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Recent content by Rikki Riziati

  1. Realization

    Last night I was surfing through different sites of why people are the way they are. I found nearly nothing of interest. I encountered sad stories of love lost and so on. I then find this MBTI test. I figured it was another ridiculous test that gave an output along the lines of, "Your a...
  2. Can an insane person think himself to be so?

    I would assume a "crazy person" wouldn't be able to define the line between whats rational and irrational. Besides, No one really believes that anything they do is irrational. It's the opinions of others that deem someones thoughts/actions as irrational.
  3. INTP Flaws

    Personally, my flaws include a number of different things. At my young age, I find that being withdrawn and critical of others are my largest hurdles. These two flaws alone make having a steady relationship seem nearly impossible. The other person never seems to be up to par with my standards...
  4. A flaw (or benefit) I notice in INTPs - Mental Abstraction

    I agree with this statement completely. I will admit that I can't mash away at my keyboard and have an elegant collage of words appear in front of me without some mental pauses. Even so, I do enjoy reading the posts of those who can accomplish that. It's comforting to know that there are living...
  5. Do you play mind games in your own head: as a kid or adult?

    I never had the thought to play games, but if left to my own thoughts for too long (seconds), I'll drift off into thought of different possibilities in multiple situations. I often find myself picking one person and attempting to depict their life outside of the few moments I've met them. I can...
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