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  • I like your avatar a lot. Did you draw it?
    Edit - Nevermind. I just read your enlightening (albeit brief) conversation with UppyDownyMouth.
    So this is kind of awkward now..uhh..
    Yup, that's me, Tashi the lurker.
    I suppose I'm just so used to going unnoticed, i don't think to say hello.
    Please accept my apology, and....
    hello there =]
    oh wow. Yeah you're right. that could be applicable to me as well.
    I'm glad you like it :) thanks.
    to be honest i'm not quite sure. I generally start my sketches by drawing a few lines then seeing where that takes me, once i get the general outline of something i expand on it and add details. I also tend to "zone out" in a way while sketching, so this might have been based on a dream or a thought that i had. (not sure how else to explain it)


    I'm here if you need to experiment!

    Nice avatar by the way.

    It's coming for me, I imagine.

    Least thats what I try to beautiful blonde women.

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