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  1. nil

    Windows or Linux?

    I use Linux because it's a beautiful system. Ultimately you can do whatever you want with it, and you are given a rich set of tools with which to go about doing things. Shell scripts, make, and gcc are absolutely indispensable. I realize what Linux has the potential to be, but the average...
  2. nil

    I going to try and get drunk with very little alcohol.

    Having mixers at all fairly obviously change the experience. It is quite different to, say, have a rum and coke than it it to have a couple of shots of vodka. All things in their proper time and according to their proper desires.
  3. nil

    Determinism and time travel?

    This thread is interesting because it has a fairly simple premise but can potentially relate to a ton of different things. If you have answers, give them up. We don't even care to apply that knowledge, we just want to KNOW! Perhaps some variant of presentism? As for myself, I am more of a...
  4. nil

    How to you change what you're currently able to do?

    Maintain awareness and control over both the environment and your own mind, and be proactive towards manipulating both in such a way you can easily do anything you want to do. This is not easy to do...
  5. nil

    What is your lifestyle?

    Time does not exist. I seem to bounce quickly from one task to another, even if I have not satisfactorily completed the first task. Exploration and knowledge have always been my primary drive, for the more I learn, the more I am capable of learning. To that end, I always intend to come back to...
  6. nil

    Ask Quicktwist

    For one, that matter is almost entirely empty space.
  7. nil

    What is it like being a genious?

    My biggest problem with most of the people I interact with in real life being less intelligent than me (this is not arrogance, it is a pure and simple fact) is not being able to have personally meaningful and satisfying conversations with others. I find it to usually be the case that, in group...
  8. nil

    academic performance

    Most courses of study merely involve memorizing copious amounts of information and then regurgitating it on assignments / tests, in other words they are very Si-centric. These always bored me to tears, and thus I had no motivation to succeed in them, and so usually ended up with average marks...
  9. nil

    Are INTJ's better?

    INTJ's also deal with perfectionism and idealism, in the sense that they seek to strip down anything to its bare essentials. Inefficiency is waste, and the less that is wasted, the more that is possessed. Another key difference between TiNe and NiTe is divergence vs convergence. Ti seeks closure...
  10. nil


    I relate to almost all of the description presented in the OP, so I have to wonder exactly how TiNe and NiTe differ. Especially with regards to forming mental frameworks, using associations to master understanding of systems, creating a web of knowledge where ideas and information is...
  11. nil

    Windows or Linux?

    An addendum to my previous post in this thread: There have been a few people who have asked me about Linux in the past. They seem pretty interested when I tell them it's free, but they seem much less so when I tell them I have spent countless hours configuring my systems to be how I want them...
  12. nil

    Ask ComputerHxr Because He Understands...

    Is making an "Ask me anything" thread what the 'cool kids' do nowadays?
  13. nil

    Ni bashing?

    It kind of baffles me that you created this thread with the express purpose of clarifying why, in fact, you are NOT bashing Ni-dominants, but instead merely "stating the truth", when your entire OP is almost nothing but ad hominems directed towards Ni-dominants, and the rest of the thread is you...
  14. nil

    Windows or Linux?

    I consider myself to be more or less a power user with both, so I will say this: Linux is my first love, and Windows is something I use only because, for various reasons, I have to. I don't suggest anything. I couldn't care less what OS other people use.
  15. nil

    Self typing patterns

    I would say that there are perhaps correlations amongst types and certain psychological disorders, but there is, of course, no hard rule concerning it. There are many potential ways various functions could coalesce and materialize into neuroses. It is also worth noting that MBTI and pure...
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