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Recent content by Urakro

  1. Forum Mafia Game #2

    Reluctantly, I'm kinda in the same boat as you. Plus what you've said about town reading into things, I find myself doing too, and it's annoying as hell. So far, I've been a really shitty town as I have just pretty much outed the doctor and the cop. I might seem suspicious (for sure), but...
  2. Forum Mafia Game #2

    EBWOP Actually, I want to take that one back. Scratch that, the inconsistency I found has been proven false. Okay, gopher, I might believe you. [Unvote Gopher]
  3. Forum Mafia Game #2

    You know the site moderators can check whether you edit a post, right Gopher?
  4. Forum Mafia Game #2

    Anyways, it's not lynch or lose. If I get voted, I'm okay with that. I'm really confident, sooner or later, things are going to click in, and people are going to get it. And with that, good day.
  5. Forum Mafia Game #2

    You just implicated yourself again. Right there. Silly. :D I was talking to town, not you.
  6. Forum Mafia Game #2

    Oh, and... Vote Gopher You sly lil' bugger ya ;)
  7. Forum Mafia Game #2

    Ha, cool. So whoever the mafia is wants the town to go after me. Interesting.....
  8. Forum Mafia Game #2

    Yes, I could. :D
  9. Forum Mafia Game #2

    Because if you lynch me, these are the two scenarios: a) I'm mafia : "What the fuck is wrong with you urakro? Holy shit! You da devil" b) I'm town : "Yeah, ok that makes sense. He really was just a confused townie"
  10. Forum Mafia Game #2

    If Ika posted more, I could probably take him off my suspicion list and work on the next three. But instead, I'll just keep it simple.
  11. Forum Mafia Game #2

    My suspicion list, in which I assume (dunno though) the three mafia are hiding: Ika pmjpmj Jennywocky Rook The Gopher Zerkalo Hado I don't feel like questioning, theoring, or doing anything clever anymore.
  12. Forum Mafia Game #2

    ...or else I'll end up as another artsu. :storks:
  13. Forum Mafia Game #2

    12 days or more is a long time to be wifom'ed up the wazoo. I agree with recent thoughts, we should move on with results.
  14. Forum Mafia Game #2

    Both town and mafia are conspiring against you, and you're laughing? Why? And how can you be so sure I'm town?
  15. Forum Mafia Game #2

    K, Vote Gopher To the town, Since hado is now being transparent, I'm going to be as transparent as I can. My suspicion list in order of confirmation: Gopher (most suspicious) Sinny (moderate suspicion) Probably Pmj (mild suspicion) It's not that I'm just taking the lead from hado. I'm...
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