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Recent content by Octavian Starr

  1. What type do you think smiles the most?

    Huh. My friends think I smile a lot, and the people who don't know me think I'm apathetic. I smile when I'm with friends and when I think it is socially neccessary. Everything is a joke.
  2. Classics.

    I don't care much for many classics, but I would consider Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Ender's Game to be classics. Not having read these classics would mean that you would miss references to them in today's culture. So maybe being less 'cultured' just means you wouldn't understand if...
  3. Math preferences

    Well, I agree. I don't think INTPs are the ones to put anything into practice, at least.
  4. Atheists are crybabies too.

    Heh. I think in both cases the "Why do you care?" rule should apply.
  5. Base what?

    ^ tally marks with a twist.:evil:
  6. For those that likes old books (pics)

    Agreed. I love the smell.
  7. user avatars.

    Whether your avatar typifiies you is of little importance, for I now think of you as a strange cat in an o-nuts box.
  8. user avatars.

    Damn. Jordan~ always seems to be fairly profound. I'm unsure whether the avatar plays a part, though.
  9. Hope your all cozy in your cocoon of intellect.

    Thank you, Oblivious. Spelling errors make me twitch.
  10. user avatars.

    Does a poster without an avatar leave an impression? ...I tend to imagine Lobstrich's face as the signature pic's expression.
  11. Is objectivity subjective?

    Can we decide objectively that something fits a given definition? If someone gives me a definition for a square that states that a square is only two-dimensional, I can state that a given three-dimensional object is not a square completely objectively.
  12. Challenge: name an absolute moral (a moral that is true for every human culture)

    There is also the issue of deontology. Some people would decide that there is no excuse for eating a child, no matter what situation you are in.

    However, the point was that there is a group. There may not be a formal hierarchy, but there is a group.
  14. Ambivalence mistaken for Unhappiness?

    Best explanation I've heard.:D
  15. Ambivalence mistaken for Unhappiness?

    ... I don't know. But yes, it does defeat the purpose. Does this happen to you guys too?
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