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  1. Procinogen

    Careers an INTP would enjoy

    Hey, guys! So... it's been a while since I've last posted, huh? Oh well, it doesn't matter, I post so infrequently most people don't remember me anyways, haha. Anyways! On to the point of the thread; what careers would an INTP enjoy? The title says it all, really. Y'see, I don't want to...
  2. Procinogen

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    I can relate. I haven't been identified as 'gifted' (but I haven't taken a test either, but a friend of mine who is says I exhibit traits of one, either way I'm not sure of the validity of anything I say here), but I can relate. I'm very self aware of this issue, and I'm always trying to get...
  3. Procinogen

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    Well, it's here. With that said, what do you plan on buying? What do you recommend? I'm also looking for some games to buy, but I'm too indecisive and need some help. Any suggestions? I'm currently looking at Slime Rancher, it looks fun.
  4. Procinogen

    MBTI Types as Villains

    An idea for a thread I've had in my head for awhile. Anyways, what I mean by the title is what type of villain would a given MBTI type be, or how would an MBTI type act if they were to be a movie/comic/tv show villain? Here, I'll start off with my own type: The INTP; A "Mad Scientist"-type...
  5. Procinogen

    If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    "The answer was so simple, I was too smart to see it!" -Princess Bubblegum
  6. Procinogen

    I'm making a Pokémon fan game. What would you like to see?

    I'm one of the few that can do both. And now that you mention it, maybe it would make for a good original IP. Who knows? Pretty much. As much as I would have loved to continue it, my craptop can barely run anything.
  7. Procinogen

    INTPs and Strategy Games

    Hey, guys! So I was wondering for some time what the general opinion is on strategy games here. I've been told before that I would be good at chess, and according to what I've read INTPs should be fairly good at strategy games if they dedicate some time to it. But here's the thing; I find...
  8. Procinogen

    What is your role in your zombie apocalypse survival group?

    I got "Stay-at-home". "You don't go on supply runs, but you're useful around your base. Maybe you're a farmer, a nurse, or a carpenter, making you valuable. If this is the case, you are too precious to lose, so don't feel bad that no one ever asks you to keep watch or go into town to look for...
  9. Procinogen

    What do you like most and least about your type?

    INTP here. Most Favourite- I can easily learn new concepts and see it as a set of defined rules, such as in math, a new programming language, ect. Least Favourite- Eternal boredom. I move on to the next interesting thing, form a short-term obsession, then move on and get bored again, thus...
  10. Procinogen

    What do you perceive to be your greatest flaw?

    I can't think of my greatest flaw, but one I can think of off the top of my head is that I can be extremely passive-aggressive.
  11. Procinogen

    Food you hate (or recipes)

    I'd eat almost anything as long if it's edible, and isn't overly bitter, overly sweet or overly salty.
  12. Procinogen

    INTP Nation

    I would imagine an INTP nation very heavily putting an emphasis on science. I don't really know what else would happen government-wise, though. I do know that you wouldn't really see many people outside, except for grocery shopping, or unless you were at a library or something that would be of...
  13. Procinogen

    Online IQ test that is supposed to represent WAIS.

    Oh, thank god. I was worried I my IQ had gone down to less than 100.
  14. Procinogen

    Online IQ test that is supposed to represent WAIS.

    >tfw I got a score of 72 >I wasn't trying to get a score of 72 Either I really don't have a high IQ, or this thing's broken.
  15. Procinogen

    The best way to kill a mosquito

    I want to argue with you but I'm too tired and lazy
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