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Recent content by tpaper91

  1. Do debates actually change anyone's mind?

    Some people will debate even though they know or even realized during the debate that they were wrong (cough cough intj) So yes they can if they aren’t emotionally attached to the debate or don’t have a big ego
  2. When did the site change ?

    Haha ohkkk
  3. When did the site change ?

    The site looks completely different
  4. Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here
  5. Meeting other INTPs in real life

    I agree from the surface some people can think they are one personality type without further looking into it.
  6. Brains or love?

    I feel like at this point everybody on this thread is thinking I'm changing my natural self to be with a guy. I will always be a INTP at heart I will always be analyzer in my head that is just the way my brain works some people hate and very few love it. I honestly just want to bring out more of...
  7. Brains or love?

    Now that I think about it that came out a little wrong and felt one sided both sexes need each other we just play different roles
  8. Brains or love?

    I actually was conflicted but the more I kept talking about it and thinking about. The more I discussed it the more I convinced myself
  9. Brains or love?

    When I'm speaking of man and woman I'm speaking of society terms and natural instinct that doesn't mean that every single person is like that majority are . whether you or I disagree with it it's the reality so I do have to take that into consideration and me working on myself and not always...
  10. Let's waste time together

    As soon as i knew that every human was gone, nothing would mean anything to me anymore. it would basically be like stranded on an island with all the riches in the world. I would probably seek out animal friends until i talked myself into...
  11. Brains or love?

    aw gee thanks :)
  12. Brains or love?

    To be honest I think most INTP females will most likely be more intelligent than their male partners and by that i mean they will most likely be able to see things in a whole new fresh perspective and that is honestly one of the things that the guy will find most attractive about you. Just for...
  13. Brains or love?

    I know exactly that feeling... I did some reflecting today and thought about my parents relationship I know for a fact religion is the only thing holding them together. I believe my mom is a INTJ and my dad is def a ISTJ not exactly sure on my mom but my dad is def a ISTJ. What made me realize...
  14. Brains or love?

    This is true i have to get out more... ive been meeting 99% of people online but regardless of dating i do have to get out in the world more
  15. Brains or love?

    I see your point to some extent but my thing is, if you want a different result you have to change something whether its your mindset or something physical or both like if you want to lose weight you have to change your eating habits If you want more money to get a promotion at work you have up...
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