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  1. Iximi

    Anxiety and all that shizzle.

    Think about what's really going on in your head when this happens. What's happening within your stream of consciousness? Is the stream truly drying up or are dams being built?
  2. Iximi

    Where does the information come from?

    Definition requires information. Any property of anything is an implication of "information". Given this, what would an absence of information be? We have learned from the quantum world that everything we know exists in terms of probability. Every probability function observed must have...
  3. Iximi

    Anxiety and all that shizzle.

    As I have gotten older, I have found that when I can move past my anxiety is when I am my happiest. The issue seems to stem from internalizing everything, turning it over and over, creating a feedback loop of anxiety, depression and procrastination. The best way I have found to prevent this...
  4. Iximi

    Theory of existance in a nutshell, thoughts?

    Yes, by "big crunch" I do mean maximum entropy. However at the point of maximum entropy the "negative" aspect of our universe would have reached minimum entropy. I only used that term because it represents the 'end' point. Both of those points really represent the same singularity however, the...
  5. Iximi

    Theory of existance in a nutshell, thoughts?

    Agreed. I am careful to use entropy/time as the only factor when measuring change. Anything that can be measured is merely the product of a collapsed probability function.
  6. Iximi

    Theory of existance in a nutshell, thoughts?

    It's interesting that you would say that... This theory was actually formulated given new information and insights gained through study at my university. Cognitive science, philosophy, quantum physics and string theory primarily. Actually, it is a whole hell of a lot like string theory...
  7. Iximi

    Theory of existance in a nutshell, thoughts?

    Being able to watch it is irrelevant really. And no, the positive universe transitions from maximum entropy to minimum entropy after what we call the "big crunch" while the negative one does the opposite.
  8. Iximi

    Theory of existance in a nutshell, thoughts?

    "Big crunch" is the term I used for familiarity's sake by the by. The "big bang" and "big crunch" are the same event; only the perspective differs. If entropy is increasing, it would appear as if everything came from a state of maximum energy (big bang). If entropy is decreasing, it would...
  9. Iximi

    Theory of existance in a nutshell, thoughts?

    Link leads to picture of notebook page with relevant material (magnification may be helpful): http://i.imgur.com/IhKyk.jpg?1 Thoughts?
  10. Iximi

    INTP reaction to stress

    In times of extreme stress I go into a state of 'mental paralysis'. During this period, time becomes distorted, and normal schedules completely dissolve. My default reaction to stress is to push it out by any means necessary. That is, for stress that is not immediate (such as almost falling of a...
  11. Iximi

    Thor or Loki? Was Loki evil?

    Good or evil is something that always requires a definition before it can be discussed. I would say however, that to most in contemporary society, his actions would be seen as undesirable at least. Whether or not he is "evil" as defined comes down to the question of if the ends justify the...
  12. Iximi

    A tendency towards complexity.

    The following are my thoughts on the trends of our universe and how everything seems to be related. Please forgive the jumbledness and tense issues. I have tried to frame my thoughts in a way that is more easily understood. Please comment with your initial reactions and/or questions. I am...
  13. Iximi

    Where did the electron come from ?

    Seeing as an electron appears to have some mass- this question would be more easily answered if the Higgs boson is confirmed to exist. Being able to fully understand the mechanisms that facilitated the emergence of the electron (and positron) is exactly the realm modern particle physicists...
  14. Iximi

    Helping and hurting

    In the past, I have hurt people with this ability. Recently however, I have used it to prevent conflict between people and facilitate harmonious relationships. The result of what you read into about others is almost entirely dependent on your reaction. In my experience anyway.
  15. Iximi

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