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    Ik do not express a lot of sadness and crying etc. I miss people who died, but life comes and goes. It is how it is. It is a bit of a mild melancholy no hysteria. Usually I think of the nice things I used to have with a loved one, that makes me smile. Like in a loving memory you look back at...
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    Emotionally Sensitive INTPs?

    I am very sensitive, I have lots of emotions all the time. But I do not express them very elaborately. They are inside. During conversation I can be very curious and analytic (b.e. if someone is telling me about their illness I want to know exactly what happens in the body) that seems...
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    How curious are you?

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    What languages do you speak?

    What is your native language? Hungarian What other languages do you speak? Dutch (better than Hungarian) English (better than Hungarian) German French bit of Spanish Are you fluent? Hungarian, Dutch, English --> yes German and French --> kind of ... have to think about finding words and...
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    What's Your Age?

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    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Test

    John Sheridan ... don't know him
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    What's a Genius and Do You Consider Yourself One?

    yep that is kind of genius :D fun to read It is no comparison to what you came up with but b.e. --> I remember my daughter was about 5 or 6 and she was sitting on the back of the bike and we were biking over bumps. She was familiar with portable music (like we have I phones). She proposed it...
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    Yep, that makes sense how you put it. The subject they study, searching for some sort of reasoning, trying to order reality, existence as they perceive it. What I prefer in philosophy is the tentative character. Is that a proper English word? Like probing. And logic. The stronghold of faith is...
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    What's a Genius and Do You Consider Yourself One?

    @ Dr. Freeman I have heard or read about that experiment in space ... great fun :) How did you come up with your idea, your theory? Youth is a great advantage for creative thoughts. I have lots. Somehow it is the trick to keep observing the world as a 5 year old (I mean: keep wondering about...
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    Would You Raise a Clone of Yourself?

    :D thx I know that one
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    What's a Genius and Do You Consider Yourself One?

    thx subtests that do not go further than the 3 sigma ; that would mean a TIQ is only an approach, educated guess, not a measurement. yep! You do mean they are less accurate don't you? Could only be solved (I think) if there would be made one for just the highest range (Z>+2) but you would...
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    What's a Genius and Do You Consider Yourself One?

    @ snafupants I think you're right. I looked up the language differences interpretations of IQ scores in reports. I am not used to the english ones. BTW --> Which new tests do you mean? Which ones are the newest ones in the US now? -edit ... is something going wrong or did you just delete your...
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    hahahahaha the composers of the forum just like to watch a pie-throwing fight from 2 different corners of a room. It is like water and oil ain't it? Or is it compatible you think? PS I have no preference or sth. both are interesting in studying how the human psyche orders its 'reality'.
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    Would You Raise a Clone of Yourself?

    Hey Esc :) Youtube tells me that the poster on YouTube did not make his post available, watchable in my country ... :confused:
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    Would You Raise a Clone of Yourself?

    ok, I did not mean 'should' as in 'allowed' or 'have to' or whatever ... but as an answer to the personal question of the topic starter. I was answering TS. I cannot think of a reason why I would/should raise a clone of myself. I prefer the surprise of the genetical mix.
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