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  • III) Of course, I could be completely wrong. You could be Ni/Fe (tert Ti, aspirational Se, hence, INFJ....sort of similar to INTP).

    The focus on people stuff with respect to INFJ is a bit too generalized. I know INFJs that are very much focused on things other than humanity -- they can be found in sciences and other such professions as many of them are excellent Ti users. In combination with Ni, which is a foreseer of implications, they can make excellent scientists.
    II) The exercise stuff is not something that drives you, it seems. So I somehow doubt you are an Se aux or dom -- it seems more inferior...or even shadow.

    You seem to be skipping from topic to topic randomly...but perhaps that's just discomfort with the camera, but I will not eliminate Ne. Which correspond with a perceiving outward projection and thus will leave us with lead Ti, hence INTP.
    I) Hmmm...I find visual typing difficult. I will attempt the process of elimination based on the limited information and taking into account that you were probably a bit uncomfortable with the recording.

    The only thing that seems more obvious is introversion.

    You were talking about feelers...not sure if you are aware, but the Fe/Fi functions has more to do with values than emotion. For example, INFJ's and INTP's are interested in harmonious group dynamics but it's quite a 'cold' function as it's not really interested in individuals. Fi is quite self-centered and thus equally 'cold'.

    Emotions however...all types can be equally emotional, it's just that the T-types prefer to filter their emotion through thinking, hence their 'robotic' appearance.
    I think there is no more INTP thing to ask than "am I somebody who feels?". :D

    Isn't making a video just a horrible experience? It makes me very self-conscious.
    I see. Is it a college paper or project?

    Sorry for being so nosy! ..err, forget i said anything. ^^;
    Hey :)
    I'm quite curious about your tectonic activity avatar and why you chose it.

    Do you study geography?
    Dude, chill out. You're not in any immediate danger of being banned, I just want to make a thoughtful reply and am a procrastinator like everyone else here.
    I don't have the time and concentration to write a long pm right now. I like to think about what I say and post.
    I haven't forgotten your pm. Will reply.

    btw, the proper way to respond to a visitor message is to post it on the profile of the person to whom you're responding.
    I was wondering if you could help me with my new a.i. idea.

    Mostly I think in parallel and so translating into linear algorithms is difficult.

    I just want to know what you think. The overall structure is not meta cognitive but emergent.
    Interesting, I never would have thought someone would have pegged me as an INFJ. I have almost always tested as T as my highest score.
    On a related note, I'm starting to get the feeling you're an INFJ, but I don't have the time to think it through properly, and I certainly don't have the time to write it out.
    I know the overall description of INFJ is kind of silly and effiminate and probably doesn't fit you at all, but I suspect that the cognitive functions do.
    MBTI paints a picture of INFJs being all peace and love, but there's an "xSTP" side too. For example, Eminem and Lil' Wayne are INFJs.
    INFJ males especially cover up their Feely nature by emphasizing the detached analytical side of themselves. It's a survival tactic.
    INFJs are complex, so don't write it off as a possible type if you think of yourself as somewhat of a "T" and a "badass". ;)

    Plus, as I said before, I think you would benefit from a Pod'Lair Mojo reading. It certainly helped me.
    "@wankavision, I will never understand why when the INFJs have such good ideas and that they don't like to share them."

    It's usually just not worth the effort.

    First of all, it's difficult to find the necessary time to introvert and deeply analyze the intuitions.
    Then it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to convert the intuitions into something coherent to others.

    And to make matters worse, people don't trust the INFJs intuitive hunches anyway. No matter how long they've known the INFJ and no matter how many times they've seen the evidence that the INFJ has strong intuition--they still think it's B.S.
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