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  1. SkyWalker

    Bamberg's Possession Theory

    Almost right, you just have to switch Ti and Fi. Fi is like a bouncer, keeping foreign objects out. Ti is like a critical guest, who has conditions (logical/critical reasons not to go in)
  2. SkyWalker

    Parasitic Mind Control

    Damn, I already knew we were being leached off by abstract memetic entities, now there are also literal physical parasites leaching us as well??? haha what a nice world we live in
  3. SkyWalker

    Intuition Seems to Temper the Harsher Characteristics of Judging Functions

    Te function = harshness, since it reserves only the stepwise plan of Te and everything else is blocked Te function is like an ice breaker ship just continuing the plan as set in advance, no matter what ice is on the path, it cuts right through or will keep on pushing straight ahead even when...
  4. SkyWalker

    Socionic's Reversal of J/P for Introverts

    You guys use "extraverting" while you should have said "judging" To set things straight... (1) Extraversion is NOT the same as speaking/talking Introversion is NOT the same as listening (2) Judgement = output = talking/speaking/acting/doing (or stepwise internal output within your brain...
  5. SkyWalker

    Space station in spin makes artificial gravity, but why exactly?

    that would suck, such boots would drive me crazy p.s. The one that solves this challenge will get a one night free in my future space hotel, plus free late check-out so you don't have to hurry in the morning. If its a really good answer I'll even arrange you a girl (or boy, whatever you fancy).
  6. SkyWalker


    It doesnt really help your typing credibility if you think you have strong Te while you are supposed to be an Ti dom. Thats like saying that you have a strong white color while you are a black person. Better if you dont type haha
  7. SkyWalker


    according to classical MBTI matching theory the best match is all 4 letters opposite except the S/N letter. and the second best is not alternating T/F but same. So for INTP its ENFJ 1st and ENTJ 2nd choice (good luck with those ENTJs haha) INFJ would best match with ENTP 1st and ENFP 2nd...
  8. SkyWalker

    Physics and Tautology.

    From primitive rationalities that masses of people used to run in their mind around 2000 AD.
  9. SkyWalker

    Obsession with the future

    Stock markets are there to fund companies. Did you know that means take money/control from individuals and insert it into big monstrous entities. Who cares what your computer screen tells you about your "credits". Or how you transfer your credits from A to B, with some computer profit. The...
  10. SkyWalker

    Obsession with the future

    prediction is only an advantage if you say it out loud and people actually listen to your prediction, because then you have control silent predictions are of no use, thats why they say "you cant predict the future"
  11. SkyWalker

    Space station in spin makes artificial gravity, but why exactly?

    yes true, we must see the problem as the relative difference between the 2 viewpoints. I was just reversing the viewpoint around to the other side, to say: they should both be possible at the same time (e.g. dont forget the other viewpoint). is it just me or... if one is accelerated upwards...
  12. SkyWalker

    The Fallen Adymus

    I type Adymus as "Eric Cartman", in my South Park personality system
  13. SkyWalker

    Space station in spin makes artificial gravity, but why exactly?

    My "reference frame of the ship" is NOT spinning. (at least in the way I painted the picture) My "reference frame of the universe" is spinning. yes. And by the way: That is quite similar on Earth itself. Except that our Earth model is 3D and our ship model is 2D. This gives me the chills...
  14. SkyWalker

    Space station in spin makes artificial gravity, but why exactly?

    Aha "curving along with it"? That is only if you are not relativistic, that only holds if you say the rest of the universe is (kind of) still, and only the ship is spinning. I turn things around, and then the default explanation doesn't hold, this is the root of the problem. And although I wish...
  15. SkyWalker

    Space station in spin makes artificial gravity, but why exactly?

    In defense: I didn't say anywhere that centrifugal force creates actual gravity, I said it creates artificial gravity, e.g. the effect of gravity. And yes, I agree that centrifugal force is different from gravity according to "modern science", but thats only an assumption in our primitive...
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