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  • Try? Who's talking about trying? It's just a matter of..........time.



    What made you deicide to jump on that alternative? If you don't mind me asking.

    I agree about it makes it easier to make one more "advanced" meal when you don't have to do it so often.
    Do I remember correctly when imagining you said you only eat once a day? Or at least rarely? I'm asking because I'm curious if such a thing is possible. It would certainly be convenient.

    I have been eating less than usual recently, mostly due to stress. But that doesn't matter. The last two days I've eaten one large meal, other than that I've eaten some chocolate or been drinking some coffee. I haven't felt particularly hungry which I find interesting. An unplanned experiment, one can say.
    How old are you?

    Oh, string theory, I'm jealous. I think study could get too dry if there were too much of the same. I imagine biology will be more exciting (for me) because I get to go out once in a while (hopefully) and study different stuff. I don't sit inside reading all day, I get bored when doing the same for thing several hours. Though, some subjects just pulls me in and I get lost in information for hours... so.... I dunno....
    Yeah, schools are really bad at teaching..... I don't have particularly good grades from VGS. Though, I did have some anxiety issues. But I never tried either. I just floated through. It was only two years after VGS I started getting interested in sciency stuff. I suppose the inspiration came partly from this place.
    What study?

    I want to study biology, but need some more math and chemistry before I qualify. So I'm planning on taking a year of those studies. If I get in where I have applied. I'll know the 20th.

    Ah, nothing's like a good, confusing letter. Which reminds me of David Thorne
    I think I remember you say Oslo. What do you do there? Study? Work? Or, you know, sit in your wheelchair writing angry letters to NAV?

    Dang, I'm going to PM you next time.....VM's are restrictive.

    And unfortunately I am addicted to caffeine at the moment. Winter has that effect. I do adore a really well-brewed short black, Italian style. Except I take the double-shot :phear:

    I went electrode-fishing for a week with a small research unit. We caught a Murray cod of about 1.2 m. Wrestling that thing requires serious protection, including rubber clothing. It is quite cold here at the moment, believe it or not.

    I hope it is warming up where you are, I heard it was a harsh winter.

    By interval training I was referring to the idea of, for instance, the act of running. We evolved with the need to chase after food when the capture of fire and furthermore the discovery of metals for weapon production made protein consumption the more popular option. Running was a stop-start action. The high energy chase, followed by slowing down, perhaps to stalk the prey. We had to conserve energy, not expend it. So my idea of interval-training is more based on this perception.

    The breakfast thing is interesting, I have had similar thoughts. My theory is that if we were actually adhering to the natural biological rythm, as in going to bed at sunset and getting up at sunrise (however that gets a litle tricky in the Northern hemisphere...), we would be better adjusted nutritionally. The body would not reject food at breakfast time, as mine usually does. I actually feel ill eating breakfast.
    It is interesting that you have these thoughts. I have never been a fan of gyms, in fact I avoid them like the plague. I dangled off cliff-faces for about ten years, but it was hard on my joints as I have a rather slight build. The physio said my muscles were too strong for such a fine bone structure, it was literally destroying the tendons and synovial membranes. Result: I now have permanent joint problems. I think that exercise is only beneficial if one actually enjoys it. I shudder when I see those runners that look as if they are going to collapse on the spot. And stretching with a "cold" body cannot be a good thing. I always only stretch when sufficiently warmed up.

    I have read about the kind of exercise science you mentioned. It seems to be taking off in the US...as with everything new on the research front. It is very interesting. I like the idea of intense interval training. You must be fit:phear:

    I will be going away for a week, so if I'm quiet it is because I'll be stuck in some murky river in the middle of nowhere wearing interesting rubber pants.

    *is tongue-tied for a minute*

    I'm not very good at this.....whatever it is :phear:

    Or perhaps I'm just very sly......who knows....

    I will certainly consider the idea of dual anonymity. Sounds like fun. :twisteddevil: I'll show you my old haunts. Which basically consisted of the National Gallery and some sleazy old cafe.

