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Recent content by Kronos Zul

  1. Kronos Zul


    Haven't been on a for a few days. D: About the dreams, I sadly hardly ever remember my dreams. I'm not even sure if I dream most of the time.
  2. Kronos Zul

    Midnight Snax

    Oh how I love PB&J The rice and Tomato sauce sounds tasty too. Although I've never tried that.
  3. Kronos Zul

    Staring into Space [thread split]

    That's me. Too bad I usually end up getting in trouble for that. :\
  4. Kronos Zul

    The Game

    God damn it. :(
  5. Kronos Zul

    Physical characteristics and other descriptions

    Yeah, Both Socionics INTP and INTJ describe me, but in different ways.
  6. Kronos Zul

    Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    People complain about being taught for the test. If all I did was test all day, I would have Straight A's/B's. :(
  7. Kronos Zul

    INTP humor

    Honestly, I laughed at the blood on the carpet joke. Although I seem to be nearly three weeks late. I giggled at the Incest/Pedo jokes.
  8. Kronos Zul

    sleep and consciousness

    The only time I ever remember my dreams, are when I'm partially awake, and aware that I'm dreaming. I'm not 100% sure it can be classed as Lucid Dreaming though. It's almost more of a daydream, but then I could be wrong. I also, almost never remember My dreams or even know if I did dream. The...
  9. Kronos Zul

    Sleep Deprivation and INTPs

    Sounds like me too. :S I'm a bit of a Night owl as as well, and for all the same reasons you all listed.
  10. Kronos Zul


    I go by Kronos Zul, I'm new here. :cool: I found this site through:http://typelogic.com/intp.html Which I feel is a pretty good description of my personality, to the point of being a little creepy. I tried to register once before, and my yahoo was instantly banned. :( I hope to get to know the...
  11. Kronos Zul

    Are any of you like me?

    Edited parts out that didn't sound like me. I love to read, and I'm not very motivated in school. I've never written my thoughts down. I might try that someday...probably after I move out. :p I love to just sit and think about things. Anything. It doesn't mater what I think about. I just love...
  12. Kronos Zul

    Are any of you like me?

    Other than the Musician part(would rather listen than make it :D), and the not getting along with people, you sound a lot like me. Even down to the disliking math. Well...I like to say I'm just really lazy in math.:cool: I also prefer talking and thinking over writing. Not so good when you have...
  13. Kronos Zul

    Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    Pretty much the same here, I've never had Test Anxiety. I've never, ever studied for a test. Ever. And I almost always get a pretty good score. Anywhere from the low 80's to the high 90's if I liked the subject. Although I disliked school, I'm now doing an Alternative High School. I go once or...
  14. Kronos Zul

    Physical characteristics and other descriptions

    I pretty much Registered just to respond to this thread. my first try was instantly banned...:( The Physical description of the INTP on the Soc site describes me pretty well, but the INTj personality Description describes me too. Guess I'm some kind of mixture.:cool: My nose has the appearance...
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