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Recent content by -Z-

  1. -Z-

    Messenger Software

    Bitlbee or Pidgin , depending on the machine I'm on.
  2. -Z-

    Old Games

    Yeah, it was pretty awesome and the best thing is, later on i found a similar game for SNES and played it extensively. It's called Knights of the Round. ^^
  3. -Z-

    Old Games

    First game ever I played on the PC was Golden Axe, loved it and always remember it as an awesome game. Except that, at that time I enjoyed almost every 2D platformer that was available(Superfrog, Prehistorik series etc.). The games I enjoyed the most, though, were the RPG's of the 90's. I was...
  4. -Z-

    walk and think

    Doing it almost all the time while thinking and also tend to move my arms around extensively at the same time. Almost gesticulating, but not quite. ^^
  5. -Z-

    What Is Your Preferred Gaming System?

    PC exclusively, most of the games i play are PC only and emulation support for older consoles is pretty sweet. I'm kind of a sucker for retro games, haven't even tried the majority of new games that came out. ^^
  6. -Z-

    Linux Games

    Does not compute. :( Just wanted to add that Minecraft also works on Linux. I am aware that there is a topic in this section about the game, but necrophilia just isn't my thing. Anyway, I'm +1 to Minecraft addict count. ^^
  7. -Z-

    Linux Games

    If you're running Ubuntu, you might want to check this site out, it has a nice collection of games. As for the ones I would recommend: Violetland Lugaru HD and if you like worms series Wormux or Hedge Wars Tons of other games on the site i linked, so check it out even...
  8. -Z-

    RSA Videos

    These are brilliant videos, I'm hooked and waiting for more to come. Thanks for linking. ^^
  9. -Z-

    Foreign Exchange Student In Croatia

    Whoops, just noticed this topic. ^^ I'm Croatian, living in Croatia so I guess I can give some insight. As far as people go, generally they are warm and welcoming toward foreigners so I don't think you should have much trouble with that. Now, I'm not sure what the educational system in the...
  10. -Z-

    Summer playlist

    Definitely Vampire Weekend. And also, Ska-P.
  11. -Z-

    Google Chrome?

    I use Chrome and Firefox. Chrome with some basic extensions (AdBlock included) when just casually surfing the web since it's really fast and minimalist. Firefox comes in when I have some web coding to do because it still has superior extension support (might be just out of habit since I used it...
  12. -Z-

    INTP Strengths

    I can't speak for anybody except myself but procrastinating in solitude boosts my creativity. About that Magicarp comparison, I think that Anthile was going more for the fact that it evolves into Gyarados. RAWR.
  13. -Z-

    Songs to Play Twice

    An awesome cover of Radiohead's Creep, it's stuck in my head for days now. YouTube- Homeless Mustard Sings "Creep" on Opie and Anthony's Sirius/XM show
  14. -Z-


    It's a great site and all but a very addictive one, I just got rid of the addiction. Well, actually I didn't, just toned it down a bit by using Google Reader Play feature instead. Anyway, word of advice, don't get hooked...much. :)
  15. -Z-

    Love Song favorites

    I always liked this one for some reason. YouTube- Flogging molly - If i ever leave this world alive
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