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  1. Teffnology

    Hey. I have returned. The INFJ just broke up with me via telephone :( but there is a possibility...

    Hey. I have returned. The INFJ just broke up with me via telephone :( but there is a possibility of reuniting in the future. Hope all is well with you. It is still a very good day despite that event. I am employed now and life is on the upswing. Cheers!
  2. Teffnology

    Movie and Filmmaker Fan Club

    I am alive and well. Now employed and have a residence that will remain undisclosed but am no longer a Californian. Life is grand. Still interested in the idea for this thread but understand that it is tricky to implement. Apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me lately, I have been...
  3. Teffnology

    Movie and Filmmaker Fan Club

    I have also seen movies as a way for people to bond. References are a part of the vernacular a point of shared interest amongst family members and such. I can attest, as movies have held my brother's and my volatile relationship together via talking about them and suggesting ones to each...
  4. Teffnology

    The ideal INTP career

    Screenwriting. IMO anyone can write a book but to write a screenplay worthy of being made is an accomplishment.
  5. Teffnology

    Some notes on marijuana & dreaming

    I remember exactly 0.0047% of my dreams. I have never been able to remember nearly any of my dreams except for a select few reoccurring ones in spurts. When I was a kid I would have scary dreams (not nightmares persay just creepy suspenseful ones) involving 2 characters, Chuckie the possessed...
  6. Teffnology

    Last movie you watched

    I watched "The Bridge" back in November when I rationalized that that was the only way I could off myself successfully, had a loaded gun twice sitting next to the respective suicide letters I wrote. I went so far as to even pick out the lightpole I would do it by and was researching how to get...
  7. Teffnology

    The Hip-hop Thread.

    Vanilla Ice anybody?
  8. Teffnology

    I want to travel.

    Have you read/seen Into The Wild? Learning a few card games makes traveling a fun bonding experience. Gin Rummy is a good one. I vote for Alaska.
  9. Teffnology

    INTP's, things you hate

    What is your classification of winter? Cold Cold and wet Cold, wet, and freezing Cold and snow Cold, snow, and icy roads Cold, foggy, and cold moist air Tampa winter of random flash thunder storms and hurricanes Just rainy and not really cold I say winter over summer...
  10. Teffnology


    One thing my ex pointed out as a quirk that has to be INTP. Now I see it all over the place but back in '07 it blew my mind. It was a metal trash can bolted into the ground, to prevent being stolen, it had an opening for trash, a recycyling container on top for cans and bottles, and an ashtray...
  11. Teffnology

    INTP's, things you hate

    Your reply lies at the heart of my issue with healthcare. Preventative vs Corrective. Part of my reply is being an arrogant, ignorant, in general genetically inferior yet superior personal oral hygenist. I did have braces for jaw correction, so that I did not need jaw surgery that a few of my...
  12. Teffnology

    Book Club Proposal

    Well my door is always open, and a bowl is always packed so if you are ever out my way holla attcha boi!
  13. Teffnology

    Movie and Filmmaker Fan Club

    My genealogy is totally whack I know. Both of my Grandpa's were young adults when the Depression was in full force. My parents were born just at the beginning of the baby boom, if not even a little before it officially began. My half-brother would always get asked if he was my dad, when...
  14. Teffnology

    Book Club Proposal

    I could send you the numbers, so you can find a comparable strain at a legal dispensary (they even deliver now, if you have an online supported/verified prescription). It is higher in CBD than THC. Growing your own from a clone (a cutting of an established FEMALE plant) is ridiculously...
  15. Teffnology

    Movie and Filmmaker Fan Club

    Just found a news article of all 3 of them getting arrested together. http://fultonhistory.com/Newspaper%205/Brooklyn%20NY%20Daily%20Eagle/Brooklyn%20NY%20Daily%20Eagle%201942%20Grayscale/Brooklyn%20NY%20Daily%20Eagle%201942%20Grayscale%20-%207948.pdf ""Who's drunk!" Says Abbott, Insists...
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