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  • Now why would I need that when I have you!?

    *Steals and snuggles*

    I like your Umbrella^.^
    Oh, you mean the fact that I'm doodling hearts for you all over my notebook?

    Or did you mean the fact that I'm undressing you with my eyes?


    Pretty girl!
    *Begins to pulls random levers and consequently collide with various stars*


    Isn't this fun dearest?

    *Tosses a grenade at you*
    We're going to one of the moons of HELL!

    Bring a bathing suit!

    *Grabs a handful of Unhingeds clothing and jumps into the Tardis, deciding to hit random buttons as he goes.*
    That night, while Unhinged is sound asleep.


    *Melkor appears in his Tardis, and happily jumps onto Unhinged and starts bouncing on his bed*



    Don't you love the timeline of time-travellers?


    It's time to go have an adventure!
    Ooh! Hooray!

    *gobbles them all and sits down to watch Doctor Who*

    Nummmmmy, cyanide is tasty!

    Like liquorice! Only it makes me feel funny.


    *cuddles a pillow and keels over*
    *Stares at you sideways*


    *looks a the box in his hand then sets it down*


    *waits a few minutes*

    Hey! Unhinged...whats a cyanide?
    *takes out a packet of sweeties and sits down to innocently draw a crayoned picture*

    Hmmm, these sweets are nummy.^^

    *Hums to self*

    Greeeeen, lots of green!

    *Notices unhinged*

    uh... You okay?
    Awwwwww. I wanted to see you dressed up.


    Do I have to get my lock-pick kit and chloroform out?:D
    I am satisified with finding someone that fits the bill, which you do sir, perfectly.


    *tugs on your embrodiered blouse*

    Not sure...something gave it away, I bet it was the eyes...
    *Alternates shutting eyes subtly*


    I see....

    Most curious, I have to say...curious indeed.

    I shall be forwarding your case to the FBI, I'm sure they'll be glad to know we've found you...


    Apparently you have a fetish for dress trimmings...
    Yeeeaaah, but then I wouldn't get to sit so comfortably and sap body heat.:D

    *Stares at you with widened, blank eyes*


    But I wanna sit on yours!>;|

    *Bounces up and down happily*

    Hrm, deductive abilities?

    *Bites finger*

    For deducing your IQ, preferences personality and likelihood of criminal tendencies.
    Heheh. I'll just leave it to your imagination actually.:D

    Though I may have a copy of it save somewhere...

    But my deductive abilities!

    I'm nice and light anyway, you'll barely notice me!^^,
    Oh yeah, that deleted message was just so sexually raw and explicit that the admins had me delete it.

    Hehe, actually, it was an almost identical comment to the one I last posted, albeit with different wording, I originally thought the first one hadn't sent.

    I'm just using a death note quip to justify the fact that I'm sitting on your knee.:D

    *Jumps onto your knee and huggles your waist*

    I'll be good, promise!

    Don't go...

    Uh, yeah, I have to sit like this, or my deductive abilities decrease by 40%...

    Seeee? All better!:D

    Now you stay here and let the sedatives settle, and I'll go get the permanent ink and 'CUTESY' stencil.

    I'll be right back!
    *Plucks bullet out of the air, removes gun from your possession, tucks you up in bed*

    Shhh, Melkor will tell you a story, now have some tea.^.^
    Yup, love is deadly and corrosive ya know!

    uh, as to what made me think so, you're just...kinda cutesy?

    Hahah, sorry to dent your manly pride, but I think so anyway.

    Oh, you know, one of those cutesy types;p
    I was expecting something a little more... abusive?

    Well thats nothing new, I almost never get genders right in my head, I somehow assumed you were a lay-dee.
    You must be one of those types:P

    Not to worry, I don't go by the omnisexual label for nothing!

    Ha! What a grand coincidence, me too!

    I have the most devious and lithe ways of escaping outstrecthed arms.>:3

    I have yet to meet anyone I trust with such a connection, but I'm happy to accept there might be someone....
    Hm.. Interesting... I didn't predict such a reaction.

    Me doing so depends entirely on two things!

    Firstly, the comfort snuggling your chest might provide (I suspect this is dependant on gender,women always have nice chests, but I'm a little fussier with men.)

    And secondly, your reaction to said snuggling, which might range from tranquil reciprocation to ferocious panic.:D

    Though it may have been the way you said 'Melkor baby... I need help' as you fell into my embrace and sobbed against my chest.

    Maybe, still not sure.

    On the rare occassion I help my fellow madman, t'is thrown in my face!

    Well by God thats the last time I'll help you!!!

    *makes a tearful retreat*
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