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  1. Do you feel like you belong anywhere?

    I feel a belonging when I am with myself. I enjoy my own company. I don't have any problems being social, I have friends and a job. But true tranquility for me is being alone. I don't look for somewhere to belong because I know where I belong, with myself, and I like it.
  2. What's your typing speed?

    The key to write "unreasonable" quick with some practice (200+ WPM) on a test like this is: 1: a small keyboard, something like this, every milisecond counts: http://www.walyou.com/img/small-keyboards-palm-sized-2.jpg 2: be one line in front of what you are actually typing, memory I'll post a...
  3. Strange mannerisms around complete strangers

    Not a big issue one to one, but if it's a group chat and the conversation flows, the subjects move on etc. then you'll be late and out of context. Same problem, different route.
  4. Most respected members

    I am merely an ocasional lurker, so some data might be missing in this particular regard. However, I appreciate reading posts from EditorOne.
  5. All smokers are old or stupid?

    You never know when you gonna go. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Non-smokers use arguments like "If you quit you will live longer" Why delay the inevitable? Sitting in a nursing home having your ass wiped by strangers, feeling like a burden to everyone around you, loosing all dignity, looking...
  6. Type and sports

    I watch sports I play sports on the console I play sports in real life I bet on sports I like sports
  7. INTP. Serve it right.

    I mean, To explain our personality to a third part.
  8. INTP. Serve it right.

    So I met a girl. We are all sharing and caring. We're discussing personality. And from your opinion. Where do I find information about the INTP personality type that is "approved" by the INTPs :P Thanks guys AND girls :)
  9. The funniest guy on youtube.

    Lost my appetite, thanks..
  10. Constant Sense of "I should be.."

    Always. I could make an endless list...or probably not since I detest lists like the plague. For the fiances I found a nice solution, it actually works. Add restrictions on yourself. Open a new savings account which is locked, one that requires some effort to transfer money out of, like having...
  11. Share your thoughts

  12. Share your thoughts

    Don't worry man. Always remember there is people worse of than you, imagine those 40+ years old virgins. Those that have a sex drive, now, that is a dry streak.
  13. Share your thoughts

    Yeah, sounds very familiar. It's not like the money is spent on anything useful either, or what could be categorized as useful. My solution to the "problem" was to create a locked bank account. Every time the "USE SOME MONEY DAMNIT"-abstinence came around I transfered the sum I would have used...
  14. Share your thoughts

    Hello. Guess it's been two months now, what can I say, it's all good. Still the same problem but I don't worry, it always work out :)
  15. Share your thoughts

    Having a good time? I used to drink, then I realized it's just waste of time.
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