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  • I'm reading Cell by Stephen King and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (for school, but enjoying it) at the moment. I don't really read that often anymore sadly nor do I really have a large database of books that I have read, but generally they are based around fiction; either science fiction, political fiction or fantasy. I can't stand non fiction.
    Also I hope the avatar is now successful in portraying who I am, luckily for myself I don't have many physical similarities to my old avatar.
    My personal favourites are:
    "1984" By George Orwell (The political side of the novel and how close our society really is to that is fascinating of not somewhat frightening)
    "Lord of the Rings" By J. R. R. Tolkien (Come on who doesn't like these books"

    Ooh, so you we share two of the same favourites?

    Check my album to see if we have anymore literacy compatibility.

    P.s, I hate your avatar, I just hate it with passion. Mostly because me, and a selcet few others, take Avatars as being the mental manifestation of all posters. By which I mean, I picture you as that creepy fellow there.


    Make it go away...
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