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  • ok they're up now.

    I'll be counting on you to keep reminding me to post stuff ^__^
    I'll post some later today / tomorrow I swear.

    Thanks for reminding me, if I don't get my butt kicked periodically I'd never get some stuff done.
    Forget exams, start really focusing on that photography and art of yours - trust me on this ;)

    (ok don't actually forget your exams, grades are useful, but, you know what I mean :p)
    Hey where have you been? You didn't fall of your chair at school and have an accident did you??
    hey what happened to your photography thread?? Or do you still post photos on a blog and I just forgot what it was?

    I need other people to post theirs so I get to feel crappy about not taking/posting mine and I can break my procrastination spell XD
    woah what is this motivation I see? I fear my non-motivational high-five was tragically premature and ill-fated. This motivation that you have displayed today saddens me in ways you can not possibly hope to comprehend. It is with this gaping deadness at hand with which I take my leave. Farewell.
    random comments are always welcome.. *blush* ^^;

    black and white photography is amazing ~<3 as is color too when I'm in the mood for it. Heh, now you've inspired me to post the hidden meaning of it in that one avatar thread. ;P
    ..thanks :o

    I found it on deviantART. I dunno, I wasn't looking for anything specific, just an aura. When I came across this picture, I immediately connected with the atmosphere it gives off. :cat:
    Thanks! I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with him in the future, but I just installed Windows 7 which cleared my hard drive so I need to find another photo editing software :mad:
    Hey, I just saw your... Avatar? Is that word used on this site? The image by your screen name and thought it was really cool, so I dropped by. :) The picture you have on your profile is wicked awesome as well~.
    He's on break for the avatar theme contest..when he comes back though, he'll be new! :cool:
    Haha thanks. I think he's trying to become human, but I'm reluctant to let him..
    I'm also curious as to why he chose googlie eyes :confused:
    We called it the "rush". Yes, there was a time when I used to have this thing called fun... (I know, I can't believe it either)
    Your sig is funny. Me and my friends back in school used to lean back in our chairs and fall over on purpose, just for the thrill of it. Ah, those were the days.
    That is truly awesome art. Are you aware that it's good? I've noticed people with various specialized talents or gifts are often blissfully unaware of just how special they are, and how others who wish they had that particular gift are taken aback by the gifted one's seeming indifference.
    =D ha me too.
    Awesome drawing btw. The girl seems to have puppet/doll-like quality...
    Hm, I will contact you if I have anything interesting to say. If I don't forget it, which is likely.
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