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  • FUN FACT: bronto and I used to cut class in middle school to go out into this cute little pond near her aunt's land, and we'd pretend to be Amoeba Music employees.
    Honestly, i didn't hear anything about this. Granted, France kind of overshadowed the domestics. I vaguely recall reading about some event in a capital suburb but not being able to find a credible source.

    Not a lot of full-on terrorism here. What we did get was a lot of casualties-free asylum home burnings, i think both by disappointed refugee inhabitants and by swedish nationalists. We did have one lone swede-hating immigrant nutcase double-murder and then one lone immigrant-hating swede nutcase double-murder. Wouldn't make much of any of those.

    I think if daesh has any plans for sweden it is for use as a base rather than a site of terrorism. Sweden has been extremely self-effacing, gullible and generous to anything or anyone "other" for quite a while. It's really time for every western country to bomb daesh into superstrings and condemn the entirety of islam, though.
    I understand the feeling. Anyway, I've always enjoyed your contributions. You provide a neutral voice of reason without being overbearing or heavy-handed. Also, I think you're a lot cleverer than you give yourself credit for.
    That makes sense. Different or not, I have a positive regard for most forum members (including you, or course).
    Meh. I just felt compelled to inform you. I guess I hadn't thought it through beyond that.
    It's just everything about your face. He's a ginger who's mostly white, and you look almost exactly like he did when he was about 21. You'll have to take my word for it though because I don't have a picture.
    I can't contain it any longer. You look just like my father when he was in his early twenties.
    HEY I insulted you a bunch earlier, how does this make you feel? I'm pillaging an apology. I coined this term and it's great because it doesn't make sense and should say pillaging forgiveness but that's part of the awesomeness of the term I created.
    You seem like a likable guy Qt. If you lived in AZ you could hangout with me. If you ever find your self here you should drop me a line

    I don't understand why you keep spamming when you know full well it will get you banned. You testing the boundaries? Next time I catch you on a spamming spree, it will be a 3 week ban.
    I don't think so but if you come across as provoking the forum/members or trying to "stir the shit" then I wouldn't be surprised.
    I said Pe lead. And I already explained in the thread. It's all about as basic as it gets, just think about Ne and Se.
    You need to stop posting so much fluff. I've received multiple complaints. If you don't slow down and put more thought into your posts I will have to temp ban you.
    yeah, it's funny, i just had a moment like that myself, where things suddenly become clear to me (to the effect of realizing how much more 9 i have going on, compared to 4,5 and 6), that seemed so ambiguous at other times. it's difficult for the world of language and the world of perception to touch. and language can appear to mean anything, relative to anything else. but my mind has often changed before.
    I should probably add that i am actually an enneagram beginner myself. I've been toasting my brain with it for just a couple of months now.
    I don't know, the other day I had the impression there might be some nine going on inside of your tritype, but it's just a fleeting impression i have and it's not like i have a lot of perception about you. Don't get worked up over my views :)
    I don't mind it. Definitely not my dream job. Honestly, I deal way more with people than I thought I was going to have to, but I'm content with a 40hr/wk job that pays the bills, and then I use the free time to pursue interests.

    Don't feel bad, I was this close(1____1) to being a grocer.
    I appreciate your appreciation!

    If you just include how you got to thinking you are what you are, even if the type u think u r is largely hypothetical, this forum can offer perspective on your perspective of jungian cognitive functions with lots of bickering between ppl about what a certain function entails and the sparks of insight and better understanding fly every which way from the friction of the minds twerking each other.

    Meanwhile you just sit back and watch it all, was helpful for me. Hardly perfect but brings to light unthought/known stuff.

    Its really the collosseum of this form, I think u should definitely do it.

    Google "jung yorktown psych classics" and read the direct descriptions of stuff. Find the "online typology resources" thread on intpf too.
    2) But all in all I am quite uncomfortable with visual typing. Dom Ni sort of makes sense, but I'm still wondering about Te aux -- although it makes sense with respect to how you interact on this forum.

    You wondered about your voice; I didn't notice that at all actually. It was more the hesitation and the fact that you seemed a little bit distracted. But of course, that could just be the way you are off camera as well. No big deal, just something I thought would be common for introverts. I could not make a video because I would not be able to put a sentence together:phear:
    1) Nah, I was half-joking because it seems everyone somehow end up being INFJ once every other result is eliminated. And the ramble about INFJ scientist was not related to you; more a tangent because INFJs often get pooled into the same sort of stereotype.

    With respect to your type, INTJ seems fitting although I found that difficult to detect from visuals. I tend to focus on shadow functions as well -- I find them interesting as people sometimes use their shadow functions more if their main functions aren't developed or suppressed somehow.
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