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Recent content by mopo1

  1. Favorite Books

    Favorite books are 1.Bible 2.Pseudephigraphical books of the old testament. 3.Rise of the scientific dictatorship Collins brothers. 4.Warhammer 40000 books. 5.All books by Joseph Farrell. 6.Tom Beardens work on scalar physics. 7.Books by Stephen Quayle. 8.Ahriman gate&Nephilim stargates...
  2. Are INTPs more prone to be asexual?

    I kept myself out of sexs way until i was 33 and found this gorgeous ISFJ lady that takes care of me night and day every need and is happy to observe me and laugh and enjoy my company that is not exactly social except towards her. A marriage made in heaven if you ask me.
  3. SEX

    And by the way she is most probably an INFJ or ISFJ Havent quite made it right yet requires more observation. She has little of both.
  4. Death

    Me im worth 2.05 millions alive and this was my test score at am i dumb. <a href="http://www.am-i-dumb.com" title="The Dumb Test"><img src="http://www.am-i-dumb.com/images/stamps/88.gif" width=200 height=100 border=0 title="The Dumb Test"></a><br>Am-I-Dumb.com - <a href="<A...
  5. Societies and the INTP

    Well the age of INTP:s was ancient Greece and modern society think tanks like DARPA,Club of Rome etc. Although these organisations seem like ST driven because they create technology and ideas that limit personal freedom to create an utopian society where all are happily medicated. Brave new...
  6. Shopping

    Absolutely correct INTP:S buy online the rest as mentioned above. Horror is to be stuck in the queue to the cashier behind some fashion brainwashed women prattling incessantly about the latest fads.
  7. SEX

    Ha ha if id posted this that i was virgin until 33 o n an ES forum i would have raised a ruckus that would have rocked heaven.
  8. SEX

    Ooh i went fine til 33 as virgin until i found a wife and now i m happily married. And she was 29 and virgin a perfect couple we are.
  9. Crappy signature?

    Bad handwriting also after computers came why do you need a pen anymore?
  10. Sleep Deprivation and INTPs

    Seems that being a nightowl is not just my problem. Best time to be awake is between 1-3 am in the morning sometimes to 5 am. During this time its as others stated your mind races and the thoughts are unbelievably pure and cohesive maybe solid would be a better word. If you would have an device...
  11. What songs are you listening to?

    Ministrys Jesus built my hotrod and system of a down are close to my heart or my dying bride.
  12. Exercise

    Hmm all these tips are good but the best one was left out. Get a wife and do all the excersice you need at bed time. :D
  13. Why are you here?

    Very true and the added bonus is you don't have to for the most of the time clean up messes left by Internet arguments.:D
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