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  • I was wondering what the comparative would be between us. I am a 30-year-old male ENFP and you are a female INFP. You would understand the difference better because you are more stable. I am too random to fully grasp it.
    ... I would love an outlet to discuss it, I guess it would basically be a radical feminist anti sex commercialisation thing. Current feminist groups really piss me off they'll be like "ur oppressing protstotues by saying they shouldn't do it" or "you can't speak for the sex industry" etc... completely oblivious to facts and statistics just stupidly shutting down discussion. How do so called feminists not see that it's the culmination of the sexual objectification. And yeah there's a lot of that callous "logical" attitude around here, kind of used to that here I admit. It has its interesting side I guess. They're probably not as much like that irl tbh. I don't know...
    Oh god the epiphanies haha I know them. Was obsessive about this and still profoundly hurt by stuff I see/hear which other people just see as normal. I eventually got my boyfriend round to seeing it my way, and he went from using porn almost every day to cutting it off completely. I at first at least got him round to acknowledging that the industry is rampant with abusive behavior and to try and turn to more ethical outlets (if possible) and then to understand the conditioning it has on your own brain. I get called extreme about this stuff a lot too tbh. It's funny though because I'm very open about sex and stuff, not at all conservative, but I am staunchly against turning it into something commercial. The fact that the opposition is called "sex positive" pisses me off, it sounds almost like the whole debate was branded by commercial outlets to enable them to profit off the sex industry and stuff (i have some conspiracy theory tendencies.)...
    I don't think it's that bad, but I guess I'm not on your end. I think your presence here is positive overall. I think people listen whether or not you show anger, but they respond more when you make an aggressive display. I know I'm vastly more likely to comment when someone takes a hard stance.

    I think that your disgust could be warranted. But it's not helpful, and its overt expression clashes with the purpose of this place. While people respond more, people with differing views will dismiss you without remorse.

    I know these discussions are heated issues for you, and that it can be frustrating getting slammed with the same lifeless rhetoric. But could you please keep it civil? People should be able to express their views here without being shamed.
    I find the way people argue here to be quite refreshing, as in they do actually try and factually back themselves up, answer point by point etc... it's not perfect but there is some attempt at being epistemologically rigorous. I also really enjoy the Ne humor (which u have in my opinion and doesn't come very naturally to me) ps : not sure if mbti is bullshit or not but I use it anyway.
    Haha I get like that too. I didn't think INFJ forum was better, it didn't stick with me. I go through periods of disliking this place but for some reason I always come back. There's something sort of intimate and simple about it, INFJ kind of has an interface that's really chaotic and buggy + too many members or something. this place is not disagreeable to me right now, I think perhaps I am more detached ? As in if someone says something disagreeable it won't get to me too much anymore. Take a break if it pisses you off by all means ;-) I really enjoyed the (now deleted) infidelity/prostitution thread, it gave me a good deal of new points to think of, and I am pleased I found someone (you) who argues similar to me, and with similar passion in the topic. It makes me feel less of a freak. I will be watching the handmaids tale, by pure coincidence someone else recommended it to me recently.
    Not to be intrusive but what country are you based in ? I think you're in Europe possibly not English how close am I ? (Of course you can always not tell me :-) )
    Thanks :)

    Sorry for the ridiculously late reply. I used to frequent this forum very heavily several years ago but now I visit once or twice a year. I should visit more often as it's always been a nice place.
    Yeah I know, I edited the original post because I was already insecure about the joke and how people would take my voice clip. I'm just a bit socially insecure so don't hate me xD
    .....strange.....just this morning I thought of re-watching such scenes that my mind have forgotten. And now you have rekindled that brief thought.

    Have you ever seen Koyaanisqatsi?
    do you find that art/entertainment engenders a net harm in human societies? i am struggling with the dual desires i have to be active and engaged in social issues, and that of creating beautiful and moving things. it is far too easy to use A/E as a way to avoid confronting this reality, which is so harsh.

    do you believe in an afterlife, or a different world where things are infinitely better? i believe i, and many other artists, are peering thereinto when we create. i think if i could create a work of sublime beauty that also somehow engaged people with the realities of this world, i could perhaps be satisfied...

    i do not know her (i'm really not as well-read as i should be/appear to be :o)

    BTW, Rachael: you're sitting at your desk one day, checking out any new posts on INTP forum, when you see you have a new VM. a fellow member who you thought was more-or-less your friend tells you flat-out that you're a Replicant. How do you respond? :P
    Well to be perfectly unfortunate I don't listen to kpop haha. I'm Korean so I had to be in the army for a while, and the army somewhat makes you listen to kpop. I see it as more of an interesting phenomenon more than actual music I like to listen to. If you mean kpop as in generally 'Korean music' (as opposed to 'Korean pop') I like some songs by Epik High and Nell. But hey, question though.. can you actually understand kpop songs? I mean that is, are you able to understand Korean?
    I neglected the project :'(
    The idea is still alluring (creating color palettes based on music scales). But then I got distracted with the music scales, and learned other things.

