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  1. scorpiomover

    Science and IQ

    We want scientists to be very smart. I gather from Google that there are 7 million scientists in the world and 7.8 billion people in the world. So for every 7 scientists, there are 7,800 people. So scientists are 1 in 1,114. https://www.iqcomparisonsite.com/iqtable.aspx 1 in 911 people have an...
  2. scorpiomover

    Fear of abandonment

    NMI (Need More Information). How does your fear of abandonment affect you? What things do you do differently in your life because of your fear of abandonment?
  3. scorpiomover

    Sexual confusion in children

    Up to you. I've known lots of heterosexual guys who sometimes had feelings for a male friend growing up, and were confused about their sexuality, sometimes into their 20s. I've always thought that was why so many gay guys dated women before they started dating men, because they were unsure...
  4. scorpiomover

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    Amygdala. Processes fear based on how many times you feel afraid, which should reflect how many times you're in that situation and have reason to feel afraid, which would in turn reflect how likely that danger is of occurring. However, add in newspapers, TV, internet and social media, and you...
  5. scorpiomover

    introverted skills vs extroverted skills

    Introverted skills are more important for situations that require introversion. Extroverted skills are more important for situations that require extroversion. The world has become a lot more closely integrated. In the workplace, people no longer work in separate offices any more. Academics...
  6. scorpiomover

    geometry and shape of universe seems to be not flat

    Scientists don't know. A closed sphere is a closed system. A closed system is a system where all objects inside the system can only interact in such a way that means that even if they change their position, velocity, momentum, or anything else, would remain inside the system. Think of it like...
  7. scorpiomover

    Daenerys Targaryen, Why Fire and Blood?

    Did not know this. The earlier seasons were interesting. But the last 2 did seem to be unbelievably stupid. Tyrion KEPT underestimating Cersei, even though it was obvious after the first attack, and her blowing up the citadel, that when threatened, she prefers to strike first, while the enemy...
  8. scorpiomover

    Daenerys Targaryen, Why Fire and Blood?

    Ned Stark was killed brutally on the orders of Joffrey. But then it was political. Cersei Lannister kills a lot of powerful nobles. But when she does it, it's incredibly shocking, as she's in prison and supposedly powerless, while Ned Stark is killed by people who (at the time) wield a lot of...
  9. scorpiomover

    IQ and life outcomes

    Because someone asked WHY. Did you ask why humans are born with 2 hands and not 20 hands? No? Why not? Becuase people wonder about things that conflict with their experience. It's not usually the case that doctors are good at car mechanics. Sure. Most people believe that if their dads and...
  10. scorpiomover

    IQ and life outcomes

    So do you think that this is how atheists think about studying and education, where someone else is in charge? Oh no, I'm getting bad grades (bad things are happening to me at university). I must ask for the head of my department's forgiveness. Oh no, I'm still getting bad grades. Maybe this is...
  11. scorpiomover

    (Left eye >= or <= Right eye)

    Science Direct - Asymmetry between the two sides of the face increases steadily with aging
  12. scorpiomover

    INTP Memes

    Already do what? An atheist is "not a theist" as much as a theist is "not an atheist". So yes, when someone tells you that they are a theist, all that tells you is that they are "not an atheist". So according to your own rules, it would indeed be unfair to hold any theist accountable for the...
  13. scorpiomover

    IQ and life outcomes

    IME, IQ isn't a great predictor. INTPs tend to be very high in IQ and ESTPs much lower. So if it was, then INTPs would be much more productive and would earn a lot more than ESTPs. IQ is a good predictor within a few points. E.g. if you consider plumbers, the plumbers who are 3 points above the...
  14. scorpiomover


    True democracy was about "one person, one vote". We used to have representative democracy, because (a) there was no internet. Parliament/Congress could only rely on votes, by people showing up. Most people couldn't get the time off work to attend Parliament/Congress and vote. So we had...
  15. scorpiomover


    I used to think that the conscious was the big thing and the subconscious was just an add-on, But then I watched a science documentary that said that scientists had studied how much of the brain's processing is used for the conscious and the subconscious. Some scientists said that if the brain's...
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