    You sound like someone I know very well. Regarding being prepared for things, I mean. When I was in first grade, we were introduced to some mathematical concepts of groupings. I remember sitting there with the problem in front of me and getting so frustrated I started crying. I never forget the teacher coming up to me and the approving look she gave me. She could see that I was dying to understand. It's a killer sometimes. I am never quenched, that's my problem. Hence being poor and more or less destitute for a number of years. My mother is tearing her hair out as we speak.

    So you are content because you are learning (?). Good, I can relate. A hungry mind can be a blessing and a curse. Sweet and bitter. Life and death. Attach labels and suffer. Detach and suffer more. I know, this is cryptic, but that is what a nice glass of Shiraz does to the brain of Polaris. Or what is left of it.....

    30 mins a month sounds like a perfect regime. I prefer to walk. I walked 18 kms up in the mountains last weekend. It is curiosity that drives me. What is behind the next turn, over that hill........?:segen:

    Maxinquaye is one of my favourite albums of all times. I still listen to it now and then. Got Nearly God as well. I love Neneh Cherry's voice. Very attractive woman, too..

    My situation is interesting. I am happier than last time we spoke. Can be largely attributed to increased usage of braincells. And less isolation. Which means good friends.

    *saves it for later PM*
    Quote Jah: "haha, brilliant. I like open women."


    It seems I am setting up self-made traps for my silly self to fall in....*facepalms*

    I used to live in Grefsen. Studied at Odontologisk Fakultet, Geitmyrsveien. Witnessed a knife-brawl on the tram back from uni. Had some sweet, nice old man trying to grope me on same tram. Stared into a window one morning from same tram only to discover the dude in the window was baring his birthday suit to the world. Ah, memories of the "Big Smoke". Oslo is full of sickos.

    But I loved it nevertheless. Perhaps it was the anonymity....if they left one alone, that is. Keep your eyes peeled. One might find some "inspiration" :phear:

    It would be interesting to see some of your work. Perhaps if I stop procrastinating I'll make it to Norway this summer. Hm. I just invited myself, so there. :eek:

    Uni coming up, awesome. You sound well prepared.

    To be continued.......->
    Ghah....I left myself wide open there....:o

    Ermh.....I like your posts.....and stuff. Yes. And feel slightly guilty for not PM'ing you when I said I would. That's why I dedicated a song to you in one of the Forum members audial impressions threads. Don't know why I picked that one, but thought it befitting. Except the cigarettes and guns, perhaps. I get the impression you are quite well behaved. Or perhaps that is just on the surface ;)

    Are you still up North? Are you back at uni? Are you content? Are you still painting? Am I asking too many questions?

    You know what?

    I think I'll just dress like a nineteenth century gentlemen and run through the streets shouting 'NO!NO! NO! The time vortex has to be sealed! AGH! Damn! Where's my bloody sonic when I need it!?'

    That aught to get the attention of a few people, some of whom may be ladies, correct?

    Thus, I save myself a wealth of intellectual planning, best reserved for direct dealings with already snared women!

    You see my friend, I am one step ahead, however mad my gait may be!

    (I can't imagine you as a metal hippy, you're too thin and passive, whereas they tend to be wide, wild and stoned)

    Right, from todays lesson, I have learned:

    -A few rounds of self study= A few rounds of Guinness.

    - learn to understand and accept why you are who you are and have done the things you have done. = I AM ABOVE THE LAW! I understand why I killed, that makes it acceptable!

    -about my difference from the rest of the "flock", = Apparently, sheep and other livestock can be metal hippies too.
    Also, I dislike deeper communication, it is revealing and difficult to pull off.

    Like many of my kind, I enjoy studying, but cannot abide being studied.


    Ever wonder how we came to be discussing this? Frankly I'm suprised you've kept it up despite me adding very little to the conversation, at least not intellectually.

    So, from what I gather, I must dress snappily to be a womaniser, and becoming a metal hippy will kill enough brain cells to make you sensible and fashion conscious!

    Can I pass on that?;p
    Hahaha! I know it wasn't your intention, but I got a mental image of you as one of those heavy metal bearded hobos.