    I apologise for not returning the VM. It's not writer's block, but more of a communication block, and I get nervous about what to say.
    Hi! Sorry for being evil and not replying :D

    well, it's more or less top-secret, ya know? i really wanted to take elements from all my favorite books and put them in one, my, story. there's going to be a Catcher in the Rye sort of intimacy with the narrator/protagonist, though stylistically it's partly more related to Fitzgerald and Shakespeare, among others. To be brief and vague and fairly transparent, it entails vampires, soulmates, time travel, profound psychosis, death, ESP, and all manner of (quasi-)New Age material...for i am of the opinion that the broad artistic/social movement following Postmodernism is New Age, though it has not been dubbed that yet. a bit difficult to explain, as you can tell...

    +I hope your studies are going well (I remember we had a little discussion about this)? You graduating this year? do you still identify as INFP (i happen to really like the type because it's an underdog, tbh...)? read anything good lately?
    I must say enjoyed the latter part of the manga as well. I really liked the darker side of Punpun and his reunion with Aiko. Pegasus was the best though :D
    Me too, I read it like five times, the feels it gives are unbelievable. Plus, Asano Inio's art is absolutely captivating.
    I'm legitimately jealous. Those last 3 semesters are the worst, but in hindsight the best. So many good memories and friendships. Plus, I think some 40% of everything I learned about architecture in those 6 years happened in the last 2 semesters.

    Best of luck!!
    Major projects and group work - pains I know only too well... I'm truly glad I'm done with that.
    I was starting to think I was the only architect left on the forum, but it seems you and Kuu have both returned :) this makes me happy.
    I had so much faith in my own creativity, and it was so utterly sacred to me, that on many occasions I sacrificed crucial objective validation (e.g. grades) out of fear that not doing so would compromise my creativity.

    6 months after graduation, I'm finally getting to put this creativity to use, and to the test. Now that I have a full-time job, I'm going to start work on my first fiction novel. Hopefully, it will be a success; I don't think I would mind it being adapted to film.

    Mostly, I want to feel like I'm really creating something new and vital. With my perfectionism vis-à-vis my art, the process may take a while, and I may feel at times that what I seek to create is in fact impossible to do. I think I will just have to do my best.

    First step is to do a bunch of research, both fiction and nonfiction, so I will be reading, taking notes, brainstorming for a while, all whilst holding down a job. I'm excited :)

    So maybe dreams do come true? Hang in there, zerky zerk!
    well, I was in English, although I did dabble in STEM for a spell. I know STEM at my university is very much assembly-line, which my friends in those majors would sometimes complain about. Humanities there were different, classes were often much smaller and it was more intimate, and I guess it could be said we were granted much more creative license. I, however, have always been rather needlessly rebellious, and so I would veer off and try to do things my way at most every opportunity.

    When I finally got around to taking a creative writing course, I had a pretty bad reaction to the idea that I was supposed to adhere to an arbitrary, one-dimensional methodology in order to create art, of all things.

    I am 4w5, and so in my younger days I felt this overwhelming need to apply my personal creativity and personality in almost any endeavor. I used to think I was a Ti type, because I liked devising personal interpretations/methodologies even in subjects like Chem...
    Thankyou for the welcome back. I hope your architectural studies are coming along well.
    ah, I think that's what my dad studied in his home country. I seem not to have gotten the math gene or whatever, don't understand it very well, but he says he wasn't really into his major. I find it kind of strange that someone can have those skills but not really be passionate about them.

    I was really into fiction from the time I was young. will probably end up working in entertainment/media of some kind. I like the idea that, these days, writing a good work of fiction pretty much equates to a movie adaptation...

    well, is your actual major/future career connected enough to the human experience to make you happy?
    you're welcome ^_^
    actually didn't take too long, 'bout an hour maybe
    (told ya i was going to organize and explore all in my mind).
    was having sort of a bad day, so writing that out was therapeutic,
    just as i said.
    mmm. ive actually experienced that eerie coldness when
    i was studying calculus, although i was also heartbroken at the time.
    is programming your course of study or something?
    Uh... I didn't notice lol
    I guess this is the right page. I never used a vBulletin forum properly... however, stupid mistake xD
    You interest me. You should make photo albums and fill them with art, that would interest me more. What's the story behind this pic ^^^.
    Oh funny you say this, actually I was told Blue and Red were inferior because they were more French.
    Good luck with your paper and whatnot :p.

    If you find time, I've seen a film (films) you might like (if you haven't seen them already):
    the Three Colours Trilogy by Krzysztof Kieślowski
    In reference to this..

    It's not about "quality" per se. That at least would be rational. We're talking about something pathologically irrational.

    He's never going to see it, that's the true nature of the beast. Take careful note of how he will either ignore all attempts to discuss or respond with hostility and rage.
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