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Recent content by ummidk

  1. Game of Thrones

    Its not what it was for the first few seasons but still the best show on TV.
  2. How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    Most people just don't really think about it that much.
  3. Work and me. What's my best option?

    You're not wrong, and I'm not one of these magic professionals.
  4. Work and me. What's my best option?

    Kinda sounds like something forcing you to be social would be best in the long run. Otherwise, get good at something you can do from home.
  5. What is the greatest good?

    You've defined 'good' as acts beneficial to others. The idea that good can exist objectively is absurd. I have my own definitions of good which tend to align with yours, but they are subjective and incomplete.
  6. Why Do xNTPs Online..

    As someone who believes the bible existed, I dismiss all of your thoughts
  7. No Such Thing As Good/Bad

    Make your own good
  8. Up for a debate

    you didn't really refute his point
  9. From Humanities/Social Sciences to Math/Theoretical Sciences?

    Sounds like school is your comfort zone.
  10. The value of IQ

    Well if nothing else, the value of threads about IQ is apparent. :storks:
  11. Up for a debate

    ^ Agreed, Id like to add it could also indicate species at (or above) our technological achievement have relatively short lifespans in that zone.
  12. Sexual Identity?

    You have to be trolling, right?...right?
  13. is empathy, at its core, selfish?

    Basically, yes, but your issue with it arises in connotating selfishness as always negative, while in this case it is quite positive.
  14. Sexual Identity?

    That is alot of words to say "I'm a straight male but i accept currently accepted beliefs"
  15. You know you're NOT INTP when?

    Gold although Im probably not intp
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