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  1. If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    "better or worst. I'm different; I'm myself. And I'm not giving that away!!" A bit long tho
  2. مرحبا Hello

    Sharia Law used there true and worse even, literally everyone would get into ur business assume and decide shit and judge u all over the place (talk about low IQ in control of gov and society I mean) I have a great INTJ friend made my life billion tons better. more livable I met him when I was...
  3. مرحبا Hello

    Anyone can do it be it coding networking security design development... Muslim majority (something M not happy with at all) weird society and a place an intp with my preferences and mindset can not survive I dunno how I managed to survive all these years it's unbelievable
  4. مرحبا Hello

    Hi there everyone, Real name is Sarah would love to be called Sachi. 23 YO RECENTLY certified INTP I was identified as an ISTP 2 years ago but here we are LoL. Studied? eh nothing particular Computer Science and I partially regret it. Work? Almost joblesssss. Hobbies? none unless eating...
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