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  1. JimJambones

    Game of Thrones

    I skipped over comments because I am reading the books first and I'm trying to avoid serious spoilers. I am currently reading Storm of Swords. I will only then watch the series. I try to read the books first to let my imagination have free rein. It's more fun that way.
  2. JimJambones

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    Maybe not biological drives, but biology and neurology certainly play a significant role. Feelings of purpose originate in the brain. Understanding the brain is a good first place to start. I don't know, purpose itself is rather vague and means something different to different people. It...
  3. JimJambones

    Do any of you like to dance?

    Do I like to dance?
  4. JimJambones

    Meeting other INTPs in real life

    I have one really good INTP friend and we share a very twisted sense of humor :D Our corrections of one another are more like, "Isn't it X instead of Y?", "Oh yeah" It's more amicable.
  5. JimJambones

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    I'm really not sure why even a current scientific understanding of the universe or a lack of a personal God in our lives necessarily implies that life has no inherent meaning, or why it necessarily leads to nihilism. It seems like a logical leap to conclude this. I think there are other ways...
  6. JimJambones

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    but it's fun
  7. JimJambones

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    I found Nietzsche to be too dogmatic and confident for his own good. Total loser.
  8. JimJambones

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    A little alcohol, lots of sex, good books, observing nature, being a life learner, sex, endless philosophical inquiry, good food and company, and sex.
  9. JimJambones

    INTPs and High School

    I had the weird combination of being a nerd and an artists who drew weird things, so I was a little extra weird. I was picked on a little bit, but I used to crush their little heads with my thumb and index finger, making me feel warm and fuzzy inside as their heads turned to mush. I was really...
  10. JimJambones

    How INTP and INFP conflicts

    One of the problems with MBTI is that it converts dichotomic results from the questionnaire into a cognitive function breakdown. Now if cognitive functions are true, then there should be very little in common with INTP and INFP, since they only share a preference for half of their functions...
  11. JimJambones

    Last movie you watched

    I saw Logan and absolutely loved it. Wolverine was perhaps my favorite comic book character as a kid and while I was disappointed in his role as Wolverine in the first three X-men movies, he has redeemed himself with "Logan". I thought he finally nailed the character.
  12. JimJambones

    Is the internet dying?

    What worries me most is all the misinformation that already misinformed people are consuming from the internet and spreading to other misinformed people. Web searches should have the option to reveal evidence based results first, supported by facts and sources, unless that option is already...
  13. JimJambones

    Imaginary creature running along side

    I think I imagined some ninja character running and jumping alongside trying to keep up, sort of like in a rooftop chase in one of my cartoons/movies. Also, I imagined a large ostrich pulling our car on rope. I would look out the front windshield from the backseat and imagine what the ostrich...
  14. JimJambones

    Nintendo Switch

    I have been a Legend of Zelda fan for over twenty years!!
  15. JimJambones

    Nintendo Switch

    The switch looks like a lot of fun. It is a good console to supplement the PS4 I have. I do not have the money to spend on the Switch yet, so I bought the Breath of the Wild for our WiiU. So far, I really enjoy the game play.
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