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  • Yes but apparently I'm ignorant of these things.

    What do you mean by "cognitive part"? Operate on the information that comes in?

    This is pretty new to me. How many parts are there? And how do they identify these parts?
    Nope. But you shared new things.

    "Larger system"? Emotional System? High electrical resistance?
    Hello KazeCraven. Where does Functions come from? The origin? Is it a manmade tool to understand reality similar to math?
    I have a really dumb question.

    You know the user whose avatar
    is a photo of him and he has long
    dark hair and either blue or violet
    eyes? He started a thread a bit ago
    about a video game.

    If you know who I am talking about
    do you think you could tell me his
    name so I can find him....

    and I mean his forum name.
    When I said I tested differently I was trying
    to make it apparent (which I failed at, words
    are not my thing) that if I had three different
    enneagram tests my scores for one would be
    a 9w2 one would be a 5w4 and the other a

    I just made all these up for the sake of an example
    and clarity.
    I consistently test as a five with a wing of six.

    However on some tests (or just one) I scored
    highest in the area of Nine and then my next
    lowest were five and six. It's on the INFJ forum.
    I did it just the other day which is why it's fresh
    in my mind.

    9 was 71
    5 was 69
    6 was 67

    However it still told me I was a five even though
    I scored two points higher for nine.
    I usually always test as a 5.
    It's my wings that differ.

    If the questions are black and white
    in regards to idealism my nine is higher
    than it usually is.
    But I very rarely test as a nine.
    I test differently on every enneagram test I take.
    However if I take the same test multiple times I
    get the same result repeatedly.
    I don't know what's up with this.

    I think you should keep me updated on your study of the temperaments.

    Okay- in hindsight I don't know if this makes that much sense.
    I feel like anymore all I ever do is troll people.
    Everyone just irritates me.
    I want to go to bed.

    No, that is not what I meant.
    I was teasing.

    Troll him?????

    I find it narrow-minded as well.
    And intense.
    Your username is one of my favorites, but what happened to 'crazy raven?' It had such a nice ring.
    I think I understand your latest thread's premise.

    There is something comforting about being forced down a path, having all choices removed, or losing control.

    Some sort of relief in not having to choose, of being presented with a single focus to analyse rather than being bombarded with ALL the possibilties!

    Examples include not buying a subway, being told how to do a simple task by a wiser foe, being late yet on a bus and trapping yourself in a blanket!

    Of course, maybe I'm just a submissive bitch?
    Was going to ask the same question. Indeed, it seemed familiar. A custom sprite? A knight with a book?
    Can't seem to post on your page Enne, but my avatar is from Final Fantasy Tactics (although this pic is actually of a custom sprite)
    haha yes. i was talking about your signature.
    i had heard before that test results are only suggestions, and i didnt disbelieve it, i just wondered what the situation would be like that would cause someone to be mistyped by a test. so you didnt answer my original curiousity about mistesting...
    i never saw anything that made me doubt you were an intp.. i just made a bad assumption that your intj result wasnt purposely decided by you.
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