimes there's no point to it. Most of the time people initially stereotype me as the 'genius' which creates a distance that's very...
  42. Blarraun

    Funny vids

  43. Blarraun

    AoE 1

    An established way of play is called "meta". Do bear in mind that the current AoE meta has most likely developed from disorganised, individual strategies much like your own. Meta isn't usually 100% optimal, but it's usually a broad collection of the 80-95% most efficient strategies that tend to...
  44. Blarraun

    AoE 1

    Let me reply with a question then. Do you expect your opponents, who are complete strangers and who spend all of their game-time trying to get even better, to play teaching games with you instead of playing to win?
  45. Blarraun

    AoE 1

    Seems me that you'd enjoy "build-mode" or "cooperative" strategies a lot more. Where there isn't any built-in reward for destroying whatever the other player's got up. I'm thinking about optionally competitive turn-based strategy-rpg's like crusader kings, Rome:Total War, EU universalis...
  46. Blarraun

    Need help creating a future invention timeline

    @OP Trying to make a realistic timeline is only one option. It's more important to focus on interesting concepts to include in the world. In that regard imagination comes first, followed shortly by inspiration from speculative fiction or general sci-fi. In that same vein there's no need for your...
  47. Blarraun

    How, what to program?

    Pick an idea and try to implement it. It doesn't matter which language you're using or what you want to implement. If a problem is too difficult then divide it into simpler elements until you can solve its individual constituents, then merge them together. Start coding and you'll learn as you...
  48. Blarraun

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  49. Blarraun

    Board Game Suggestions

    If you're competitive you'll probably enjoy Twilight Struggle or Eclipse. TS is the best strategy battle-of-minds duel board game I know of. Eclipse is a great 4x strategy with decent complexity / alternative paths to victory. There was a 'recent' 2015 expansion which adds lots of fun concepts...
  50. Blarraun

    Need help creating a future invention timeline

    One invention per year seems arbitrary. It would be more natural to have a few major breakthroughs early on and then progressively more and more of them as the time goes on. Let's say they invent cat level AI in 2038, if they're going to invent human level AI on the 15th of March 2040, they're...
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