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  • I think it's one of those interchangeable likes. One that alters it's meaning depending on the subject, you know, subject sensitive?
    It means whatever you want it to mean.
    Want to know something curious?

    In Final Fantasy tactics: war of the lions, I am currently in the process of mastering various jobs in order to allow my Black mage/knight reach the point where he can become a DARK KNIGHT, easily the best class in the game I should think.

    Names are auto-assigned at the beginning of the game unless changed, and his name is 'Khellus'.

    I thought it was cute...
    Actually, omnisexuals are a fair bit better.

    A pansexual is a creature that accepts they can love anyone on the basis of romance.

    An omnisexual is , by my definition, a pansexual that accepts they can become sexually attracted to anyone they love.

    Thats me of course.:3
    Atypical of me to be nice? Or was that sarcasm?



    Fair point on both accounts.
    If you want to enter something for the silly writers melee, just throw it my way.

    Ahem, screw deadlines...we're all INTP's here....>,>
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