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  1. Sickles


    nice avatar, thanks for the welcome. I am afraid of trying uppers, as I dont want to go to jail. I also am heavily addicted to marijuana and cigarettes and I am afraid of becoming addicted to something else. So..yea.
  2. Sickles

    The idea of religion

    religious Naturalist/animist here. No need for man in sky. I have god in mountain lol. or river. Or city. You wont find many here defending abraham, I have a feeling.
  3. Sickles

    Challenge: name an absolute moral (a moral that is true for every human culture)

    All cultures, and indeed all complex social animals must abide by the "Golden Rule" morality in order to function as a cohesive unit whose purpose is survival. Dont needlessly kill. Dont steal. Dont take more than you need. Do not declare war. ANd so on. So by dent of the definition, all...
  4. Sickles

    You know you're an Intp when...

    You regularly talk to people without looking at them, or even in thier general direction? Has one word that, despite best efforts, that is always misspelled.. like thier (their).
  5. Sickles


    Technically its always full. Half with water, half with air. Metaphorically speaking. But I digress :storks:
  6. Sickles

    INTPs and their amazing ideas

    Remove the monetary system. Such a system promotes inequity. THings in inequity tend to be righted by nature. The more inequal, the more force in the righting. Stop believing we have the knowledge of good and evil when we plainly dont. Make orphans and foster kids attend the highest...
  7. Sickles

    Where did this myth that INTP are arrogant come from?

    << Comes off as dickishly arrogant from putting to shame the collection of information that most people have collected up to this point. Sorry I spend all my time absorbing knowledge while the rest of them watch monday night football. Not my problem. Not even a little bit.
  8. Sickles


    Depression is a term that adequately describes the symptoms I express, as well as my mood and manner. Also, I am abit of a schizoid. I forgot to mention that... Thats another thing.. I have the most horrid memory recall and recording in the world, further adding to the eccentric madman picture...
  9. Sickles


    When youve developed with it, you forget or become unable to picture another way. It kind of becomes the glass through which I see the world. Needless to say I havent had the kindest life.
  10. Sickles


    What up peoples. I am INTP. I can describe myself as the "crazy scientist" of popular fame. I am eccentric, prefer only my own company, and I cannot stop focusing on a problem until I have solved it/mastered it, even to the detriment of my health and social life. The things my brain focuses on...
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