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  • Well, I wrote a short piece in French and I want to know if it makes sense. I think you'll understand: it was one of those surreal artists' moments, where it feels like some higher power is working through you. These experiences can render personal masterpieces, but you then realize it's completely involuntary. It can't be repeated at will.
    I would love to, especially somewhere on the Mediterranean, but I would have to learn French first. My plan is to end up on the west coast of North America, where I think people are tolerant of bohemian bullshit. Also, the Pacific is nice, but not as nice as the Mediterranean.
    Hello French artist girl.

    For some reason, I have this idea in my mind that French culture is more accepting of people enduring creative pursuits than North America or wherever. Do you think this is true?
    I have extensively studied the MBTI and Enneagram; the Enneagram is the more spiritually-rich instrument and psychologically helpful tool. Enneagram focuses on unconscious motivations (the why) and MBTI focuses on information processing (the how); you developed your Enneagram type (ego/defense mechanisms) to cover up the deficits stemming from childhood trauma/experiences. You should just know upfront that fours are withdrawn and reactive, which means that they go inward to have their needs met and want to see their reactions, especially the intense/dark ones, mirrored in the environment and other people. As far as I can tell, I'm an eight. I enjoy helping people and I wouldn't mind helping you. I feel like this sort of thing is what I'm supposed to be doing. :^^:
    Ah, I read your recent post in the depression club. Classic Enneagram four woes. I'm not positive I can help without more information but usually when four integrates to one it indicates that the otherwise wispy four is committed to something definitive. It's possible to stop meandering, in other words.

    I mean, I'm not trying to beat a dead horse but four and five are both withdrawn types, which can make decisive action difficult. The thing to realize is most of these ego structures aren't your true making or fault; in fact, the ego structure isn't even the true you. I can try to assist, if you like. :^^:
    Indeed, I look forward to it very much.

    Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games of all time. I'm a bit older, so I have a tad more nostalgia growing up repetitively playing the SNES classics A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy II (IV) and III (VI), and Chrono Trigger.

    Even though Ocarina of Time was released at a later time in my life, it was so great that I always associate it with my previously favorite pastimes.

    It's something for a game to be able to elicit a profound feeling of nostalgia along with a great sense of novelty at the same time.

    Are you familiar with the works of Joseph Campbell and the monomyth? I liken the Zelda series to this particular brand of mythmaking. It seems to me to be a classic portrayal of the 'Journey of the Hero'.

    Shigeru Miyamoto is the Walt Disney of the gaming world. It'd be a far more desolate landscape in gaming culture if he had not been a part of it.
    Oh, that's quite intriguing. I love the Zelda series, but have yet
    to play some of the newer entries. I literally just finished the
    DS Phantom Hourglass for the first time last week. I plan on
    experiencing the Wii releases at a later date when I can do
    so cheaply by buying used. Are you a big Zelda fan as well?

    The model for that figure was an actual statue given to him by
    his father-in-law. Beyond that, I do not know much more about
    the statue:

    M.C. Escher and the picture is his 1953 work Relativity

    That's likely his most well-recognized work, but most of his work is mathematically and geometrically inspired.
    Forget the meds. Try to pin me down. :smoker:

    If you win, I win. If I win, you win. I might just throw the game and let you take the wheel. :^^:
    I have hair pretty similar to yours, intensity which people balk at or embrace, and an open door policy. :D

    All you need now is a style or demeanor that slightly freaks people out and messy hair and I shall have to stalk you and find you, and then engage in sinful activities in your company Mwaha see you soon, I'll find out where you live

    By all means...as long as joint sinning is allowed; making love is the opposite of sinning though. But now...I need coffee. :^^:

    Haha, your avatar doesn't imbue me with much confidence about your continued mental health "on the outside."
    Thanks for your kind words. I enjoy your posts too.

