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  1. Saturnine


    haha...I hate using the word lazy to describe myself, I think it's something much deeper that keeps me from getting shit done, but I'm told that I'm lazy all the time. Especially by my parents....
  2. Saturnine

    INTP and anorexia

    I get paranoid about my weight, but I was taunted by a lot of people growing up for being a little chubby...so my body image has been completely skewed over the years....
  3. Saturnine

    INTP and Pets

    Well, we don't have any proof exactly, but my dad went over to his house and was gonna ask him about his constant bb gun shooting and the dude ran in the other direction. We looked for the cats body but couldn't find it. If I saw that my cat was dead with a bullet in it, I would have burned the...
  4. Saturnine


    I'm generally a very pissed off person lol Glad I'm not alone! Though, I usually point my anger inward, and become self destructive....unless i'm having a really bad day, then I can get a little out of hand with my sarcasm and pessimism, and end up making other people angry too.
  5. Saturnine


    I have never not procrastinated.
  6. Saturnine


    I usually don't mind having pictures taken if i'm drunk & acting like a moron, or making a stupid looking facial expression. Serious pictures are tough, I'd rather be taking pictures of other people.
  7. Saturnine

    Did discovering you were an INTP help you?

    Re: Did discovering you where an INTP help you? I just know I don't feel as lonely when I come to this forum. I'm still tryin to understand myself but that's gonna take time and I probably never will (fully) understand what the hell went wrong lol
  8. Saturnine

    There goes that INTP again!

    I can relate to this 100%
  9. Saturnine

    INTP personality and school

    All I can say was that I was barely ever awake in school. I had no interest at all in academics, except for art and psychology...and maybe biology. I had no interest in socializing either, and found my peers to be very irritating. Actually, I have no idea how I managed to graduate HS but I did haha.
  10. Saturnine


    I'm tryin to quit smoking, I had 4 ciggs today (1/3 less then I'm used to)...my last one was about 2 hours ago and I'm already going crazy. I don't think I'll survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: I'm probably not getting out of bed this week cause I'm sure I'll be in a wicked bad mood and be...
  11. Saturnine

    sleep and consciousness

    I like this topic haha. I struggle with sleep because I find it almost impossible to switch my mind off. The only way I can fall asleep is if a)I've gone about 3 days without it and I just pass out, or b)I take a sedative. Honestly though, I avoid sleeping because I'm plagued with nightmares...
  12. Saturnine

    INTP and Pets

    I love animals...my favorite pets have been my dogs (One died last year), but I have 1 cat left *the other was shot by a neighbor*, and a rat. I had a bearded dragon for 10 years too, I miss that lil guy.
  13. Saturnine

    how do you deal with small talk when its forced upon you?

    I think people get the hint pretty quickly lol I guess I give off negative vibes, but people rarely talk to me.
  14. Saturnine

    weird shit makes me cry.

    I also cry when I'm drunk...which is why I won't be doing it for a while. It makes people uncomfortable, and I'm not about to start drinking alone cause that would be sad lol Crying does feel good though, every once and a while.
  15. Saturnine

    enneagram poll

    You are most likely a type 5. Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 5w4. Type 5 - 9.7 Type 4 - 8.7 Type 6 - 8 Type 9 - 5.3 Wing 5w4 - 14.1 Wing 5w6 - 13.7 Wing 4w5 - 13.6 Wing 6w5 - 12.9 Wing 6w7 - 9.2 Wing 4w3 - 9.1 Wing 9w8 - 6.2 Wing 9w1 - 6
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