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Recent content by Void

  1. Nobody wants to be happy

    Indeed. My main, problem I guess, was that people sometimes interchange happy and happiness, which might then confuse them. You are happy when you win that stuffed animal at the fair, or when you finally land that skateboard trick you practiced on for so long. However, saying that you want...
  2. Nobody wants to be happy

    Attention grabbing title, check. Anyway. I'm sure you know someone, or are someone, who wants to be happy all the time. They'll say "I just want to be happy", or something alike. Well, you might think that, but you are wrong. Assuming you want your life sorted long term, happiness is not what...
  3. Is there such a thing as intoversion ? or is it a mere symptom of self esteem ?

    Introversion is innate. There have been studies, which I cant be assed for to look but you can use google yourself, which show that people who we classify as introverts have a different brain structure. More specific, their brains responded more intensly to stimuli.
  4. Have you ever mastered something?

    Mastered may be an incorrect term, but I'm very good at playing the guitar and writing music, I'm a good coder, and I was always in the top 2 of my basketball team ( I quit ). Or that's what people tell me anyway. For me its just doing the things that interest me and doing it the best I can. I...
  5. What Gender Are You Internally?

    How much my initial answer was neutral, I voted 20% male 80% neutral. 20% might be a little bit too much, but I cant completely disregard the few male-esque features I do have.
  6. Are you lonely?

    Alone, yes Lonely, I'd say no
  7. Gentlemen - How is your libido?

  8. Which is better, to live with serious pain or to be dead without pain.

    skipping the thread, better for what?
  9. Does determinism rule out solipsism? (or the other way around perhaps)

    Just a thought I head while browsing the forum.
  10. What is the Nature of Consiousness?

    I'd say consciousness is the process of free will.
  11. Forgetting what's real

    idk about dreams, but I often catch myself rereading conversations because I am not sure if I imagined someone invited me or that they actually invited me. Sometimes I second guess myself while I'm on my way too. I never imagine it though, and never have.
  12. Is suicide selfish?

    The people you hurt have no right to expect from you to not commit suicide, unless you yourself said otherwise.
  13. Serious Void

    sounds familiar...
  14. What you hear is wrong.

    some, most, lost my attention somewhere. AFAIK there is no such thing as a 'best opinion', which is what taste in music is, an opinion. Best is absolute, opinions are not (mostly), at least not taste in music. If you define 'best' as 'best for me' (however phrased), you are right, because...
  15. What you hear is wrong.

    depends, what is your definition of 'best taste in music'.
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