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  • Thanks for the names. Any favourite mangas you care to share? I think Mushishi's good for understanding the some things about humans, Flat is good for absent-mindedness, Goth is good for the soul, and Deadman wonderland is entertaining. Liar Game's also good.

    I seeeee...

    One needs to reach a certain level of maturity before he can do yoga and not giggle himself silly?

    Also, view you get of women...

    Wow, never thought about it that way before.:D
    Should have specified. I've read part of the manga and really liked the special room with the piano as a control room. I liked the apprentice historian character with his dilemma about getting involved and/or attached (or not). The Duke of *whatwasitagain?* was a close second when he was knitting. Not so much when he talks.
    Have you read any others?
    Only place you can make long posts and they (mostly) get read. Interesting threads. If you mean your page specifically : ), I read part of the mange your avatar is from, d'you remember its name? ^^' Any opinion on it?
    Me? Sarcasm? Would I?

    Of course not...

    Bah, I was convinced there wasn't a guy on earth that could do yoga and afterwards speak of it:P

    Oh, straight is so boring, poor child of the universe.

    Don't you know pansexuality is the way of the godly?

    Ah, well, such things cannot be helped.

    Off you go play...
    Thanks for posting in two vital and embarassing threads of mine.

    Also, you're a girl huh?

    Avatars are misleading.
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