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  • Only draw back is that I have to move into town so I cut down the time I spend traveling. But I already have a place sorted out and it'll have decent Internet. Yuss!
    Oh, lmfao.. I knew that. They're getting there. I have a career now which is awesome and is making me rethink my priorities
    I made my choice. I'm totally fine with a permanent ban but I can see how doing nothing after the commotion I instigated is a cheap way out. Suppose I should attempt to live up to my own standards here. *sigh* :p
    Huh, ok. Yeah, mania can be pretty insane (your example is right up at the high end and includes psychosis I think). Mood disorders in general tend to strip away the foundation of meaning healthier people rely on to make decisions, but because everyone has 'feelings' they're sort of dismissed (it's changing a lot these days though). Anything with 'schizo' in it is wrongly associated with violence and shootings, or dissociative identity disorder.
    That makes sense to me. Asperger's always seemed so variable. What are some of the more serious diagnoses in your opinion?

    [posted this on own wall at first. :|]
    Psych stuff:
    So do people who've been diagnosed with Asperger's have high-functioning autism? Or is it something else/nothing/could be anything?
    But I will learn about the different cognitive functions, I've been forgetting about that.
    I kept getting typed as INTP, I looked at the other types, they don't fit as well, I will admit, I have been on this forum for a while (3 day wise) I'm pretty sure something is off, but if you knew me, I fit the functions, just a higher Fe and a lower Ni, my parents do say I'm an INTP, my dads an INTJ and my mom is an INTP. Besides my humor, I am called un-social. It does make me look around testing myself to see if I fit. I have 2 friends who always type people, they're not close, but they type me as a INTP, my mother, who is always looking into Jung stuff told me I'm an INTP, and my friend Josh, who is an INFP also says so. As it may sound stupid and have no logos what so ever, but I think I am an immatured INTP.
    I am an Introvert, that is a cold hard fact, I'm loud mouthed, but I am called anti-social (Not the mental illness), and I am quiet besides my sarcastic humor .
    Every Time I took different varieties of tests I got INTP, I fit the description. The only thing I get that doesn't fit is how I get emotions, I will admit, I get emotional sometimes, not very emotional, but I feel stuff, I'm not very empathetic though.
    I was typed INTP too, I don't know what it is that makes me feel more emotion than the other people on here.
    ENTJ... yes 18
    well i was quite social and popular as an adolescent, but i enjoyed alone time, also i lacked organizational skills, but i did like the practical purpose of things.

    and i wanted to make the right decision the first time.
    but i ended up changing.
    "impulsive, irresponsible and often criminal behaviour."

    impulsive... hmm... yeah.. i think it comes from not giving a fuck what people think about me
    irresponsible... slightly with alcohol, and with school work, but that is about it.
    criminal behavior.... well white collar crime seems exciting, but no.

    Someone with antisocial personality disorder will typically be manipulative, deceitful and reckless, and won't care for other people's feelings.

    manipulative, yes.
    deceitful, sometimes.. it is a matter of mood.
    reckless... little.
    lack of empathy? yes... i think i smile at the sufferings of others as a coping mechanism though
    Also, you act like I've

    earlier you said you were 8 w 7....
    link me to the site you are using.

    what the fuck is an immature 8 supposed to be? an 18? what?

    so yes i am a 5 right now, and i will stay 5 w 5 or 5 w 4

    i will check out game theory
    Seriously, are you being genuine in this place or just fucking around?

    And I'll add Crowley's Book IV to your suggested reading list. Just 'cause.

    I am trying to be a good christian...
    God has been speaking to me...
    maybe he will allow me to?
    In reference to that time I said you were communicating on an emotional plane you didn't know existed, this thread is a good example: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=24906

    There's a certain nebulousness involved. We don't know, for example, whether you're considering the lizard because you now have fewer qualms about feeding it live food or because you want to rip off its appendages instead.

    Now, obviously things will become more clear to people as they get to know you, and certain types of nebulousness give you more plausible deniability, but yeah...

    yes, i made it ambiguous because i do not want people knocking on my door saying i abuse lizards LOL!!!
    i like Machiavellianism because of some of the ideas promoted...
    For example, acts of cruelty as a mean of gaining the obedience of soldiers.
    and manipulating the laws to exploit the system
    I have a lot of odd ideas about how people show complete subservience to that which is bad for the majority and good for the minority...
    There is some freaky shit which goes on, that is for sure.
    My thoughts:
    Intimacy, empowerment and fear are the greatest weapons for controlling man.

    he had some other funny ideas, like how being corrupt and selfish makes one despise another, but never disdain or hate, both of which he believes to be worse, i agree.
    hatred is never bad though, people are more manipulable, just stronger convictions.
    Enneagram Type Eight
    The Powerful, Dominating Type:
    Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational"
    so in other words u got half a cactus stuck up your ass?
    LOL JK :D

    Level 7: Defying any attempt to control them, become completely ruthless, dictatorial, "might makes right." The criminal and outlaw, renegade, and con-artist. Hard-hearted, immoral and potentially violent.

    You bad ass!

    I am a 5v5 or 5V3
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