    Mostly if I participate in a thread, it's on a topic I've already discussed elsewhere or thought out extensively, so it's not hard at this point to know why I think it to be true. You will get there too, the more you talk about something and research it. I learned a lot just by participating online and discussing topics. There's always someone who has thought of something I haven't.
    Oh yeah, Siamese Dream is probably in my top 20. I basically love every track and the sequencing grows on you. It's a mistake not to crank Hummer or headphone Soma. Yeah, I got into Heidegger about the same time as Wittgenstein...right now I'm seeing about Richard Rorty and neopragmatism...all of this is related to anti-foundationalism...so that's the tie-in to Wittgenstein and Heidegger. I'm really tired so I could have no idea what I'm blathering on about. Haha, I find it mildly disconcerting that Heidegger never renounced Nazism (like a good INTJ :D)...also, I basically agree with Bertrand Russell that parts of Being and Time are deliberately abstruse and silly. You can rely on ol' Bertrand to tell it straight; I'm actually most impressed with Russell because he cuts through Schopenhauer's and Plato's extensive bullshit in History of Western Philosophy. I mean, Schop talks about asceticism and then dines at five-star restaurants and proposes marriage at 70...what the french? :^^:
    Fuck, I may have to read Being and Nothingness. Thanks.... :p

    In his much gloomier account in Being and Nothingness, man is a creature haunted by a vision of "completion", what Sartre calls the ens causa sui, which religions identify as God. Born into the material reality of one's body, in a material universe, one finds oneself inserted into being.

    Ha, did Sartre know about the Enneagram? That's basically the whole ballgame.
    I like it when an attractive women tells me what she plans on doing with/on/to me, especially when it involves riding. Oh gosh, you've got me churning. :^^:

    So...that wallpaper. Have you read Sartre's Being and Nothingness? Seems like a flimsy thesis...and I've heard it doesn't read well - grammatical inconsistencies, affectedly dense prose, and the like.

    From the looks of it, I'd say Sartre plowed through Being and Time, smoked a cigarette, and overlaid a personal bias onto Heidegger's ontological ideas.

    Gr, I hate ripoffs...but I guess nothing's truly original. Well, hey, you're ostensibly in Paris...does that account for the Sartre/dB background?!
    Yup. So I assume you're from England and living in France?
    Ooh Are there pho restaurants in France?
    That's interesting but nope. I meant the earth-like planet in the Neal Stephenson science fiction novel Anathem. The "concent" wonkish monasteries, which are basically more intellectual hogwarts, in that book reminded me of this forum...barring the technology thing. :D

    Railway looks sick, I'll def check it out whenever I can.
    Hmm, country of birth... You know, to be honest, I don't actually remember, though it is written by a stranger (whom I have not verified is credibility and reliability) on my passport, so I question its authenticity. ;p
    Hm, well, generally look forward to everything temporarily; don't really have significant preferences, going with the flow.. Although, I take that back when it comes to snowboarding during winter. If we're speaking about this very precise moment, well, it'd really just be sleeping and the whole day that comes after it, I guess.
    Thought of too many superpowers, that everyone's probably thought of, would like many, but I'll name one: a superpower that lets me access my dreams vividly as a voluntary conscious action regardless of state of mind or time. (No more drugs? ;))
    What are you looking forward to most? ...Superpower? Favorite Rock band(s)?
    So, where are your favorite places in Paris, are you into motorbikes, and do you have a French accent whilst speaking English?
    I appreciate external order because it allows me to see the systematical relationships of things. For exampld, I like sorting things in folders and assigning different colors to different ideas or categories i invented. It also makes me feel "complete." i'm not too big on bossing people around though. I want to be adept at it but a part of me thinks its wrong.
    Its not exactly MBTI, its Jung's psychological types. Your MBTI definition for Judging is somewhat right, but Judging means something else for Jung.