    So you dress selfishly, not to agree to the ideals of others, but to your own, which, may not always mirror that of others.

    Hm. You've given me some curious things to consider but I must agree with comfort trumps style, however, I feel comfortable with a little attention to style! I also refrain from dressing in a way too excessive in comparison to the norms.>>
    Hm. I was under the impression that humans judged us because they assume us to be all the same.
    For example, I was once stalked by a rather dreadful character, and thereafter, anyone of his build/size or age, I am automatically suspicious of.

    Rather, if you look different people won't know *what* to think, because they'll have nothing to relate you to!

    (Unless of course you go out in a diving suit with a tie around your waist and a fur coat around your head like a turban, because then you'll simply be considered entirely mad)

    Right, sure, dressing stylishly works:P

    You expect me to beleive women can see past such things as that?

    A select few perhaps, but they tend to judge people quite harshly on their clothing and sense of cleanliness.

    I'm not bothered if attractive males make assumptions about my sexuality, but I wouldn't risk your rashness for fear of the creepy, slighty unhinged ones.
    Expect you to be 'the man'?

    That could be interpreted in so many ways, few of them lacking vulgarity.

    Or maybe I'm just that-way inclined.

    So, you use formal clothing to adopt a guise of selfless and passive bystander?


    I'd see through that in two seconds, either by watching your eyes or checking the labels of your clothing.(I can't think of an non-awkward approach to this, but I will at the time!)

    ("Aha! It's a small pinstriped vest manufactured by 'Deviance' for sale by New Look's female section! IMPOSTER! Have at you!")
    (The other 5% would be recommended things and other ill gift choices from relatives that know me badly enough to think I'd enoy something dreadful. Having said that, there is little I wouldn't read, I feel as though I leave every book with something.., be it a delightful concept brought about by misinterprating the authors prose briefly, or another layer to my personality. It just so happens, some books are treasure troves while others are barren. Uh, I have an album featuring my favourite books, if you're interested.)
    Excellent. Formality is the ultimate expression of apathy.

    It really says 'look here! I am robed all in plain clothes, I wish to stare at you and make small talk if forced to before rather blatantly ignoring you to contemplate other things!'

    Of course, it doesn't work for me, because I balance the formality of shirts and ties with wearing a few arm bands and such, and I usually wear jeans with the shirt being a colour besides black from time to time.


    I have yet to really read Lovecraft, and I would blame penguin for that.

    I tend to get about 95% of my reading selection from their classics section, because they;re cheap, and to me, a book written a hundred years ago that is still published today speaks quality.
    Hahah. Oh, so I guess I'm the only one who always dresses as if he must be formal.

    Well, hold on, thats a lie...shirt and tie yes, but I'm always decorated with war-bands and such. :x
    Clive Barker...hrm, so, he's a horror writer with style?
    A lot of 'horror' writers seem to go for disgusting/obscene over horrifying.
    I mean, nothing is remotely terrifying about human entrails or decapitated corpses with their vital organs peirced with sexy toys.
    It just makes one feel a little ill.
    What would really scare me, would be something deeply psychologically threatening, something which crept to the core of human nature and tore it our for you to look at, to be horrified and disgusted by the self!:D

    Ah, someday I shall play with minds to a much greater extent than I manage now.

    You make an interesting proposition.

    To be honest, I am unsure what it is exactly, all I know is that the words 'blood' and 'red' used craftily in the same sentence caused my eyes to glaze over and my frame to freeze on the spot.

    I can only assume, by basis of evidence , that it was an interesting propostion.

    Or we could just tear away the humanity of each individual until they are left with only their own stories.

    Like those interactive statues at museums that tell you stories.

    Everyone would become a book/Zombie.

    How perfect!

    Humans are only useful in their tales you know.:)
    Why don't we make the world a library for christs sake!

    Books on every street corner, scanners at every bus stop..oh, and lazers to destroy those who refuse to read.:D
    Lets us take over a library together!

    Arm yourself with staplers, glue guns and rulers!

    Today we take what is ours!
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