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Recent content by WALKYRIA

  1. Social norms and social conformity

    I'm not Sure if it's typical of INTPs but i always wanted to be immune to social conditioning/social control through conformity and social norms...etc Basically I've always wanted to live my life the way I wanted. Not to sound arrogant but I'm a multipotentialist meaning that I happen to be...
  2. Guys, how to know for sure if a (female) INFJ is interested ?

    I'm actually currently dating with an infj. Her problem? She's too much... She's amazing but she's also crazy and clingy and horny. She cares for me, she breastfeed me with her amazing cities... The relationship is just out of this world. But then again, she might be an enfj.. the amount of...
  3. INTP vs ENTP vs INFP

    Hey guys, who amI exactly? Can someone tell me? I constantly score INTP but many people have pointed out How I might actually be an ENTP or anINFP instead. The reality is I might actually inbetween those three. What seem to be certain is that I'm some sort of an NP. I heard that ENTP were...
  4. Stuck in routine

    Man, i had this for several years... It's our kryptonite Man.(the routine, the boredom,...). The only way is to practice your passions on the side.. do novel things, try things out and do what you love Man. No secret, your life is not a life man, life is about balance: work to eat, play to live...
  5. Which MBTI Types should really be Doing Finance?

    Who cares.... Any type can do anythings and any type can love aynone. Isnt that the consensus?
  6. Attention as the main social currency

    It's not really a question... Just an openended question.... I've always been attractee to why we give more or less attention to certain things or people...and lately the topic came back... Look at kids, dogs,...etc They are very attractive and get naturally a lot of attention, most of times...
  7. Attention as the main social currency

    ... And there...she.. goes.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CZXLLMbJdZ4 Wow, Sinny, thanks for the memories... :)
  8. Attention as the main social currency

    Haha thanks man, thanks for the attention. :p And yeah, smarts are becoming secondary in our day and age I guess...
  9. Attention as the main social currency

    Your prerogative right? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dIOH8Trfas4
  10. Attention as the main social currency

    Haha very nice one. You got all my attention with that one... For sure you must be a professional attention seeker. You do that so good my my my... :p Also sorry for my writing. I write like a dummy but I just bought a smartphone for my first time... :confused: not very good with technology.
  11. Attention as the main social currency

    I'm open to the idea that I'm missing on something. I used to not care about attention and more... I used to hâte all the attention... Yet i kept on having it( because people give it to people who don't want it...). When brainwashing started, things started to change.... Bd that's very funny...
  12. Attention as the main social currency

    Lately i've been also thinking about How people actually confuse attraction and attention.. or about How people fall in love with attention rather than someone.. Any thoughts?
  13. Attention as the main social currency

    Hey guys, I've been thinking lately about the notion of attraction and attention in the public Space. Lately i've been analyzing interactions in public Space and one thing struck me hard was... Attention(or mini love as I call it...). It seems as we live in a love/mini attention deprived...
  14. INTPs THAT ENJOY YOUR JOBS--what do you do?

    Psychiatry: - A lot of Ti( a lot of thinking about the world, humanity, philosophy,..etc) - Plenty of Ne( Being openminded, learning to accept and to help anyone,..etc) - Some Fe(social skills, interview skills, helping the people,...Etc) - Some Si(the facts, the names, the drugs, 2dary...
  15. Do INTPs become more normal with age/maturity?

    If anyone cares to hear it, let me know and I will continue to share but I have no problem being short either. Go for it man! No one will reprimand you here for being too long... I'm curious to hear in what ways you have changed and in what ways you still are the same!
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