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  1. It's been a long time, NegativeZero

    A long time? Time is of no consequence, only life! I actually didn't think that introduction threads were obligatory. Anyway, the basics, I'm James, 27 from Glasgow, Scotland. Although I may be moving back to the Netherlands in the near future I am Scottish. This site is very interesting...
  2. Hi, do i know you from somewhere or is this just a prompt to do the intro thingy?

    Hi, do i know you from somewhere or is this just a prompt to do the intro thingy?
  3. About you?

    What is your name? James Where are you from? Glasgow, Scotland. No, that's not in England! How old are you? 27 What's your gender? Male How did you find out that you were INTP, or other type? Erm, I don't like pigeon holes but i do like a good conversation with people who...
  4. What are you all reading?

    Boring, really? I though it was an excellent insightful novel, messiah is better, although maybe it'll be taking it too far if you're not really into the story. I'm trying to decode Sun Tzu's art of war at the moment, the general premise comes easy but there's more beneath the surface than on...
  5. Recreational drug use/experimentation

    Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it. And btw Hallucinogens are very hard to become addicted to, they may be enjoyable if taken in the right environment but they are also very strenuous. Only a fool would but their brain through that kind of workout on a daily basis and it wouldn't be long...
  6. The Science of Why We Don't Believe in Science

    The author certainly has a point, most people resist change, especially when it involves changing fundamental beliefs about religion or the role humanity plays on the earth. Although, it seems like he is trying to dismiss any criticism of mainstream consensus opinion as a delusion of emotionally...
  7. Transhuman you

    Genetic modification for tissue regeneration and slow ageing, no implants or sensory modification. I'd like to remain human to be honest but I would take an extension.
  8. Antimatter

    A step in the right direction but this tech is decades away from any kind of use.
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