    You don't like order? I don't mean like organizing things(although i do like arranging things as well), i mean abstract order. Logic is founded on order...how things fit...how things "make sense." Ti is all about making sense of things.
    uh.. "T" is all about order. actually, F and T are both "judging" functions.
    quite sure, you're a "T" type. It's the "deadpan" or stoic(?) Look. The logic seems suspicious, but i can assure you. it is very highly correlational.
    I had the white spiky hair a few years back. Yes, I did get many compliments. Now my hair is nice and boring. ^_^
    Yes, but would you say it would be sorta the same kind of release as when Salieri realized, in the movie Amadeus, or rather, finally came to "accept" that he, indeed, was compositionally inferior to someone, namely Mozart, shouting at the end in the lunatic asylum "Mediocrity everywhere! I absolve you. I absolve you. I absolve you."? I guess it depends a lot on your character, but it must be hard if ones most admirable trait vanishes into thin air, only having the memories of it left to derive comfort.
    What can I say 0.o I like sea monsters, witches, princesses, love as depicted in fairy tales, playful humor, innocence, black and white evil and virtue, ancient myth and legends (etc.). It works to balance out all this "serious stuff" I'm immersing myself in I guess you could say:)
    What are you implying? That you are snow white?? If not, I'm sure you'd spend a little more time in front of the mirror if you had one with magic capabilities, not just a mere puny piece of glass. Or, perhaps you do have such a mirror, but you don't like the answer it is giving you? XD
    I find it easy to sympathize and relate with her character. It's a classic story about a young, beautiful woman having problems conforming to the rigid social protocols typical for the upper class at that time, choosing instead to retreat into herself (or travel to Hungary, as she loved it there (ironic that that was were she was murdered)), reading books, writing poems and exploring the countryside on horseback.
    However, she must have been somewhat vain (?) as she really spent a lot of time, and sacrificed a lot of comfort to cultivate and maintain her beauty. It could be because of some inferiority complex making sure that, if nothing else, she at least had that going for her. Turning old isn't fun in itself, but for such people it must really be a horrendous experience.
    Not sure if it's the stoic expression, or the image being black and white, but the person in that picture reminds me of Elisabeth of Bavaria (ah, no, I think it's the eyes that's the main culprit!). All that's missing is a crown and she would be perfect playing the queen in snow white as well.
    There are infinitely many small pointless things in life; if you had to use energy on these things, you would leave nil for anything else. You would be very exhausted. Why one small pointless thing over another? I like to spend mine on my dreams and passions.
    There's another sentence/word/letter after the one you responded to. You look nice, btw.
    Idk, I guess that's probably one of the things that makes his character so great, the fact that his motive seems to be ambiguous at best. You're probably right, in the same way that an ESFJ could have schizoid and yet it wouldn't mean they're an INTP, despite the obvious similarities. I guess there's an inner psychopath waiting to escape from the deep dark recesses of everyone. xD
    Ahah that's sorta funny because my mantra is "Whatever doesn't kill you only males you... stranger." xD He seriously had some of the best lines. True, but just because someone's motivated by feelings doesn't necessarily mean that they're dumb. My younger sister is an ENFJ and she's one of the most intelligent people I know. Then again I would probably say that anyway 'cause she's my sister, ha.
    Ahh right, ok then. Heath Ledgers representation of the Joker is by far the best acting I've seen. I'll watch all three hours or however long of that movie just for him. And actually I always thought the Joker as an INFJ gone psychopath. I reckon he's too methodical and just overall motivated by his feelings to be INTP. Although I think that INTP's and INJF's are really similar.
    Thanks. I'm not too into comics but the Joker's my fav villain and it got me wondering if there was a female version. I should actually read the comics sometime ha.
    Bahh, toujours on est stressé - sois content quand même ! Si vous faîtes ça, au moins vous pouvez lever un peu de la déprime qui accompagne la stresse ^_^ Bon quand j'ai vu que vous avez écrit à 6:09 (le temps américain), j'ai supposé que, en France, il était 12:09, 6 heures plus tard, comme typique. Mais... je suppose que non :p P'tetre oui, je ne saurai jamais :O
    "Bonsoir"? :o C'est un peu tôt pour ça, nan ? Mais tout est parfait avec moi, merci mille fois ^^ Et toi ?
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