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  • lol, school very soon. dammit. but Takeshi's Castle makes the morning worthwhile, i have brain fodder, paper to doodle on and...well, nothing much else.:mad:

    but meh, it's time for some good social fun in the su....rain :rolleyes:
    I contribute, but I'm also a terrific procrastinator, so while I tend to visit the site, I avoid posting until I'm avoiding doing something else; it's both a blessing and a curse. I'll probably be more active when I start back at Uni proper, and I'm supposed to be essay writing.

    Wish your daughter happy birthday from me then, though if she's like me in anything other than looks you probably won't see her until after her birthday.

    Re: the hair. I get impatient; I long for a day when my hair is like that naturally, without actually having to wait and age.
    If 5 people say it's a horse, saddle it and ride it!! - i love that! :D

    but i don't read much either, whoever heard of a smart person who doesn't read in copious amounts?! nobody. yeah, i know school grades are meaningless, but most of us on the forum were underachievers. not Saffy though...hmm....:confused:...she reads a lot too...and isn't pathetically clueless in mathematics...or science....hmm...

    yeah, i noticed lol - people here are so smart! i am very envious...but then again 4w5, INFP tendencies...my primary psychological sin is envy so...:D
    oh, i get it. sorry if i offended you...how did you regain your confidence?

    also, sorry if i am being intrusive...and also sorry about your INFP guy being a little...weird
    how did you progress in life, i mean in more intellectual, scholarly occupation with Cs and Ds? and weren't you a little pissed off about it. i mean, high school is rubbish, Cs, Bs...meh, but college?! :eek:
    i got some exam results. got B in Biology, A in science coursework, C in a maths exam and.....the final results for Spanish, i got a D, yes, a fucking D! i failed :( (and i am almost certain to get an A in English language after seeing the coursework results)

    mixed, i will probably get an A overall in Science (teacher says a possible A*, but unlikely)

    so, mixed...i am underachieving as usual but....

    ...erm, if you actually care
    Sorry to hear about your relationship. Thanks for welcoming me back. By the way, I'm in love with your avatar. :D
    You look like my old latin teacher!

    Which is high praise, because she is an ex-miss.Norn-iron.


    She was about your age too.

    I like the way you photgraphed all the sexy people behind you.:P
    Your profile picture scares the shit out of me.

    But you know, you have lovely teeth, and next to no wrinkles for a lady of your age.

    Where is Saffy anyway?

    probably busy revising for the coming exams ;)
    i wonder if she is the bragging sort? i hope not, because if she is this time next year will be unbearable...i think she will take victory properly and sincerely :)

    and i shall say "oh, i didn't give a shit anyway" (which is partially true at least)
    lol, i have done one (and half of some)

    but it is the only subject i won't (or might not) pass and it isn't too important anyway (spanish)

    yeah, me and saffy next year, same day :)

    Saffy will do better ;) she is still getting regular A/A* grades were as i have gone from As (without full effort - just getting by with As - although supposedly i am an A* candidate) now, i am starting to break down and also am becoming more and more preoccupied with my social/political ideologies and artistic ventures + psychologically/philosophically theorising. there is too much in my head

    so, although i always used to get As and should get some A*s currently i am mostly getting Bs + the odd A (and A* in Music) and even some Es and Ds in school :slashnew:

    i guarantee Saffy will beat me. i bet you £50 in internet money (she is smarter anyway ;))
    Melkor - ew

    i hate to stand by the side of 'correctness' but MAN, that is a little...urgh. why would you say that?!

    you controversial little minx, you :rolleyes:


    I wasn't poking your bosom or anything!

    It wouldn't need much effort, though it *is* a moving target.

    And don't us teenagers have an evolutionary license to be horny?

    It's great fun.


    How the hell did breastfed become food?



    wait, that sounds like i am mocking you (slaps oneself)

    i, i was trying to be funny...but then i remembered that you were going through some dark times because of the situation and...now i feel like an arsehole...sorry

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    Tell the old coot I said 'BOUT YE?'


    She'll be like you, only more experienced..

    and just think, you have large breasts, and she breastfood *you*!


    I'm sorry.
    I might email the old bugger, see if I can't lure him back.

    That would be fun.


    Having fun with your life, you old hag?
    I see old snowqueen has been getting wound up over nothin'?

    As we say in Belfast,



    I kinda missed you actually.

    Everytime I played a final fantasy game and summoned shiva, the blue skinned summon of ice with large breasts who is amost always wearing very little, but who can freeze the ass of your enemies, I thought of you.

    brain is pretty sure she is INFP, i think INXP is a genuine type and she is one. and she's almost definitely through here.

    he is a proud racist, but a sound guy (honestly). i liken it to being friends with a homosexual. normal, a friend you value and good to be around - just behind closed doors does things i would find unnerving. despite his one secret he is normal. my friend is like this- cool, witty, easy-going (strangely enough) just behind closed doors fights for white supremacy.

    i do sometimes enjoy racist jokes, not with malice. it is just light-hearted humour as acceptable as Mother in Law and Fat Guy jokes. as long as they remain words not violent, malicious actions then it is fine, freedom of speech (lets face it, 'white honky' jokes are funny too)

    ...and also dead baby jokes....:phear:
    my friend (ISTP) is on the forum, he is a genuine nazi. (seriously)
    he is a laid-back, witty and sound guy. the most accepting of my 'oddities'....just he believes in white supremacy.

    its funny, i didn't notice the Swastika when i first looked (fail) - i just saw pink - don't get offended but at first (before you pointed out the swastika) i thought it was your daughter.

    don't be offended (sed slaps oneself)

    ps that avatar is fearsome, gritty and cooooooold. i think female assassins are great (and INTP, probably). niiiiiiiice
    I don't know who Polly is - apparently she used me as a referee to get on the forum - and I have reported her because I don't want swastikas on my page.
    They're both people I value here - though I am 100% sure BEIF is INTP - one day she'll learn to accept it ;) thanks for the comments and what are you doing up so late!?
    correction: I mistaked Eudemonia for Brain Enclosed In Flesh. Sorry about that!
    woah, breakfast? It's 3:12 am here. Haha, hey snowqueen I really appreciate your insight on the site. I'm sorry we're borderline losing your wingwomen... that INFJ needs to stick around though, in my opinion. It'd be a shame to lose half of the 'forum elders'.
    Ah! Lovely! I'm so glad people actually pay attention to some of the music related threads I try to spread, I feel like most users on this site completely ignore my recommendations. :( To post a youtube video, simply copy and paste the url and it'll directly post the video. Pretty neat!
    Hey you. It's been a harrowing while, but my life's relented and I think I'll be able to catch you again sometime soon. :)

    I'm looking forward to it.
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