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Recent content by higs

  1. higs

    Is men starring at goats acceptable

    Oh most definitely.
  2. higs

    Why are you blind to beauty?

    I don't understand, I have not observed that people are particularly blind to beauty. Millions flock to Rome to see the Sistine Chapel or to Paris to see Notre Dame, etc. etc. Am I missing something in your post?
  3. higs

    Hello! Looking to meet new people

    haï :) I really enjoyed this thread recently (watching creepily from the sidelines) : https://www.intpforum.com/threads/determinism-the-end-of-morality-and-free-will.27736/
  4. higs

    I might need a jacket

    Denim bomber jacket or "sportswear" jacket. You should be able to find something good in a thrift shop. Jackets are good to buy in a thrift shop because it's usually okay if they're a bit big or something, and they're easy to try on anyway.
  5. higs

    Last movie you watched

    Contagion. It was okay. Bonus points for Gwyneth paltrow dying almost immediately. Jude Law is quite bad in it, I think he's doing a failed australian accent ? It was quite well put together in many ways though. Before that, Rubber by Quentin Dupieux which now goes on my list of favorite films.
  6. higs

    Pokémon Yellow

    Fire red was my favourite Good monster design and you could actually tell because the graphics were alright
  7. higs


    Yet if these spiders had been squirrels there would be no problem :D
  8. higs

    ADD vs. INTP

    Yeah I think the ADD ADHD thing looks kind of shoddy. I think maybe some people just aren't so suited to certain tasks etc. But I wouldn't say I have all that much info on the issue, just a personal opinion type thing. Some of my friends were turbulent children put on ritalin. I think it's...
  9. higs

    Can you please ban me?

    Why don't you just not post.
  10. higs

    Writing game!

    Desperately, I search my memory, but I find that trying to recall how or why I am here is akin to trying to remember a dream, concentrating harder only pushes information away, like trying to grasp more tightly a handful of sand. Disjointed fragments float to the surface of my mind: the shock of...
  11. higs


    Oh yes you mentioned it in OP, I forgot. I've always thought of it as a fairly rational fear. It makes perfect sense to feel danger in these cases. However, you could try and do some rock climbing or something as a hobby I suppose, taking it very slowly, if you were at all interested in...
  12. higs


    Delightfully creepy :) I take it you're also anxious about heights ?
  13. higs

    Language Pen Pals

    Je parle Français, je veux bien échanger avec vous. N’hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message privé ou public si vous voulez engager la conversation. Personnellement j'apprend actuellement l'Espagnol, donc si quelqu'un veux me parler en Espagnol ça m'arrange aussi. (mais je préfère en message privé...
  14. higs


    By exposing myself gradually to heights. For example I have been exploring the catacombs, and doing so sometimes requires one to climb up and down ladders that reach 15 meters down or so. I force myself to do this, and my anxiety has considerably decreased whilst doing it. The first few times I...
  15. higs


    Heights, though I am fighting my phobia and I think I am getting better ?
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