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  • OK, thanks. Yes, the problem is the demand. I had good luck in the USA, but over here nobody seems to want them. I tried selling in school (which is allowed :)) with no luck. I found Para/550 cord to be pretty expensive, and it's harder to find over here.

    My squadron had lots of old uniforms from cadets gone by and I didn't need to pay for mine, fortunately. The blues are free, though (at least they are now). Anyway, although at first I was disappointed to be leaving CAP, I realise now that there was no logical reason for me to have enjoyed it. I still can't work out why I did...

    Not sure I could help. I'm in the army and like to shoot, so most of my gear is made for that. And I rarely sell my work. I don't see much demand for shooting gear in the UK...

    I should probably get/ make a survival bracelet, though.

    Finding the demand would be the trick. I don't now what the outdoors culture is like over there. I could probably sell them to friends, family, and fellow soldiers if I were to do that, but I'm not sure how many people would be truly interested beyond that. Maybe just get some paracord and start selling them to whoever will buy them? Stuff isn't that expensive, and if it doesn't take off then you have a bunch of 550 cord. No such thing as too much 550 cord.

    What kind of attempts to sell them in the UK, if any, have you made so far?

    On another note, I ALMOST joined the CAP when I was 16, but it wasn't practical for me or my family to buy the uniforms at the time. Great organization, though. Does GSAR stand for "Ground Search And Rescue"?
    I like making custom gear as well. I spent about 1.5 years in the USA and spent some time in CAP. I learned to make survival bracelets in GSAR school, and sold them to other cadets for whatever colour paracord they had. I considered selling them in the UK when I returned (last year), but haven't been able to get started. Ideas?

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