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  1. I request a ban.

    Thank you.
  2. I request a ban.

    aw, the sea animal redeemed you. ^_^ I am serious about the ban, though and the reasons are just as serious.
  3. I request a ban.

    ;_; Mocking me?
  4. I request a ban.

    For myself, plz.
  5. I request a ban.

    I cannot say why. Thanks.
  6. SOS Club

    Sure, I'll be a parody of Orihime.
  7. SOS Club

    Can this be re-opened?
  8. You are wrong.

    Yes, they would have. Nice catch. ;p As for my other statement, this would simply affect how much judgment would be used and how it would used... but this brings to mind the idea of inactivity being action, itself. Judgment would be inescapable? That's highly relative...? I don't...
  9. You are wrong.

    The viewpoint matters less, in cases. Much of the time, it is simply to strengthen social bonds, not necessarily that it is the best. Objectives are crucial to bear in mind, I think. Natural capacity, goals/motivations, context of the view portrayed, many things. Why would they? Value...
  10. You are wrong.

    Judgment is the prelude to action and action is necessary in a practical reality which is what we reside in. It isn't until somebody /makes/ it their 'place' to do so. And this can happen, in similar ways that one can attribute meaning and value to objects or empirical data. A personal...
  11. Thread

  12. About you?

    Ditto... 'Wisdom' could not save me.
  13. How long until I'm banned, anyway?

    No, Redshirts are for new forum members. ;p
  14. Just because...(Blame Lor)

    He reminds me of Jigsaw. O.O
  15. The Queen and The Cat

    Queen, there's an entity in the sky, named cloud, but I differ in thought: it's a cat; a head of what should be a cat. Where's the head of nature? Cloud or cat, detach the head, like the roots of a tree. Deforestation is room and I need a kingdom above. Ma'am, the amorphous cat, a shaped...
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