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  • GPS is the joker card and you are not but if I was appealing to authority it makes not sense not explaining it and it makes no sense that IQ is based on appeals to authority. Like I said no professional Doctor unless mentally challenged would use a test based on results based on appeals to authority. Scientists don't do that. All the research and math is available. You just need to pay for it. I read blogs about it.
    You called my reasoning circular and word games.
    I understood that if you could not see my points you would say this. (I thought my points were good)
    But GPS said I was appealing to authority and away from where I could see it.
    He deconstructs everything and is the reason I said people like him do not care about constructive discussion.
    He was always hassling BunnedOut showing flaws but never corrections.
    Maybe it was unfair on my part, I dunno. I agree that in general, one should make an effort to respond to what other people are actually trying to say as opposed to nitpick isolated statements. I'm definitely not perfect in that regard but it is an ideal of mine.
    1984 not 1987 oh the shame serac ! Edit ur post before I do so myself in big red underlined letters. Otherwise I will answer u later I’m in a cool lesson on game theory right now :)
    lol well I only missed by 3 years
    And I thought you were good with numbers !! Such a digit would have such an impact on the stock market ! Would not recommend your imprecise services to potential clients pursuing wealth.
    that's why I mostly rely on computers for the numbers. Speaking of the stock market, I'm pretty sure I mix up 1984 and 1987 because of 1987 black monday
    I admire you but there are serious threads and unserious threads. Lately there doesnt seem to be much activity on more serious threads.
    When weird-ass moods strike me I say weird-ass things :)

    Or... When mood variance lowers my inhibitions, I post faster and perhaps more provocatively? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Yeah, I see where you're coming from.

    There was certainly a lot of naivety/ optimism about what you would be able to achieve when you got older. I was pushed into a niche study because my parents etc were certain it would be possible to get a job if you just "worked hard enough".

    I also worked in a few industries, storage etc. That sucked the life out of me as well.

    So yeah, being told everything will turn out awesome your entire life is not a good thing. People tend to be a bit scared of pessimism, but they fail to realize you can be realistic without feeling hopeless.
    Maybe this is too personal, if so you don't have to answer. But I've seen you mention millennials and various negative aspects connected to it, so I've become kinda curios what in your life has made you cynical (?) or pessimistic about that. Is it a trend in the general population that bothers you? Is it a manifestation of disappointments in your own life you realize others your age also fell trap to? Other stuff?

    If you ever made a thread about this stuff, it would probably be grounds for some interesting debate
    I don't know if I'll be able to ask you there, I have heard you are too much fun at parties and you'll probably be mobbed....
    ... that's just what I would expect a coverup about usernames to read like. WHAT IS THIS ELUSIVE MAD TRUTH THAT SLIPS AWAY FROM ME THROUGH THE SHADOWS???
    ... you're funny. :)

    So is your deep dark secret that Serac careS? Or is it just an anagram for Scare? Or Races? Or am I creating a puzzle where none exists, and you're really just a knock-off alien leader from ST:TOS?
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